General site safety. Core components Scaffold system components Ancillary components. Omega components for batten platforms. Typical Omega access layouts.

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General site safety. Core components Scaffold system components Ancillary components. Omega components for batten platforms. Typical Omega access layouts. Safe Working Loads Tubular components Omega components. Bracing and Tying in. Maximum heights. Circular access. Loading platforms. Staircase towers. Support structures. It is a fully galvanised multi-purpose steel scaffold system suitable for providing general access and supporting vertical loads.

It can be used to create a huge range of access and support structures, staircase towers, circular scaffolds, loading towers and mobile towers. Hot-dipped galvanizing is the finest practical coating that can be applied to a scaffold system, providing a long working life and better handling.

It provides comprehensive details of components and guidance on the design and erection of access and support structures. For further details on safe erection and dismantling procedures, please refer to the relevant SGB User Guide. Should you require further advice regarding the design of more complex applications, please contact your local SGB Branch on:.

Tel: SGB conducts a range of courses covering all aspects of assembly and inspection for aluminium towers, scaffold systems and powered access. SGB provides trainees with recognised qualifications and certificates in association with the relevant professional bodies.

Related literature. These brochures can be obtained from:. Associated SGB products. SGB supplies a comprehensive range of access and support systems as well as general site safety products, groundworks and powered access equipment including:. This enables up to four horizontals to be loosely but safely connected to the standard then locked into position with a single hammer blow.

The system uses no loose clips, bolts or wedges. The locking device is formed by fixed lower cups, welded to the standards at 0. The lack of loose components makes the system easy to use and exceptionally robust - its galvanised finish making it virtually immune to corrosion and damage. Safety Information including harness requirement SG4: See page 31 of this manual or contact your local branch for further information. SG4 describes several safe methods of work, including the basic method used by scaffolders.

Copies are available from the NASC. Double guardrails and toe boards will be required for end users. For scaffolding work this would include those who design, procure, supply and erect the scaffolding. Equipment checks following fall incidents.

For your own safety and that of all those working on the scaffold it is important that the following rules are obeyed:. Also ensure that there is a safe. On many occasions, staircases provide. See page If materials are to be placed on the. If you need to stack large quantities of materials. No ties should ever be removed without. If necessary alternative ties. No loose fittings. However, the. Basic horizontals and verticals form the core of all structures.

However, with the addition of a small number of special components, complex scaffolds can be constructed which safely address awkward access requirements. Access Standards Verticals. Made from The lowest bottom cup is 80mm from the base of the standard to give the scaffold improved structural strength and reduce the need for base bracing in support structures.

Access standards incorporate a mm spigot at the top to allow the vertical connection of further standards. Provision for a locking pin is also provided. Standards are available in 3 sizes:. Universal Jack. The Universal Jack has an adjustment of approximately 0. It can be secured to the Base and Head Plate, Forkhead or Adaptor by using a standard nut and bolt if required.

For support load bearing capacity of up to 74kN For access scaffolds see maximum heights on page Height m. Weight kg. Base and Head Plate. Used in conjunction with the universal jack. The spigot is drilled to allow for the insertion of a securing bolt if required. Height mm. Combined Jack and Base Plate. Horizontals Ledgers and Transoms. All ledgers and transoms incorporate symmetrical forged blade ends making assembly quick and simple, allowing complete interchangeability of components. Horizontals locate in the bottom cups of the standards.

This is a suitable bay size for all common access loading conditions. This transom can also be used as a horizontal for extra flexibility and to create corner returns without overlapped boards.

Intermediate Transoms. Intermediate Transoms provide mid-bay support for 38mm scaffold boards by spanning between the inner and outer ledgers. The jaw section at each end is turned downwards to prevent dislocation. One end is provided with an integral locking device to prevent any movement along the ledgers during use. In addition to the standard 1. They span between the inside ledger of the main scaffold and the ledger linking the hop-up brackets.

For use with 2 board and 3 board hop- up brackets respectively. Also used when temporary access is required in support structures where bay widths exceed the safe span of boards. Inside Board Transom: 1 and 2 Board. Drop into place over the ledgers and are secured with a locking device to prevent movement.

Act as conventional transoms but extend beyond the inside ledger to provide intermediate support to one or two inside boards. Inside Board Supports. Single Board Support. Locates in the cup joint and provides support for a single inside board at a vertical. It replaces the inside board transom at that point. Overall length m. Hop-up Brackets. Designed to increase the overall width of the working platform to seven or eight boards by supporting two or three additional boards beyond the inner face of the scaffold.

They incorporate a cup joint at the outside end to allow the fitting of an inside ledger which links the hop-up brackets and supports intermediate transoms.

Also incorporates a facility to support a handrail post. Return Device. A conventional blade end connected to a hook section which locates over the ledger on the adjacent return elevation to provide a corner connection. Used in pairs. Swivel Face Brace. Each brace has swivelling blade ends to. Scaffold Boards. Please contact your local branch for details. Handrail Post. For use with Hop-up Brackets, staircase towers.

Hook-end Batten not available in the UK.


User Manual Cuplok (10-2006)

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