Alcoholism is one of the main problematic aspects that interfere with the proper functioning of a family. The purpose of my work is to describe how alcohol affects the functioning of families and the meaning of the Commune Czorsztyn. I am currently a social worker at the Social Welfare Centre in Maniowy and have been at this job for the past five years. Based on my analysis of the documents I obtained from the Centre, I have described the problems of a family dealing with alcoholism encounters or is most likely to encounter based on their situation. The documents I obtained contain records from to , focusing on about 50 families in which alcoholism is seen as a major issue.

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The impact of alcohol abuse on alcoholic family members and ways to combat alcoholism Katarzyna Krzysztoszek Abstract My bachelor's thesis is dedicated to research on how alcohol abuse affects the family of alcoholic. There will be shown ways of dealing with this problem. For work needs there were used scientific literature, as well as free-form interviews conducted with addicted and co-addicted people. In first chapter you can find basic terms about alcohol and descriptions of, among others, addiction and co-addiction.

Thanks to scientific literature there can be observed effects of alcoholism impacting young people - ACA syndrome and get to know the reasons why youngsters reach for alcohol.

In following chapter there were shown polish legal regulations strictly connected to alcohol. They have also been described statistic data from which you can learn, among others, that the most common addiction is actually alcoholism. Furthermore, problem of alcoholism applies not only to adults, but also to kids. Because of aggression from the alcoholic, adolescents often have to leave home and end up in foster families. Many of children still live in difficult conditions.

It has its consequences in following years, i. It this chapter were presented places, where people struggling with alcoholism as addicts and co-addicts can report themselves. Research chapter is the last one, which purpose was presentation of effects of drinking on family of the alcoholic. Conducting conversations with co-addicts you can see, that the effects of drinking alcoholic drinks are more severe for more people than those who struggle with alcoholism are thinking.

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Alcohol addiction in Poland and communes's preventive actions Karolina Weronika Kalista Abstract The thesis is an attempt to present the phenomenon of alcoholism in Poland and actions taken by communes to combat this problem. The first chapter contains basic definitions — addiction, behavioral addiction, addiction to psychoactive substances, codependency, alcoholism. It also indicates the criteria for the addiction. The first chapter outlines alcoholism as primary, progressive, deadly and an incurable disease, discusses the phases of alcoholism and presents basic typology of alcoholism. In the second chapter shows the scale of this phenomenon in Poland, describes the structure of consumption of spirits, approximates the issue of alcohol availability and methods for limiting it as well. It also presents the alcohol abuse in the context of the source of law violations — traffic accidents, intoxicating at work, violent disorders or even murder.


Wpływ problemów alkoholowych na funkcjonowanie rodziny




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