The one who is a charitable person will be called from the gate of charity. May my mother and father be sacrificed for you! Those who are called from these gates will stand in need of nothing. However, will anybody be called from all of those gates? MuslimMatters has been a free service to the community since The Prophet SAW has taught us the best of deeds are those that done consistently, even if they are small.

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MuslimMatters has been a free service to the community since The Prophet SAW has taught us the best of deeds are those that done consistently, even if they are small. Set it and collect blessings from Allah swt for the khayr you're supporting without thinking about it. The metaphor refers to the night because when someone who is sleeping is woken-up and brought back to life, their night can be said to have been given life through them. He did so to draw their attention towards the time of goodness, so they may expose themselves to the gusts of goodness.

He would lead them towards the avenues of goodness, and help them attain it. It is also said that it may be a metaphor for buckling down and withdrawing from women. It is also said that it may have a literal meaning and a figurative meaning at the same time, i. This leads us to conclude that the expression tightening his wrapper relates to earnestness in worship only.

The Sunna itself is fulfilled by having a little food even if it is only a sip of water. The Sunna is likewise fulfilled by having a considerable quantity of food. Anas is the one who asked the question. The verses referred to are of moderate length. They were neither long nor short, and were read neither fast nor slow. H at the age of 70 years. He kept repeating these words until he passed away. This favor and distinction were not granted to the previous nations.

He has a strong interest in continuously acquiring and perusing Islamic knowledge. An Industrial engineer by profession, he has strived to assiduously seek sacred knowledge along with his professional activities since the early s. This interest has led him to study with contemporary senior scholars in Mauritania and Senegal, his home countries. He takes a particular interest in Tafsir of Quran, and has translated one volume out of 6 of a classical Tafsir by a Senegalese scholar of the 20th century, organized in a similar fashion to the Jalalayn.

One of his areas of interest is analyzing the intersection between modern issues and traditional sources of Islamic knowledge. He currently resides in Canada. Those are all really great! Alhamdulillah for all of those! Sometimes, we complain so much that we hide all the good that Allah has given us and we only see the hardships.

Allah can give us more in what we thank Him for. He can also give us more appreciation and awareness of the blessings He has granted us. Did you know that saying alhamdulillah all praise is due to Allah and showing gratitude actually changes the way our brains are shaped, inside our heads? People who show gratitude on a daily basis end up feeling happier too! That was the first word that was ever uttered by a human being. In critiquing this response to the Black Lives Matter movement, we must first understand that the All Lives Matter slogan is a reaction to the Black Lives Matter movement by the wealthy, White American power establishment who are part of and have inherited the making of American history, its empire and its consciousness.

It is a reminder that those on the minority side of the race relations struggle have not been granted permission to speak out against their oppression nor have they been granted any authority to narrate or complain on behalf of their own plight. Article written and originally published on Muslimmatters. He also completed advanced Islamic seminary training and received his full doctoral license Ijaaza in Islamic Sciences. She was a female companion, which means she was a sahaabiya female companion.

A hijrah is when someone leaves a place they are in for the sake of Allah. The first hijrah was to Ethiopia, where a just Christian ruler named Najashi took in a group of Muslims and took good care of them. After some time living there, they really wanted to go back to Mecca so that they could be next to the Prophet Muhammad and learn everything about Islam. As they waited patiently, news traveled all the way to Africa saying that the Muslims were no longer getting persecuted because Umar ibn al-Khattab and Hamza , the uncle of the Prophet , had embraced Islam.

So, when the Prophet Muhammad instructed all of the Muslims of Mecca to leave to Madina for the second hijrah, they wasted no time getting ready. She is in a lot of pain. After some time her cousin starts to feel sorry for her and speaks to the tribes on her behalf.

He is then able to reunite her with her son. Then after a year of waiting, Umm Salama i s finally able to meet her husband in Madina. He fought in the Battle of Badr as well as in the Battle of Uhud. Then, Abu Bakr proposed to Umm Salama , but again she said no.

So now, she was not only the mother of Salama, but the mother of all of the believers until the end of time!


Ibn-ʿAllan’s Commentary Dalilul-Falihin: The Book of Fasting | Hadiths 3-6

The same observation can be made about this statement as has just been said regarding the gates of paradise. It is also said that this is a metaphor to express the fact that the egos of the fasting persons are pure from the impurities of shameful actions, and they are liberated from the things which lead to sinful acts by means of their tamed based desires. This statement can also be considered to be in a literal sense. It may also figuratively mean that they are prevented from causing excessive nuisance to the believers and from provoking them. That makes them seem as they are chained.


Ibn-ʿAllan’s Commentary Dalilul-Falihin: The Book of Fasting | Hadiths 9-12


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