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I inne materialne dobrodziejstwa. A few final Sculptober posts from Artmobia. Link to homepage in bio. Many useful international networking features, including pages for events listings and info-sharing for studio sublets, grant opportunities and other things, soon to come on our always commission-free site. Click around to see what's in the works. Here with friend and New York artist Richard Sigmund. Please have a look! No commissions of any sort.

Just neat, crisp, gridded-out presentations of great artwork of all types. Check us out, share your work with us. You can link to the landing page in our bio.

Be sure to click around on the site to see all the great features soon to come! Before long we'll have inexpensive or free pages available for not just artists, but also galleries, residencies, curators, art writers, art bloggers and editors, instructors, museum docents, collectors and others.

Many other site features in the works as well. Tap that link in the bio, click around on the site, see for yourself. Thanks for looking! Lunch and reading. This is "Amagansett," a sculpture by Artmobia member Richard Sigmund richardjsigmund More info on this artist's page on our site. Check us out now and share your work with us today.

It is a place where users can easily create 'project-space' types of personal sites, and where they can share and exchange not only artworks and information about works and exhibitions, but also reviews, announcements, jobs, studio availabilities and other opportunities.

Memberships on Artmobia are inexpensive or even free, and we take no commissions from artists, galleries or others who might sell work through our site. Have a look at our site now and consider connecting with us. Link in bio. Artmobia is a new platform connecting artists, galleries, artist residencies, curators, art writers and other users with one another, as well as with collectors and fine arts professionals.

Memberships are inexpensive or even free for some users, and we take no commissions from sales. We officially launch later this fall, but consider joining us now! A painting expressing a simple white line in the street. The top right corner is light to dismantle the solid of flat. The edges against linen show colors that base the grey. The texture, making sure not to look like marble, tries to resemble the crudeness of a street.

The white line, cracked in places shines with an up motion slightly leaning left. There is a dark line going vertical in the white line, having nothing to do with street imagery but trying to hold the line flat in illusionistic space. NY Artist Richard Sigmund - master of texture paintings art richardsigmund. Nice time at Centotto today for the closing of "Holes in Walls," featuring paintings and sculptures by John Descarfino and Richard Sigmund.

It was a great minor complement and counterpoint to all the fairs we've been running around to all weekend, as well as an opportunity to have a look at and discuss some additional works on paper by both artists. It's also true that some of us i. Bob and I had perhaps too much playing around with a tuning fork. Works great when you bang it on your my skull.

Thanks to everyone who came through, and above all many thanks to Richard and John. More information at www. A closing reception for "Holes in Walls," the current Centotto exhibit featuring paintings and sculptures by John Descarfino and Richard Sigmund, will be held on Saturday, 10 March, from 5 to 8pm.

Consisting of variably implicit suggestions of windows and doorways, "Holes in Walls" does a lot to point to unknown beyonds. It will even point beyond itself at the closing, as works on paper and other objects by both artists will be on hand for viewing and discussing. Here are some details from "Holes in Walls," the current Centotto exhibit featuring paintings and sculptures by John Descarfino and Richard Sigmund.

It's a show full of implied or explicit windows and doorways, so it's a good one for pondering beyonds. Warm thanks to everyone who came to Centotto this evening for the opening of "Holes in Walls," the new 'portfolio' exhibition featuring paintings and sculptures by John Descarfino and Richard Sigmund. I hope you enjoyed hearing the artists say a few things about their work as much as I enjoyed giving them homework assignments.

PDFs of their worksheets are available for anyone who's interested. Great reception, thanks much for coming by. It's a double 'portfolio' exhibition featuring paintings and sculptures by John Descarfino and Richard Sigmund.

The artists will say a few words about a few things at about 6pm. Centotto is located at Moore Street, in Bushwick, Brooklyn. A brief discussion with the artists will begin at about 6pm. Nichts davon. Das und so viel mehr stellte ich mir vor. Ich fing das Buch gleich an zu lesen. In diesen Stunden in denen ich da las, interessierte mich nichts um mich herum. Alles was ich wissen wollte in diesem Moment stand in diesem Buch.

Keine nerven zu verliehren keine Zeit die morgens vor dem Spiegel verbracht werden muss und nervt Kannst du dir das vorstellen? Es ist nicht leicht aber Gott denkt und handelt nicht wie wir.

Denn unsere Vorstellungskraft ist begrenzt. Sie ist nicht unendlich. Painting from by Richard Sigmund that I've treasured for years. Richard is showing work at Governors Island building through Sept, open weekends. It seems unrecognizable at first, but urges you to take a closer look. Studio visit with richardsigmund areyouok inthestreet ok presentness. Studio visit with richardsigmund stoop restingplace invitation. The Rose Garden is God's personal place in heaven.

His favorite place. There were actually rose bushes that were as large as trees here on earth. They had roses of every type and description. Some were nearly transparent, yet they exploded in a burst of thousands of colors. Most of these colors would be impossible to capture here on earth. I marveled exceedingly. Sigmunds World richardjsigmund richardsigmund urbanlandscape streetscape blackandwhite.

There were gold, purple, and amber colors and a bright light. I didn't realize it at the time, but I had been in a deadly one car accident.

Thanks for opening your studio on Sunday richardsigmund. By RichardSigmund. Congratulations Richard! I love "A Place to Rest" installation! Fun reception! Congratulations to Richard Sigmund on his excellent show at Weathervane. His inspired installation makes my show there look like small potatoes.

Come to think of it, my "Debris Portraits" really do look like drawings of little spuds. Anyway, Richard, bravo! Wonderful exhibit, lovely opening this evening. People, go see his work at 78 North 8th St. I hope to see some of y'all up there, too. Those who did right by me even if it was brief. My friends and family have lifted me up in so many ways. Cards and notes and today a book from my dear friend Nan who calls me Kar Bear to bring me comfort.

How do you say thank you a million ways. Every gesture has mattered! Tada richardjsigmund richardsigmund artist. Richard Sigmund and Teddy Spath. A couple of painters and a Lichtenstein brushstroke sculpture. Coming soon to the Goose Barnacle Gallery.





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