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Performance of remanent supermirror benders. Boeni, P. Polarising supermirrors composed of magnetic and non-magnetic layers have been deposited on thin glass sheets by means of reactive DC-magnetron sputtering. Benders that are composed of such glass have an excellent transmission and can be used for polarising neutrons in zero field.

Mirror benders for high thermal loading. The thermal conditions in high power mirrors can be very complex and the exact calculation of their thermal behaviour requires very detailed calculations. However by making some simplifying assumptions it is possible to make an analysis which indicates the sort of performance that can be expected.

Further by consideration of the simplifying assumptions it is possible to see how the design may contain features to mitigate the effects that occur in the real world. A simple treatment of thermal perturbations in mirror benders is presented. The design features which can help a bender to operate with a high thermal flux are looked at. In conclusion, the way to proceed to higher thermal loadings when passive methods prove inadequate is suggested.

CERN Multimedia. Pending the elaboration of the master plan which should be implemented in and the results of a competition for the design of the major public areas between Entrance A and the St.

The garden will bring a bit of style to the area between Building 33 and the Globe of Science and Innovation. You may have been wondering what those long arching rods are that have suddenly appeared in front of Building Well, we are pleased to introduce InGRID , the temporary garden that is transforming the old parking area between Building 33 and the Globe into a new pedestrian concourse around the tram stop.

This space will serve as a multimodal concourse, a meeting point, a waiting area and a place to chat, reserved for pedestrians, CERN personnel and visitors. Eesti ekspositsioonist Veneetsia arhitektuuribiennaalil. Kuraator Ingrid Ruudi. For the development of radioactive material transport packages, the verification of structural safety of a package against the free drop impact accident should be carried out.

The use of LS-DYNA, which is specially developed code for impact analysis, is essential for impact analysis of the package. This report presents basic explanations for the structure and commands, basic modelling examples and advanced modelling of LS- INGRID to use it for the impact analysis of various packages.

The new users can build the complex model easily, through a study for the basic examples presented in this report from the modelling to the loading and constraint conditions. Obituary: David Fulmer Bender , His heart stopped suddenly while he was dancing. His pioneering work in establishing comprehensive, computer-accessible ephemerides of asteroids and comets found many applications, including the first-ever visit to an asteroid, Gaspra, by an interplanetary spacecraft.

The family moved to Spokane, Washington, while Dave was very young. His father was a civil engineer and a graduate of MIT, who helped design bridges and dams throughout the Northwest, including the Grand Coolie Dam. Dave had a brother, Phillip now deceased , who was one year younger. Advancing rapidly in the Spokane school system, Dave finished high school when he was 15 years old. In addition to pursuing his course work, he was active in track and football, a tendency toward physical exercise that stayed with him for the rest of his life.

It was probably during these years that Dave heard a lecture by Albert Einstein, as mentioned to colleagues many years later. They were married in Dave's academic career spanned the years from to , initially at Louisiana State University, Vanderbilt University, and then Fisk. In he joined the faculty of the physics department at Whittier College in California, where he became the department chair and. A Benders approach for the constrained minimum break problem.

Both mirrored and non-mirrored schedules with and without place constraints are considered. The algorithm uses Benders cuts to obtain feasible home-away pattern sets in few it Die enigmatiese aard van die trieksterfiguur in Ingrid Winterbach se This article explores the enigmatic nature of tricksters in Ingrid Winterbach's Niggie Cousin, , as manifested in everyday life through the supernatural and the unconscious for instance in dreams.

In this way some of the puzzling aspects of this magisterial novel are clarified. Early in Niggie the reader is confronted with Raadio 2 enam kui kaks aastat raadiosaadet "Hallo, Kosmos!

On the Bender , evidence of bias was infrequent and irregular. Consistent patterns of bias were not apparent among comparison groups. An adaptive crystal bender for high power synchrotron radiation beams. Perfect crystal monochromators cannot diffract x-rays efficiently, nor transmit the high source brightness available at synchrotron radiation facilities, unless surface strains within the beam footprint are maintained within a few arcseconds.

Insertion devices at existing synchrotron sources already produce x-ray power density levels that can induce surface slope errors of several arcseconds on silicon monochromator crystals at room temperature, no matter how well the crystal is cooled. The power density levels that will be produced by insertion devices at the third-generation sources will be as much as a factor of higher still. One method of restoring ideal x-ray diffraction behavior, while coping with high power levels, involves adaptive compensation of the induced thermal strain field.

The design and performance, using the X25 hybrid wiggler beam line at the National Synchrotron Light Source NSLS , of a silicon crystal bender constructed for this purpose are described. A large angle cold neutron bender using sequential garland reflections for pulsed neutron source. Ebisawa, T. Research Reactor Inst; Soyama, K. Tokai Research Establishment. We discuss a basic structure and performance of a new cold neutron bender using sequential garland reflections, in order to bend a neutron beam with large divergence by large angle.

Using this bender for a pulsed neutron source we could not only avoid the frame overlap for cold neutrons but also install a plural spectrometers at a cold guide and obtain polarized neutron beams if necessary.

Realisation of a novel crystal bender for a fast double crystal monochromator. A novel crystal bender for an X-ray undulator beamline as part of a fast double crystal monochromator development for full EXAFS energy range was characterized.

Rocking curves of the monochromator crystal system were recorded under different heat loads and bending forces of the indirectly cooled first Si 1 1 1 crystal. The monochromator development implements new piezo-driven tilt tables with wide angular range to adjust the crystals' Bragg angles and a high pressure actuated bender mechanism for the first crystal.

Feminism and the politics of identity in Ingrid de Kok's Familiar Ground. Through an analysis of selected representative poems from Ingrid de Kok's Familiar Ground, this article examines the role played by feminist poetry in the quest to address gender-related issues as well as to contribute constructively to South Africa's liberation from patriarchal apartheid.

The article further argues that feminist A Benders decomposition approach for a combined heat and power economic dispatch. Therefore the optimal utilization of multiple combined heat and power CHP systems is an important optimization task in power system operation. Unlike power economic dispatch, which has a single equality constraint, two equality constraints must be met in combined heat and power economic dispatch CHPED problem.

Moreover, in the cogeneration units, the power capacity limits are functions of the unit heat productions and the heat capacity limits are functions of the unit power generations. In this paper, an algorithm based on Benders decomposition BD is proposed to solve the economic dispatch ED problem for cogeneration systems.

In the proposed method, combined heat and power economic dispatch problem is decomposed into a master problem and subproblem.

The subproblem generates the Benders cuts and master problem uses them as a new inequality constraint which is added to the previous constraints. The iterative process will continue until upper and lower bounds of the objective function optimal values are close enough and a converged optimal solution is found.

Benders decomposition based approach is able to provide a good framework to consider the non-convex feasible operation regions of cogeneration units efficiently. In this paper, a four-unit system with two cogeneration units and a five-unit system with three cogeneration units are analyzed to exhibit the effectiveness of the proposed approach.

In all cases, the. Veneetsia arhitektuuribiennaalil eksponeeritud keskkonna- ja geopoliitilise ruumiinstallatsiooni "Gaasitoru" eest Eesti Kultuurkapitali peapreemia ja sihtkapitali preemia. Regensburg, ; Ingrid Bohn. Kleine Geschichte Stockholms. Regensburg, ; Konrad Dittrich. Regensburg, Mellin-Barnes regularization, Borel summation and the Bender -Wu asymptotics for the anharmonic oscillator.

We introduce the numerical technique of Mellin-Barnes regularization, which can be used to evaluate both convergent and divergent series. The technique is shown to be numerically equivalent to the corresponding results obtained by Borel summation.

Both techniques are then applied to the Bender -Wu formula, which represents an asymptotic expansion for the energy levels of the anharmonic oscillator. We find that this formula is unable to give accurate values for the ground state energy, particularly when the coupling is greater than 0. As a consequence, the inability of the Bender -Wu formula to yield exact values for the energy level of the anharmonic oscillator cannot be attributed to its asymptotic nature.

We present a method for obtaining the quasi-exact solutions of the Rabi Hamiltonian in the framework of the asymptotic iteration method AIM. The energy eigenvalues, the eigenfunctions and the associated Bender -Dunne orthogonal polynomials are deduced.

We show i that orthogonal polynomials are generated from the upper limit i. ATC calculation with steady-state security constraints using Benders decomposition.

Available transfer capability ATC is an important indicator of the usable amount of transmission capacity accessible by assorted parties for commercial trading, ATC calculation is nontrivial when steady-state security constraints are included. In hie paper, Benders decomposition method is proposed to partition the AC problem with steady-state security constraints into a base case master problem and a series of subproblems relevant to various contingencies to include their impacts on ATC.

The mathematical model is formulated and the two solution schemes are presented. Computer testing on the 4-bus system and IEEE bus system shows the effectiveness of the proposed method and the solution schemes. Directory of Open Access Journals Sweden. El B-SPG fue aplicado de forma colectiva. The hildren came from the districts of Pueblo Libre The average points earned by the Peruvian children in the B-SPG were significantly higher than those obtained by Brazilian children in each one of the ages studied.


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