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Khramov Vitali. Journal of Health Sciences. This diploma thesis compares impact of various high-energy grinding technologies on crystallographic and granulometric properties of port Technologie Silverlight. Technologie RFID. Langdurende zorg en technologie. Langdurende zorg en technologie gaat over innovaties in de zorg die mogelijk zijn door de toepassing van nieuwe technologie. Het boek richt zich op de langdurende zorg, zoals de thuiszorg, de ouderenzorg en de gehandicaptenzorg, en niet zo zeer op de ziekenhuiszorg.

Het doel van dit boek is. Technologie vergt samenwerking : Pleidooi voor een Nationale technologie agenda. De ontwikkelingen rond nationale crisisbeheersing gaan niet alleen snel, ze worden ook in toenemende mate informatie- en technologie gedreven.

In het magazine is hier de afgelopen jaren veel aandacht aan besteed, met onderwerpen zoals het maken van dreigingsinschattingen, het verzamelen en duiden. De strijd tegen eenzaamheid. Technologie als wondermiddel? De kranten stonden er de afgelopen jaren vol van. Maar welke rol kan technologie nu ECHT spelen in de strijd tegen. Directory of Open Access Journals Sweden.

The aim of the thesis is to describe integration technolgies that the platform features, as well as to determine their application field and compare them, eventually add usage examples. The first part of the thesis explains the general concept and architecture of Business Intelligence, afterwards the reader gets familiar with the SAS Enterprise Int The power of meat : Ontwikkeling in de vleeswetenschap en - technologie 1.

Turkije verwelkomde afgelopen zomer onderzoekers uit de gehele wereld voor het congres "The power of meat in the 21st Century". Een week lang lag de focus in Izmir op recente ontwikkelingen in de vleeswetenschap en - technologie. Gestionnaire, Relations d'affaires en technologie de l'information TI Its scope covers the fields of pure and applied science, natural and life Diplomatie voor Wetenschap, Technologie en Innovatie.

What is Educational Technology? Full Text Available This position paper explores the ambiguity of technology, toward refined understanding of Educational Technology. The purpose of education is described by John Dewey as growing, or habitual learning. Two philosophical conceptions of technology are reviewed. Dewey positions inquiry as a technology that creates knowledge. Using Dewey and Dusek as reference, literature related to Educational Technology is reviewed. A history of its definitions and conceptions of hard material technology and of soft process technology are examined.

Three brief case studies reveal a bias toward hard technology in contemporary discourse. A misconception that soft technology begins with pre-authenticated knowledge is identified and shown to obscure the reciprocity between technology and the intellect. New manufacturing technologies of two phase tungsten carbide; Neue Technologie zur Herstellung von Wolframschmelzkarbid.

Linke, P. A promising application of the inductively coupled RF Plasma technology is the one-step spheroidization and solidification of porous, agglomerated particles. The agglomerated particles are produced by spray drying in a solution of binder and agent. It is the aim of the project to obtain dense spheroidized particles with definite carbon contenent in the region of 3. Abstract Copyright [], Wiley Periodicals, Inc. Die agglomerierten Partikel werden durch ein Spruehtrocknungsprozess hergestellt.

Das Ziel des Projektes war, dichte und sphaeroidisierte Partikel, mit einer definierten Kohlenstoffkonzentration, im Bereich von 3,,3 Gew.

This report describes the results of a qualitative study of the barriers that actors involved in the development and commercialization of polymer solar cells, may encounter. The purpose of this socio-economic research is to identify these barriers for the market development of thin film polymeric PV technology and to develop strategies for them in order to overcome the constraints. The necessary data are collected from interviews with actors who are active in the development and deployment of conventional solar cells.

Based on the results from this study, it is conclude that it is important for the Organic PV industry to carry out many market experiments beyond the built environment. The report provides recommendations with regard to the markets in which these experiments are most likely to succeed and which drivers should be taken into account [Dutch] Dit rapport beschrijft de resultaten van een kwalitatief onderzoek naar de barrieres die actoren, betrokken bij de ontwikkeling en marktintroductie van polymere zonnecellen, kunnen tegenkomen.

Het doel van dit sociaal-economische onderzoek is deze barrieres voor de markt ontwikkeling van dunne film polymere PV technologie te identificeren en strategieen te ontwikkelen om ze voor te zijn of ze te overbruggen. De benodigde gegevens worden verzameld uit interviews met actoren die actief zijn in de ontwikkeling en uitrol van conventionele zonnecellen. Op basis van de resultaten uit dit onderzoek komen we tot de conclusie dat het voor de Organische PV sector belangrijk is veel marktexperimenten aan te gaan buiten de gebouwde omgeving.

Het rapport geeft aanbevelingen in welke soort markten deze experimenten de meeste kans van slagen hebben en met welke drivers van marktpartijen rekening moet worden gehouden. The subject of this bachelor thesis is the impact of bitcoin and blockchain technology on the sector of financial services.

The aim of the thesis is to identify the impact and consequences arising from deployment of blockchain in the sectors of banking, insurance and capital markets. At the beginning, the basic concepts associated with bitcoins and blockchain are explained. Followed by the first part which is dedicated to theoretical bases of bitcoin and blockchain. The other sections are alr CERN Multimedia. Installations in practice.

Gap between technological options and users of health care services; Installaties in de praktijk. Dichten kloof tussen mogelijkheden technologie en zorgontvangers. Health care and building services professionals are increasingly working together, even though there are apparent differences in each others approaches. This paper will zoom in on these differences. Examples from long-term care and ageing-in-place such as home automation, technology for dementia, medical equipment at home, the need for cooling during hot summers, and special lighting systems should lead to steps to bridge the gap between technology and health care.

Dit artikel gaat hier dieper op in. Aan de hand van voorbeelden uit de ouderenzorg en het langer zelfstandig wonen, zoals domotica, technologie voor dementie, medische apparatuur aen huis, koeling bij hete zomers en speciale verlichting, zal worden geprobeerd de technologie dichter naar de zorg toe te laten groeien.

Phased-array technology for automatic pipeline inspection; Phased Array- Technologie fuer automatisierte Pipeline-Inspektion.

Bosch, J. Pipeline inspection pigs with individual test probes are limited in their function due to the fixed arrangement of sensors on the support. In contrast, the phased-array technology enables multitasking of tests, e. The angles of inclination can be adapted to the test medium, and virtual sensors can be matched in size and overlap so that, e.

The sensor set-up presented here enables higher test speed and improved flaw detection. The contribution describes the measuring principle, the inspection pig UltraScan DUO , and some results of prototype measurements.

Die Phased-Array- Technologie gestattet die simultane Durchfuehrung verschiedener Pruefaufgaben, wie beispielsweise der Rissund der Korrosionspruefung, die vorher zwei Prueflaeufe mit verschiedenen Sensortraegern erforderten. Die Einfallswinkel koennen auf das jeweilige Medium angepasst werden, und es besteht die Moeglichkeit, virtuelle Sensoren bezueglich ihrer Groesse und der gegenseitigen Ueberlappung so anzupassen, dass beispielsweise kleine Pittings gefunden werden koennen.

Die ausgefuehrte Form gestattet hoehere Pruefgeschwindigkeit und verbesserte Fehlerauffindung. Shale gas boom in the US. Technologie - Wirtschaftlichkeit - Umwelteffekte. Die Kritiker betonen dagegen die mit dem Fracking verbundenen Umweltrisiken und sehen in der Ausweitung der fossilen Energiebasis ein Hemmnis fuer den klimapolitisch erforderlichen Uebergang zu erneuerbaren Energien.

Der deutsche Gesetzgeber betont die mit dem Fracking verbundenen Umweltrisiken und hat mit dem Fracking-Gesetzespaket vom Juni das Fracking faktisch verboten. International werden die Vor- und Nachteile des Frackings allerdings sehr unterschiedlich bewertet, so dass mit einem weiteren Ausbau der unkonventionellen Oel- und Gasfoerderung zu rechnen ist.

Derzeit konzentriert sich das Fracking fast ausschliesslich auf die USA. Zahllose Studien untersuchen die Potentiale, die Wirtschaftlichkeit der verschiedenen Gewinnungsverfahren sowie die Umwelteffekte. Die amerikanische Schiefergasfoerderung bietet daher ein hervorragendes Anschauungsobjekt, um die Technologie , ihre Wirtschaftlichkeit und ihre Folgen abzuschaetzen.

Das vorliegende Buch wertet die aktuellen Studien und Daten aus und leistet einen Beitrag zur Einschaetzung der laengerfristigen energiewirtschaftlichen und klimapolitischen Bedeutung der Schiefergasgewinnung im internationalen Rahmen.

Praca ma charakter teoretyczno - badawczy. Homme, Technologie et Societe. The article, written in French, describes programs in the various Canadian Provinces to train teachers in the technical and vocational sector. The thesis is about the processing of biological waste in the Czech composting plants with focus on the quality of the final compost.

In , there was more than composting plants in the Czech Republic. The thesis is focused on the most widely used technologies in small composting plants in terms of their impact to the quality of the final product, including the follow-up of individual indicators during composting. The best technology in my work is based on a higher decomposition tempera Full Text Available This paper reports on a subset of findings from a larger study investigating resistance from academic staff to the integration of technology with on-campus foreign language teaching at one North American higher education institution.

Full Text Available Backchannel technology can be used to allow students in large lecture courses to communicate with each other and the instructor during the delivery of lecture content and class discussions. It can also be utilized by instructors to capture, summarize, and integrate student questions, ideas, and needs into course content both immediately and throughout the course. The authors integrated backchannel software in one of two sections of a course, leaving the other section as a control; combined, the two sections contained a total number of students.

Data was gathered comparing both groups using online surveys and semester grades; results showed that the section using backchannel software had higher class satisfaction and perception of engagement, used their mobile devices more for accessing class content, felt more comfortable participating in class discussions, and had a higher grade average than the section that did not. The authors also explore their own experiences of finding, integrating, and maintaining backchannel technology.

Full Text Available The purpose of the Technology and High School Success THSS initiative was to encourage innovative strategies focused on improving provincial high school completion rates, using technology and student-centered learning to engage student interest.


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