Quick Links. Download this manual See also: Quick Manual. Front panel. Rear panel. Table of Contents. General coverage receiver 30khz - 30mhz all mode 56 pages.

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Quick Links. Download this manual See also: Quick Manual. Front panel. Rear panel. Table of Contents. General coverage receiver 30khz - 30mhz all mode 56 pages. Page 2: Introduction 2 Introduction 13 Frequency Pass If in doubt, up to 1GHz. Further aerials may be connected using the optional aerial switching unit AS with switching data being fed from a rear panel accessory socket ACC 2.

Controls for operation are located on the front of the Display of operational information is provided via a high cabinet with connections to the rear. LCD even when the AR is switched off as long as power is maintained to the receiver.

In this condition the AR will select different ways. It too is largely used to tune the receiver Page Volume Control Af Gain 1. When turned fully clockwise the volume is at maximum, 6 High level audio output. The AR provides both when rotated fully anti-clockwise the volume is reduced high and low level audio output for feeding tape recorders to minimum. Page 11 MODE select menu using a short cut Page 12 Figure SIX for the numeric input of frequencies, bank, automatically after a prescribed time period of 1 to channel numbers etc.

Page 13 Note: If this key is accidentally pressed, it may give the 0. Page 14 Under this situation the on channel sensitivity will generally be reduced to once the key has been used, the AR some degree, for this reason do not manually tune the microprocessor will automatically add the additional trailing preselector too far away from the start point. Page Rear Panel 7 No connection personal injury and fire. This This is the secondary aerial antenna input for the AR places the receiver into a known state of operation ready receiver.

If you wish to abort step size selection press AR has been pre-programmed at the factory with all the bandplan data specific to each market area so that the AR will automatically select the appropriate step In addition, unusual step sizes may be entered using the size and mode for the frequency chosen.

Alternatively press to abort entry and return Step-adjust to VFO mode. The AR provides a powerful feature to enable Select receive mode: Press the key and use accurate following of unusual bandplans. Page 21 VFO mode. Application of arithmetic for the step-adjust For those who wish further information on the mathematics involved The following examples should explain how the step-adjust works in theory. Note: The use of frequency offset will take the AR out of automode.

The audio stage of the AR is configured to emphasise this window , however the centre frequency may be changed to suit personal preferences or specific requirements. Page Dtmf Decoder 0dB and 10dB. The AR is capable of providing a Page 31 Starting at AERIAL 3 channel 0 key in the lowest upper freq limit MHz frequency limit then key in the upper lower freq limit frequency limit upper freq limit and so on..

Temperature Compensated Crystal Oscillator as standard to ensure the ultimate in frequency precision. The AR will monitor whatever memory channel first appears when you enter memory recall mode. To restore the To SCAN any deselected bank simply rotate the The AR will use the settings of whichever bank link while scanning until the desired scan bank number is identifier profile number is displayed when the bank link displayed in the top right of the LCD.

Should the AR stop on an active channel while scanning and for some reason you do not wish to monitor Deleting memory pass channels Page Cyber Scan In Scan Mode which is capable of scanning about 25 memory channels per second , typically the speed accept the entry and the AR will revert to SCAN, increases to about 45 channels per second.

Number 1 instructs the AR to react to very weak signals while a Either use the to change the value. If activity is found, the AR will remain on parameters the active frequency until the signal disappears.

Page Optimising Vfo Search Parameters The process will halt when a busy frequency is located, at default the delay is two seconds after the The DELAY parameter affects the time the AR will transmission clears then resume searching again when remain on an active frequency in VFO search once the the frequency is clear.

Page Program Search Banks Either use the to change the value. Page 52 This can be useful to assist identification of banks when the AR in used in TEXT Auto aerial switching: To enable the fastest search rates, display mode but the input of text is not mandatory. Page Deleting Program Search Banks At default when shipped from the factory, the AR To start searching program search bank 05 or whatever will remain on an active frequency until the received signal bank was last selected simply press providing disappears and the squelch closes.

Page Linking Program Search Banks of this manual for further information. A value of 1 instructs the AR to react to very weak Either use the to change the value.

Page Program Search - Voice If nothing were displayed to show that Cyber Search was in operation and no transmissions were encountered, the AR may otherwise look like it was doing nothing. To accept the input and complete the process, press in either of the two menus. Page Setting Time However for accurate setting, display clock 1 again. This is useful as an expensive! The AR will switch-on automatically once per day presuming the receiver had been switched off on a daily basis at the The may be rotated when installing the optional DS board.

Switch the to make selection between 1 and minutes, the default receiver off and unplug the power cord. Page Installation Of The Ct Installation of the CT key then power up the receiver by pressing and releasing the switch while still holding the Only the upper case of the AR needs to be removed key. Now release the key. Only the upper case of the AR needs to be removed when installing optional filters.

Consult your AOR dealer if you wish to install other filters such as 2. To add these substitute filters, the standard ceramic filters must be replaced, this requires good quality tools and technical skill. Page Trouble Shooting - Microprocessor Reset The reset switch is located at reset the top of the slot about 10mm behind the front panel. Should the AR fail to operate correctly, refer to the following instructions before contacting your AOR dealer for support.

Page Af. Reaffirm the setup. A separate serial connecting lead will also be operation away from a base aerial such required to connect to your computer. Page 73 OHM coaxial cable. In this instance the path of feeder is i. For Page 74 Short wave desktop loop aerials have the advantage of called the ABF They too have tuning effects of breakthrough when listening to VHF airband in controls to reject unwanted signals.

As the loop is within Choosing transmissions may propagate over much greater a frequency above the MUF will not produce results as distances. Page Specification MHz bandwidth Manual version 1. External reference Print page 1 Print document 77 pages. Cancel Delete. Sign In OR. Don't have an account? Sign up! Restore password. Upload from disk. Upload from URL.


AOR AR5000 Operating Manual

Manual zz. AR Bulletin Page AR brief production history The AR first appeared in , the serial numbers were 5xxxx six digit numbers starting with the number five. A revision to operation firmware appeared after about one year, the serial numbers changed to 07xxxx six digit numbers starting zero seven with four digits following. Minor firmware revisions have taken place since, mainly to boost the durability of EEPROM when under computer control commercial operators. Current serial numbers February are around xxx. Retrospective and free updates are NOT available.







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