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Modern Gear Production focuses on the processes and methods in gear making. The book first gives information on the history of gear making and types of gears. Topics such as the classification of gears based on the disposition of their shafts; shafts lying in the same plane with axes intersecting; and shafts lying in parallel planes but with axes inclined to one another are then discussed.

The text describes gear groups, tooth forms, and gear materials. Heat treatment of steels, casehardening, nitriding, induction hardening, sulfinuzing, and flame hardening are explained. The book takes a look at blank manufacture, gear milling, and gear shaping and planning. The text further examines gear hobbing. Topics include precision of hobbing machines, worm-wheel hobbing, hob setting, control of accuracy of gears, and hobbing gears for general purposes.

The different kinds of hobs, profile grinding, and shaving and lapping are also discussed. The book also focuses on other manufacturing methods, such as thread whirling, broaching gear teeth, tooth rounding, work hardening, and electrochemical machining. The text is a vital source of data for readers interested in gear making. We are always looking for ways to improve customer experience on Elsevier.

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Imprint: Pergamon. Published Date: 1st January Page Count: Flexible - Read on multiple operating systems and devices. Easily read eBooks on smart phones, computers, or any eBook readers, including Kindle. Institutional Subscription.

Free Shipping Free global shipping No minimum order. Introduction Acknowledgments 1. Brief History of Gear Making 2. Types of Gear 2. Helical Gears 2. Straight Bevel Gears 2. Spiral Bevel Gears 2. Conical Bevel Gears 2. Hypoid Gears 2. Spiroid Gears 2. Worm Gears 2. Crossed Helical Gears 3.

Gear Groups and Tooth Forms 3. Grouping of Gears 3. Cylindrical Gears 3. Conical Gears 3. Double-Enveloping and Parallel Worm Gears 3.

Tooth Forms 3. Cycloidal Teeth 3. Teeth Based on Circular Arcs 3. Circular Arc Pump Rotors 3. Wildhaber-Novikov Gears 3. Arc-Contact and Niemann Worm Gears 3. Enveloping Gears 3. Vickers-Bostock-Bramley Enveloping Gears 3. Double-Enveloping Worm Gears 3. Involute Teeth 4. Materials 4. Gear Materials 4. Cast Iron 4. Inoculated Irons 4. Alloy Cast Irons 4. Steels 4. Carbon Steels 4.

Forged Carbon Steels 4. Cast Carbon Steels 4. Forged Alloy Steels 4. Through-Hardening Alloy Steels 4. Casehardening Alloy Steels 4. Cast Alloy Steels 4. Non-Ferrous Metals 4. Copper Alloys 4. Aluminum Alloys 4. Plastics 5. Heat Treatment 5. Heat Treatment of Steels 5. Normalizing 5. Direct Or Through-Hardened Steels 5. Casehardening 5. Work Support During Casehardening 5. Preventing Carbon Penetration 5. Pack Carburizing 5. Gas Carburizing 5.

Scale Prevention 5. Casehardening Large Gears 5. Salt-Bath Casehardening 5. Nitriding 5. Gas Nitriding 5. Salt-Bath Nitriding 5. Induction Hardening 5. Power Generators 5. Inductors 5. Flame Hardening 5. Flank Hardening 5. Spin Hardening 5. Sulfinuzing 6. Methods of Manufacture 6. Casting 6. Investment Casting 6. Die Casting 6. Shell Molding 6. Centrifugal Casting of Bronze 6.





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