BY John. John Mnyika. The whistle marking the beginning of elections processes at the University of Dar es salaam UDSM has recently been blown. With the position the UDSM students famously known as intellectuals at the Hill had, have, or at least ought to occupy in the society these processes should not pass without raising the eyebrows of many. The well-documented incidences like the National Service Demonstration and the Struggle against the salaries hike of the MPs are well known to the activists of the past and present. It may be recalled that one of the first actions of the independent government was the establishment of the University College of Dar es salaam as part of the University of East Africa.

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This was also intended to teach students on social and political matters as well as economic and academic affairs practically by just being given advisory services or guidance from the Management through the Dean of Students Office.

The University Management can intervene only when it sees there is a situation which is endangering the peace and tranquility at the university. Definition of Organization An organization is defined as the group of people who form a business or a club together in order to achieve a particular aim.

Every student who is registered at this University is automatically a member of this organization. The USRC comprises of all students representing their fellows from their classes, faculties and Halls or hostels. It is formed by Faculty Chairpersons and Secretaries. The other types of organizations at UDSM are known as associations. Most of these associations are academic oriented and are centred at faculty level.

Previously, there were regional associations for the University students who were hailing from a certain region or district or province. But all those associations have been deregistered in order to discourage tribalism, regionalism and encourage nationalism. Those constitutions should not violate neither prevailing organs nor rules and By-Laws. The students also promote their knowledge on their specializations, hence, to become more competent theoretically and practically. Lastly, the action of abolishing the tribal, regional and provincial organizations shall enhance national unity and reduce nepotism.

Student Organization Home page Student Organization. Student Organization n order to up bring the students to be responsible for their own welfare and promote students governance it was necessary for the University of Dar es Salaam through its highest organ which is known as University Council to allow students to form various organizations for their own betterments.

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