Um de n Fortbestand. Der umfangreiche Teil de r Artefaktmagie befasst sich mit de r. Zauberzeichen sowie de r Geheim- und Zauberschriften. Abgerun de t wird. Le de rs dieser Ausgabe sind neu und unterschei de n sich von de n.

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Remember me. Error: No match for email address or password. Password forgotten? Click here. Product Type. Core Rulebooks. Non-Core Books. Other Tabletop Games. Ulisses Spiele. Pay What You Want. Follow Your Favorites!

Sign in to get custom notifications of new products! Rule System Special Collection Other systems. Das Schwarze Auge. Thanksgiving Weekend Sale. Start Over. Advanced Search. Newest Titles in This Section. Need help? Common Questions FAQ. Contact us. My Library. Affiliate System. Gift Certificates. Create Content for your Favorite Games. Privacy Policy. Our Latest Newsletter. Product Reviews. Newsletter RSS Feed. Can we respond to you about this? Start Over Advanced Search. Products found in this section Immerse yourself in this exciting world and learn why the fantastic continent of Aventuria is like no other.

This indispensable guide is designed both for players and GMs. Explore the regions, kingdoms, and history of Aventuria in detail. The Dark Eye - The Vampire of Havena You hear the muffled sound of footfalls on wet cobblestones, then the sound of heavy boots stepping through puddles.

How can you get away? You never respected law and order quite as much as the priests of Praios Chimera killer. Dragon slayer. Titles that bring honor and glory But to claim one of these awe-inspiring titles, heroes must defeat these beasts.

Horrifying and deadly monsters lurk in the forests, swamps, and jungles of Aventuria. To creatures such as these, heroes are little more than food, and whoever gets too close may fall prey to venomous fangs, razor-sharp claws, or worse Whether strolling down peaceful, sunny streets or leading troops in epic battles, heroes must know how to defend themselves.

The Aventuria Compendium presents many new options for combat. Learn powerful fighting styles known only to the best warriors and swordmasters. If you prefer unarmed combat, train in the art of Hruruzat or learn to take down an enemy with Cyclopean This regional sourcebook provides detailed background information on these hostile realms and their combative inhabitants in northwestern Aventuria.

Explore the hazardous Forest Wilderness, the deadly Bladegrass Steppes in the east, and the rough shores of the Lakelands. Uncover hidden secrets of How about a longbow for your Nostrian huntswoman from the Forest Wilderness? The Armory of the Warring Kingdoms includes stats, rules, and artwork for all the weapons, armor, equipment, and unique artifacts New hit zone rules allow characters to wear a mix of armor types, whether out of necessity or simply to suit a personal sense of style. Defend yourself The Dark Eye - Revelations from Heaven Looking forward to a well-deserved rest, the heroes travel to the Principality of Kosh, known for its unspoiled and breathtakingly beautiful landscapes and the hospitality of its people.

Not everyone who lives here acts in a way that Doch wer verbirgt sich hinter dem Fremden? Es braucht tapfere Helden, um die Gefahr zu bannen und das The Dark Eye - The White Lake Theater Knights I As the first snowflakes of the season begin to fall in Bornland, an armed group sets out in search of the missing Thorwal Drum, a symbol of pride and patriotism for the citizens of Festum. The Drum was stolen last spring, and to get it back, Guard Captain Timpski and his men are more than willing to use force.

The trail leads them to a laager of Norbard houseboats locked in the ice, and only the At stake is an exclusive, hereditary license to sell steel in the city of Firunen. The party arrives just in time for the contest and meets an old friend—Alriksej The Dark Eye - Tales of Dragons and Thieves This exciting anthology presents three ready-to-play adventures all about fire-breathing dragons and cunning brigands.

Answering the call of a wealthy matron, the heroes promise to escort A Reluctant The Dark Eye - Arivor's Doom Arivor, jewel of the Horasian Empire, is the heart of the Rondranian faith, stronghold of the staunch Ardarites, and home to famed weapon smiths, skilled armorers, and vintners of fine wines. Trumpets herald the opening of the mid-summer Tournament as the city fills with pilgrims and excited onlookers.

The heroes come to Arivor as eager tournament participants, bold explorers, or enthusiastic friends After an encounter with thieves and a brush with vicious killers, the heroes make an unexpected stop at a fortress monastery that serves as a hospital for the insane.

The Dark Eye - Witch's Dance An evil warlock used cunning and treachery to take control of a small coven of witches and now holds their fate in his hands. Every attempt to overthrow him has failed, but one witch refuses to submit. In the name of freedom, she searches far and wide for help. A party of valiant heroes answers the call, but can they save her coven before the warlock learns about their plans and seeks revenge? For many years, the city has also been home to a growing population of goblins.

Festum goblins now work as day laborers, Now, a daring alliance promises to change everything and pave the way to forgiveness. All hope hinges on an arranged marriage taking place in a long-disputed border town. But not everyone in Nostria and Andergast longs for peace, and someone abducts the bride!

To prevent another disastrous war between the realms, We all know the scenario: The group of heroes is traveling the world, coming through lots and lots of villages, little settlements and small towns—for almost none of which there is a map. Well, now there is! These maps are meant to be used for whatever you Many would agree that the Thorwal Drum, a historic relic crafted from human skin, is what angers Festumers The Dark Eye - Emperor of Thieves Phexcaer withstood the orc horde nine years ago, but this resilient metropolis by the Bodir River now faces something far more insidious.

A dark power stretches forth its hand to steal this jewel in the Orclands from the fox god. Its agents lurk in every corner, like an invisible spider in a web of lies.

The puppeteer is ready, and a sinister shadow play is about to begin. What do various gangs of This year, the village community celebrates a particularly bountiful harvest, and all are welcome at the festivity, but it quickly becomes clear that this harvest is anything but normal—some turnips even bleed when sliced. Superstitious minds immediately leap to curses, but the


Bookmarks for Sonja Pieper

This bundle contains 12 different battlemaps, each depicting a frosty and wintery location. Some of the sets can be joined together see details of individual products. Guarding the pass through the Dragonbone Mountains, Fort Wyvernskill has long been garrisoned by veteran soldiers of the Empire. Defending the lowlands against goblins, barbarians and worse, the fort has seen its share of bloodshed. Fort Wyvernskill is a small castle built into a mountain pass. Each battlemap is 20x20 in size. Between the shining cities of the coast; between the villages and castles of the land; between the mines of the dwarves and the lairs of the trolls - there is Wilderness.


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