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This banner text can have markup. Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet. Cosmopolitan Forgotten Realms regions: Amn and Waterdeep. That skill becomes a class skill. Its overland movement rate increases by 1 mile an hour 8 miles a day.

This is due to fearful appearance. Improved Alertness DUN 82 SST82 Alertness At the beginning of combat, if you rolled initiative, you are not considered to be flat-footed before your first action against opponents in your line of sight.

Modifiers are applied after this feat. Saddleback FR37 Fighters may take this feat as one of their bonus feats. One cross-class skill is now considered a class skill. You can construct any item with a Craft check DC of 12 or less in ld6 hours, but such items are crude and have -2 on all related die rolls.

You can follow and read tracks. When you wear armor you are not proficient in, you get the armor check penalty applied to all skill checks that involve movement and on attack rolls. Shield PHB 84 Fighters, barbarians, paladins, rangers, clerics, druids, and bards get this feat free.

You may use all simple weapons without the -4 penalty. Martial Weapon PHB 83 Barbarians, fighters, paladins, and rangers get this feat for all martial weapons for free. You can take this feat multiple times each with a different weapon.

You may use one specific martial weapon without the -4 penalty. You may use one specific exotic weapon without the -4 penalty. Firearms Proficiency DL53 Limited to places that have firearms. You may use firearms pistols, rifles, shotguns, muskets, etc without the -4 penalty. Horse Nomad FR35 Fighters may take this feat as one of their bonus feats.

You gain proficiency in long bow and long spear both are martial weapons. Small characters may choose short bow and short spear instead. VJ LJ. This stacks with all other modifiers. You still suffer any other effects of the failed saving throw.

FR38 Forgotten Realms regions: Dalelands, Moonshaes, deep gnome, ghostwise halfling, lightfoot halfling, moon elf, rock gnome, strongheart halfling, sun elf, wild elf and wood elf. Davlipht Adaptation FR34 If you are a creature that suffers from penalties when exposed to bright light such as Drow and Duergar , you no longer suffer those penalties.

This awareness is passive and is up to the GM to decide if and when it actually works. You may make an INT check with DC 20 to recall anything you have seen with photographic clarity or to recall a path you have taken.

This feat may not be used on the text of scrolls or spellbooks. When you take this feat, you gain one additional smiting attempt per day. Heroic Surge SW95 You can take an extra partial action move or attack either before or after your regular actions. You can do this once per day for every 4 levels round up , but never more than once a round. You become fatigued due to starvation or dehydration after failing two CON checks rather than one.

This does not apply to the max weight limit or to lifting heavy objects. You may make a second Listen check after waking up in order to determine what it was that woke you.

You can memorize a number of pages equal to your INT modifier times 3. This cannot be used to memorize magical writings. Once per minute, you may shout. If they fail, they are shaken -2 attack, -2 damage, -2 saves until they get outside the 25 foot range. This is the evil equivalent of the Leadership feat. You still make Climb checks to move vertically in trees, but as long as there are branches large enough to support you, you can move horizontally without the additional Climb checks you would otherwise have to make.

You are not left or right handed. You ignore the -4 penalty for off- hand attacks in combat. Blind Casting DUN 81 Blind-Fight If the target of your spell that requires a to-hit roll is within 15 feet, you may re-roll the concealment percentage once.

If they fail, they get -1 to hit for ld4 rounds. You still get your DEX bonus in melee against an invisible opponent. You suffer only half the movement penalty for poor visibility or darkness. If you miss a melee attack due to concealment, you may re-roll the concealment percentage once. Does not work on non-corporeal beings. If successful, the damage of one melee attack on you is reduced by 5 points minimum 1.

If your attack deals enough damage to drop a creature, you immediately get another attack using the same weapon and attack bonus on another creature within range. Usable once per round.

You must be able to see the opponent to use this feat. You may make attacks of opportunity while flat-footed. You may make up to your DEX bonus in attacks of opportunity per round instead of the normal limit of 1 , but only one such attack per creature each round. When attacked by an unseen opponent, you may make a Reflex save.

If successful, you are not considered Flat Footed. The DC is 20 for a melee attack from a hidden opponent, 22 for a ranged attack from a hidden opponent, and 25 for an invisible opponent. When taking a full round action to attack with a ranged weapon, the character adds their level to the damage from all attacks. This does not work on opponents that are immune to critical attacks.

This does not stack with other modifiers to attacking targets with cover. The points are spent even if you miss. Fighters may take this feat as one of their bonus feats. If you hit, their attack is deflected and their weapon takes damage from yours. You can take this feat for one bow which you are proficient. You can shatter objects this way. X can be up to the lower of 5 or your base attack bonus. This can be used to attack that opponent but not another opponent , or it may be used to do any other partial action.

You can only get one extra partial action each round. You can make 3 extra stun attacks per day. Far Shot 1 til v. Range increment of projectile weapons you use is multiplied by 1. Range increment for thrown weapons is multiplied by 2. This time is not improved if another person assists or if you try to "don hastily". You get to make an attack on them during which they are considered to be "flat footed" no DEX bonus to AC , but then they still get the attack on you.

You can try this with a concealed small or tiny weapon at -4 or -2 penalty on your Bluff. Foe Hunter FR34 Fighters may take this feat as one of their bonus feats. You can take this feat multiple times each with a different foe.

You also act as if you had the Improved Critical feat. The foe is typically chosen based on your homeland to be a specific monster type. This means you can jump as part of your move without making a roll. Like Cleave, but usable as many times as you want per round.

Note that to strike a magical or psionicly enhanced weapon you still need a weapon of equal or better enchantment. This feat may also be used to lower the effective hardness of hard construction like doors and walls. This only works Improved Unarmed Strike when both hands are used and when you are not doing a flurry of blows attack. The choice is made before the die is rolled. If used on an attack roll, this bonus is applied before checking for a critical threat.

When you do a bull rush action, your opponent does not get an attack of opportunity on you. Spellcasters may use this feat with Ray, Energy Missile, or Touch spell choices. Doubles the threat range for a single weapon you are proficient in. For example, 20 becomes and becomes When you do a disarm action, your opponent does not get an attack of opportunity or a chance to disarm you.

Your penalty when your mount is running is -2 instead of You can move before and after your attack as long as the total movement limit is not exceeded. When using a thrown weapon, your range is increased to 60 ft.

You do not actually move into your opponent's square or incur attacks of opportunity.


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