It was later adopted by the aerospace, automotive, shipbuilding, and other industries. Navy's Virginia class submarine [3] [4] [5]. In , 3DExperience Marketplaces launched an Add-in in Catia, to connect directly manufacturers with designers. CATIA facilitates the design of electronic, electrical, and distributed systems such as fluid and HVAC systems, all the way to the production of documentation for manufacturing.

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Features Contents. News Contents. Most Read. Most Emailed. Whats New? Email Password. Q External Parameter I am having problems with importing an external parameter, can anyone help?

Please help. Is there a way to make the program run faster? Q Adding Dimensions 2 ans Is there any way to add dimensions to an existing group of cumulative ordinate dimensions? Q Assembly Symmetry Error I receive an error when performing an assembly symmetry operation, please help. Q Draft Analysis Can anybody tell me how to switch view to material mode in order to run a draft analysis in V5? Thank you! Q Welding Non-Perpendicular Plates I keep getting errors stating that the geometry is not ok for welding.

Q Anchor Point Will the anchor point affect the pattern that I have? Q Using Defined Patterns on Two or More Sketches Do any of you know if you can use a different sketch plane for the instance's position? Q Drafting Hole Call out How do you call out a counter border hole or other types of holes so that the depth of the hole and varying diameters are in the same dimension? Q Error Message I've just come across an error message: "intersection computation has failed for body xxxx of part xxxxxx', while creating a section view.

Q Delmia Tutorials Is there anybody that can help me find Delmia documentations and tutorials I can download for free? Q Identify a Changed Dimension 1 ans Is there any tool or trick to identify changed dimensions?

Can anyone tell me where you can get the templates to import into oracle? Q CATIA V5 Catalog 1 ans When we add a part to the catalog after we edit the design table and the rows and columns are add or deleted the catalog is not updated.

Q CATIA V5 Catalog When we add a part to the catalog after we edit the design table and the rows and columns are add or deleted the catalog is not updated. Q Assembly Features in Workbench 1 ans Can anyone explain the use of insert -- assembly features split, hole, add, remove, pocket in assembly workbench?

Q Relinking Dimensions to a Drawing 3 ans When I updated this assembly and relink this new assembly to the drawing all the dimensions turn red. Q Instantiation of Component in Assembly Is it possible to instantiate a particular component in a different position in assembly?

Q Filling Voids How do you fill voids within an extruded part or between extruded parts? Q Publication Command 1 ans Can anyone explain to me what the publication command in assembly work bench is? Q Over Sized Drawing Does anybody know how to create a roll format drawing edit the length of a drawing to be bigger than the standard formats?

Q Download Model Where can I download the free model of an automotive body test model in your website? Q Pattern Profile Updating in Drafting Is there any way for the shaded area to automatically update itself with the profile should the profile change?

Q Analysis Frequency 1 ans After doing a static analysis I ran the frequency case in the same model. I applied new isostatic constraints, on running the program after sometime it showed internal error. Q V5 to V4 4 ans When I load the assembly into V4 using the model files I get volumes in no show and all the parts are no longer solids.

Q1- Analysis While doing frequency analysis to an already completed static analysis, an error occurs. Q Convert Part List to a Excel File 1 ans Can anyone tell me how to convert an existing part list in a drawing file to an Excel file.

Q Assembly Scenes I have a sub-assembly with a few scenes, like folded and open. Q Model Drafting 3 ans I'm looking for a simple way to conduct a draft check of my part to ensure that there will be no tooling issues. Q Projection of Section Views in Drafting In drafting, how do you project section in the respective section views? Q Tool Simulation In lathe machining, using the ramp recess turning routine.

Q Drafting 2 ans Differences between interactive and generative drafting. Q CATIA V5 R16 Due to filing requirements when creating detail drawings of parts I have to open the assembly the part object is located in and manually select the part object from the feature tree then insert it in the drawing.

Q Units in Drafting Workbench 3 ans Set units in drafting work bench. Q Creating Drafting Standards I am trying to create a text frame that is basically a scored set. Q CATIA V5 R14 Installation Usually when you install a software of any kind according to my knowledge, the help files also get installed through which one can learn about how the software or the tools that it has is to be used.

Q Thread Features in Publication I've created a body with several threaded holes and published the same. We have to design an axis engine and define the machining process.

How does one create a surface from here? Q Solid Body Reproduction in CATIA V5 R16 4 ans How does one copy and reorient bodies in all 3 axes while maintaining parametric links so that editing the master body will change all of it's children? On the same computer, one user can login and read a file and another user can log in and reading the same file causes CATIA to terminate. Q Multiple Constraints in CATIA V5 R16 2 ans In sketcher, if I have multiple dimension constraints that all need to be the same value, is there a quick way of getting them all equal to one of the constraints, rather than editing each one individually?

How do I link all these mechanisms together? The TIFF files are huge compared to those created on my client. They are also in color. Can anyone tell me where the TIFF export settings are? Is there a way, without locking a view or constantly changing a scene, to have an 'exploded' view stay an exploded view and the others stay in the original closed position?

Is there anyway of improving it? Q Surface Design 1 ans By using surface design I made a two wheeler sheet back plastic part, that is the curvature product, then by using the closed surface I closed and I got solid model. Q SmarTeam Updating Unchanged Parts I have several parts which import sketches and geometries from a master part.

Where is this folder? Q External Reference in CATIA V5 R17 I am having trouble figuring out how to control the activity state of externally referenced items pasted in from a published item out of another piece part file by using visual basic coding. The models which I receive from clients comes in both versions. Is there any way to tell which version received the file without opening them both? But after converting file to. Now if you rotate the model, the edge of the plate is looking like that it is penetrating the surface, even if you add thickness to the surface though it is not penetrated.

Q Assembly Design Workbench in CATIA V5 R16 1 ans I'm currently a student at embry-riddle aeronautical university working on a little project modeling a bicycle that we took measurements of with a caliper. Q Opening an. Q Importing.

Part 1, part 2 and part 3. I wanted to create an intersection of part 1 and a plane used in part 3. Q Toolbars in CATIA 2 ans When you are designing a product and you have to modify a certain part in the product your toolbars are never in the same place when you come back to either the part mode or product mode. Q Parts Not Showing in Assemblies in CATIA 4 ans I have created some models in part design but, when I try to open those in assembly to assemble, the parts are not displayed, not even the grid, but the tree is displayed.

I consistently get "problem while reading document load operation failed". I know I have to use the hopper function but how do I do this? CATfct files, and how can I create one? It's working ok but I can't pan, zoom, rotate, etc with my mouse? Q Renaming. CATProduct and. Q Importing and Using. An Assistant window pops up saying "Geometry not published. Select another geometry or publish it before use it.

Q Drawing in CATIA V5 R17 Does anyone know how to link pages of a drawing together, so that the drawing number, revision letter, and page number update automatically? Q Missing Kanj. During this session, the default font Swiss. Check the font directory or contact the drawing creator. I used the develop function in V4 to flattened part of a spherical or curved surface.

I am having a re-occuring problem displaying the click OK to terminate window? How it will affect the model files? When you create sketch 1, 2 and 3, and there is no physical link between the 3. I have got a. Operand body will not be moved under the boolean feature. Is there a similar one for "Character Pitch" to set character pitch to either fixed or variable? I want to create separate drafting files or multiple sheet drafting file from each sub-assembly.

The specification tree is not displaying. Before this it is working successfully. I used points for dimensioning. I am ready to plot and need to get rid of the points. How do I do this? We have been getting some 'old' V4 files that do not have the PRJ internal.


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