High Voltage Cable joints IV. Individually, each has forged a reputation for innovation, reliable performance and ease of installation. Collectively, they assure you that TE delivers uncompromising performance for components throughout your substation project. This long-term track record, with projects all over the world, is united under a single company to provide you with a single source of supply. Our global network of technical and sales representatives provides expert application and engineering assistance, hands-on field training and continuous aftersales support Our core competencies Understanding the value of high voltage cable accessories as essential elements in a cable system Since the foundation of Raychem in , we have specialized in the development, design, manufacture and installation of cable accessory products.

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End seal for heating cable in non-hazardous and hazardous locations. Includes cold-applied heating cable core seal. Requires one pipe strap to be ordered separately. Both the EA and the EL-A are mounted on the pipe and project through the thermal insulation and cladding for ease of maintenance. The EL-A end seal with signal light uses an array of bright LEDs for exceptional visibility and long product life. These rugged end seals are made from high-performance engineering polymer and resist impact, high temperature, and chemical and UV exposure.

The stand allows forup to four inches mm of thermal insulation. The encapsulated light and boot reliably prevent moisture and dust ingress. The industrial-grade electronics used in the EL-A are encapsulated. Voltage and continuity checkscan be done by simply unscrewing the EA cap and removing the reusable sealing boot. The EL-A makes maintenance even easier by allowing for visual inspection of heating circuit continuity.

The light module is replaceable. The kits contain all the necessary materials for a complete installation except for one pipe strap, which must be ordered separately. The E is a cold-applied low-profile end seal. The unique design of the E suits the demanding requirements of the industrial environment.

The low-profile housing can be installed on pipes and other surfaces. A spring-loaded grommet makes a first seal to maintain a watertight connection, while the silicone-free, noncuring sealant used in the Raychem sealing boot adds a second seal, providing additional protection. The rugged construction makes the E resistant to impact and suitable for high-temperature and chemical exposure. The end seal requires no heat source for installation and it is re-enterable, making maintenance fast and easy.

Each kit contains all the necessary materials to do one end termination. Cold applied mechanical end seal with green LED light module, above insulation for easy access for testing. Requires 1 pipe strap, to be ordered separately. Suitable for use with all Raychem industrial self-regulating or power-limiting heating cables. All kits are approved for use in hazardous areas. The end seal kits E and E employ easy to use heatshrinkable tubing with an adhesive, that when heated forms a semi-flexible moisture proof encapsulation.

The end seal kit E employs high temperature heat-shrinkable tubing with a plastic melt liner that when heated forms a semiflexible moisture proof encapsulation. End seal for heating cable in nonhazardous, Zone 1,2 and Division 2 hazardous locations. Lighted versions for ease of status monitoring are available. Low-profile end seal for heating cable in nonhazardous, Zone 1, 2 and Division 2 hazardous locations.

Add To Cart. Enquire Now. EL2-E: Cold applied mechanical end seal with green LED light module, above insulation for easy access for testing. Due to the low profile design the finished termination can be installed directly on the pipe. One end seal kit is required for each termination. Dimensions of E Get Connected:.

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