I have never used stooges. People generally imagine I must do if they can find no other explanation. My techniques are rooted in conjuring magic and hypnosis. All else is most likely misdirection and should be taken with a hefty pinch of salt. I reserve the same scepticism for subliminal messaging, as well as a lot of body-language reading and the like. Now, I have largely moved on from performing those sorts of tricks.

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I have never used stooges. People generally imagine I must do if they can find no other explanation. My techniques are rooted in conjuring magic and hypnosis. All else is most likely misdirection and should be taken with a hefty pinch of salt. I reserve the same scepticism for subliminal messaging, as well as a lot of body-language reading and the like. Now, I have largely moved on from performing those sorts of tricks.

Again, the people used are never stooges or set up in any way. They generally apply through an open audition process, whereby we meet or interview them and look at various qualities they possess which would be useful for example their jobs, beliefs, or how suggestible they are.

This is an important part of our duty of care, which we take very seriously throughout the entire process of making the programmes. If I make a statement on these shows, it will be true. Nowadays, the Channel 4 lawyers check every word to make sure there is no misleading of the viewer: this is a huge issue in the TV industry at the moment.

To all those commenting and wondering why no one reacted or panicked when Stephen Fry was shot I presumed it was for a couple of reasons. Throw in the Bystander Effect and then you get the result which was what we all saw. I reckon if the actors on the balcony shouted out and fought with the gunman in full view of the audience before and after Fry was shot, mayhem may have ensued…. To back up what Mel stated… As a psychologist I find crowd behaviour fascinating! Though my background is in Neuropsychology.

Well apart from the end,but I thought it was real at the time We were there for a good 3 and a half hours and what you saw was only an edited 1 hour show. I Will always admire Derren and love what he does as it is so different and fresh. Love all the shows and programmes you have done.

Keep up the amazing work did like the old tricks too tho! Fingers crossed and everything else. What a nice post. Everything has an explanation. I have converted some successfully lol. Sorry for the long post and keep up the good work guys! How embarrassing for the person who engaged in conversation without first understanding all the facts. Do you really want us to believe that the explanation you gave to your audience during the show was reliable?

Msg from Derren: If you watch the end of that show, I completely undercut and throw away that rather fishy explanation at the end and say it was just a trick. It would have balanced it out a bit into something more playful.

Lies I tell thee all lies, you possess super natural powers. Look at you, you have horns!! Burn the witch!! Trying to explain anything to someone that has not seen or heard all the facts is pointless. You should not have to explain yourself Derren. Too many people love and respect what you do to require this. You have worked hard to establish yourself as NOT being a magician, in the classic sense, and do not need to explain yourself.

You have done and are doing a fantastic job for the magic community! And watching to evolution of your character is very rewarding and exciting. You are touching nerves and they are trying to discredit you…impossible to do! Hi Derren. It would a dream come true if I was picked as a contestant as one of Derrens experiment.

There is something about The Experiments that bother me. Do you psychologically screen your audience? Even someone with a heart condition could have suffered a heart attack watching Stephen Fry get shot, not to mention the fear of getting shot themselves. Then in the experiment where the audience found themselves coercing. In the reveal, this again could have been too much for some people to digest.

Some people may need to have a lot of support as it dawns on them that they were capable of losing their better judgement and becoming part of a vicious mob. This strikes me as unethical. Please comment on this. Yeah, people have made comments about you and that the whole thing is a setup and the person who has taken part in the show is also an actor…..

Plus other things about your shows…. Love you! I hate when people say negative things about you. How could anyone not love you? Anyway, I think you totally rock!! Bought my five year old daughter a magic set recently. She was kinda sad that it wasnt the full on Harry potter magic she expected. Something changed in her when she realised that the three cups didnt really make the cotton wool ball disappear.

People want to believe, no matter how much you might admit it to the contrary. Love the shows. Certain famous magicians and mentalists in the US have said, unprofessionally, a lot of those things about Derren to my friends in certain skeptic communities. The ridiculous thing is that i have seen those same people doing exactly what they are complaining about. He says the contributors are screened, not everyone watching. Contributors are people who contribute, not mere bystanders — ie: Stephen Fry, the gun instructor, etc.

Not the audience. In fact, as Derren said in the show and must be true, according to point 3 no-one else in the audience knew what was about to happen. Aww…wish there was an answer! My previous post was regarding Oracle Act by the way. Deleted it by accident. With regards to psychologically screening you can only ever reduce the odds of something going wrong and never be certain that it will not.

From a legal point of view you are professionally protected by implementing these measures but which ever way you shake it you are still playing dice. Academically speaking constructs can be created and explored with a morally acceptable infrastructure which is risk assessed by professionals in the required fields, but when that risk assessment relates to the workings of the mind then risk always remains because no professional fully understands the workings of every mind.

You have to be the biggest legend ever! You must come to Belfast on your next tour, would make his year to see you live. Oh and your art is unbelievable, remember watching a show about you and you were in your house and as casual as anything you showed some of you portraits, they amazed me so much! You really are a genius please come to Belfast! Derren: My previous comment is probably a bit harsh as I believe most of your shows and experiments will have little impact on the people involved, although I do still have concerns about the person involved in The Assassin.

I also forgot to say that you do come across as a really nice chap who is a brave enough to be very open about many aspects of your personality which is a quality I have always admired and try to practice myself.

Obviously I know this is just one of millions of comments you receive and is probably as significant as a rain drop in a storm, but I thought I would just make the effort to explain my previous comment a bit more. Derren, I always wonder if I am responsive to hypnosis? I have been to your shows and think I am always aware of what may happen to me if I am put under so cannot drift off??

Lovely man too, so so friendly! I love what you do Derren, for me it serves to enlighten and entertain. Your ideas are intelligent and really are addressing some very important truths within our everyday lives. You have enriched my life and fired up my quest to have a truly open mind..

Thank you so much for all your comments and questions. Posted By Derren on November 4, Your lies are obvious and transparent to Ming. Start with me though.. Will be watching tonight. Derren, There is something about The Experiments that bother me. Total genuis — seriouslly. David, did you even read his post?

Nice post. That is the most impressive thing I have ever seen! Will he one day reveal?? Psychologists play dice too. Great post!


Neuro Linguistic Programming / NLP – Derren Brown (illusionist/mentalist)

Send questions for Cecil Adams to: cecil straightdope. Your direct line to thousands of the smartest, hippest people on the planet, plus a few total dipsticks. Nobis bonorum patrioque ea qui, eu paulo mediocritatem qui. Populo evertitur ut his, summo errem postea te his. Our newly refreshed styles in , brings the old vb3 to the new level, responsive and modern feel.


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A few days later, I was sitting in a capacity audience at a theatre in Covent Garden. A slim, pale, vulpine man in his mid-thirties, with well-tended light-brown hair and a goatee, came onstage, dressed in a trim black suit and a black shirt. Brown spent the next two and a half hours performing a series of increasingly inconceivable set pieces, organized around the theme of how susceptible we are to hidden influence. He gave demonstrations of subliminal persuasion, lie detection, instant trance induction, and mass hypnosis, as well as manipulation of his own mental state to control his response to pain. To show that participants were selected at random, he hurled a stuffed monkey into the auditorium, and whoever caught it would come up onstage. You can see a later performance of the show on YouTube.


The spell breaks for mentalists’ ‘pseudoscience’

A popular theory about Derren Brown's psychological illusions is that he pulls them off by using NLP. NLP, which is short for neuro-linguistic programming, is a set of more or less pseudoscientific techniques which can be applied to communication, self-help, marketing and just about anything you can think of. NLP practitioners claim to be able to drastically influence people's thought processes just by clever use of language. Speculations about Derren using NLP techniques shouldn't come as a surprise at all. In fact, Derren himself often quite clearly suggests that he is using something like NLP in his show. Probably the best example is his BMX bike trick with Simon Pegg , where Derren hints that he used a wide mixture of suggestion techniques to somehow install a false memory into Simon's head. And we actually got a few angry emails about it — people claiming with great confidence that Derren actually does use NLP, and they know exactly how he does it.

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