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Search inside document. Ainda Me Recordo Lamentos 46 2. Lead Sheet 56 7. Carmaso suns 18 90, Possas de Solon 82 Lead sheet 24 33, Rosa C00 NEG cot. Lead sheet 30 Segura ele te Obligado 32 Sempre : eta 15, Coonenanco : 34 Sore Porque Quores 7 Deteseo Fla-Flu menses 40 Uma Zero 1x0 vse 82 2.

Gente Hume The priced page is not enough. I like vo thank my many teachers, pyers and fiends for their help and inspiration for my continued love aftr with Musica Brasileira. Thankyou al. Thanks to those people who bought up all the copies of the first edition, after two printi and , and wanted more.

It is because of your enthusiastic response that I decided to, once again, break copyright laws and illegally publish niusic to which [have no right. This is NOT a gray area but flat out fucking illegal. So, please, go buy the real stuff, as I have.

T hope the publishers accept this plea as free advertising and don't sue my ass. Tes really all about the love of the music. Shop online for the following, available through www. There are no block chord charts in this edition. I've found that people capable of playing chorinhos would rather look at the notes anyway even if chey are only playing rhythm.

Also missing is a selected discography. I own over Brazilian CDs now and a Eiscogrophy has become too big a progect. And finally, some chord symbols have been streamlined. For this reason, the following symbols, which are are not my inventions, are used in this edition. I hope, they will continue to be used by the reader, and others publishers so as to further advance the evolution of our musical language by employing more powerful and concise symbols. Ie is essential core curriculum.

Music education makes use of parts of the brain unused in most other endevours, and makes better thinkers, builds self-esteem, communal activity and socialization, not to mention the joy of the music itself. Without music and art education we now have rap, country and gaffe.

The talent continues to be present but needs t be trained. So ake a theory class at cal community college, get online help or lessons from a qualified instructor. While we should all have learned this in schoo! Gm" 7 Am? Paulinho da Viola em Am?

Gs Em? Pixiguinta, Jodo de Barro, Alberto Ribeiro a. E7 Am N. Dr Am? Garoto e Chico Buarque Em? Em Cidim? Peace true love come my way. Dm7 Am? E77 Am? E7 Am? TEs Cariocas Dm? F7 OE? Av pb? Dave Hayward. Fonk McGonk. Laura Davis. Flores Em. Georgia Pratila. Jorge Villanueva.

Jorge Luz. Jamal Santos. Scott Myers. Popular in Books And Literature. Ahmed Samir. Mizoram Presbyterian Church Synod. Sophia Emily Reed. Jacob Siscar. The Silmarillion - J. Tolkien Illustrated eBook. Prince Otchere. Bruno Gmunder. Dyson Logos. Joy Fernandez. Bahai Manuscript. Sai Quotes. Hafiz Ashfaq Ahmed. Nenad Trickovic.

Hyder Ginwalla.


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