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Belize City: Thursday 14th February A letter from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to the Ministry of Finance requesting that Paulette Elrington continue receiving her salary, allowances and other benefits while she was on leave studying in Jamaica was exposed some weeks ago. Subsequently, via a press release, the Public Union Service PSU condemned the request stating that Ms Elrington was not entitled to these benefits and other requests as a contract of-.

Continued from page 1 ficer. Elrington is not eligible for such leave by virtue of not being a permanent public officer.

They also clarified that no permanent post was ever created for Ms. Elrington and that her father, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, was not aware of such request and was not involved in the submission of such a request. Elrington was no longer in the employ of the Government of Belize.

On the face of it …it would seem that the MFA was busy rectifying the requests or actions done by someone in the Ministry, since no one seems to know… or everyone is dissociating themselves from this matter. Even Lois M. However, yesterday, The Belize Times was furnished with a copy of the GOB Smart stream system that is recording a payroll payment as late as two days ago, February 12, The file also has payments done as far back as November of when we are reliably informed Ms Elrington was already in Jamaica pursing studies at the Norman Manley Law School.

There are many questions that emanate from these clarifications and dissociations by officers of the MFA. Elrington is no longer employed by GOB and yet she continues to collect a government salary. This has become a hot potato for the MFA.

Lots of questions with no answers. But the biggest question is who is paying Paulette? Belize City: Tuesday, 12th February By:osilbz np The Police has recovered a large number of firearms and ammunition that were stolen from the new Victor L. Burglars broke into the newly erected galvanized building around am Tuesday morning and discretely focused on the area with the firearms.

They stole a cache of 20 firearms, rifles, shotguns and short arms, along with a huge amount of ammunition during this breakin. When questioned, the on-site security told police that he did not hear or see any strange movements in the area during the time the thieves were taking out the firearms out of the building.

Marco Vidal told the media that police recovered 2 point twenty-two revolvers, 3 point thirty-eight revolvers as well, 5 twelvegauge pump action shotguns and 8 point twenty-two rifles.

He said they also found Vidal said the investigations are still on-going. A total of nine persons are currently detained. In addition, at the house of one of the detainees, police found over four kilograms of marijuana. So, he will also be charged for that offense. He added that the persons detained in connection with the firearm theft are locally known gang members. Investigators are yet to establish if the arms ammunition recovered reconcile with documented company inventory.

Police Commissioner Chester Williams for his part said that he had given instructions for Senior Superintendent Ramirez, officer in charge of the Dangerous Goods Unit, to ensure that gun dealers are inspected regularly and tasked with taking an inventory of fire arms and ammunition at Victor L. The superintendent is also to do an in-.

Commissioner Williams added that what happened here was a breach of national security, especially if these firearms and ammunition filtered onto the streets of Belize City or anywhere in this country. As it is right now, one can hardly tell the difference in the smell between the Belize Water Services Limited Treatment ponds for human waste and that shitty smell that is coming from Travellers Distillery next door.

When the area representative was contacted for a comment on the complaints of the terrible stench in the Cohune Walk community Saldivar said,. Williams voiced to the media that a heavy responsibility lies on the shoulders of a licensed firearm dealer since they have to ensure that their firearms are neither lost nor stolen, and that makes the responsibility ten-fold. He added that by his observation of the building that houses Victor L.

Bryant, it is unsuitable for a licensed gun dealer. Williams said that under the law, the dealer must have a fortified building to be able to house the kind of firearms inventory the Bryant kept and that building is constructed out of zinc.

He continued saying, we cannot have people who are supposed to be responsible doing things that will create havoc within our society. The way the firearms were kept within the building is totally inappropriate to say the least and for us that is of serious concern.

Police are still on their investigation on this matter. Founder: Rt. Once it is clear that it is from them, I am sure that they will deal with it, but I believe they are claiming that it is not from their facility, so we will continue to look at that but I have been on this matter now for several months. From the time that it has started it has stopped for a little while, but it is coming back so as soon as we can identify exactly where it is coming from we will fix it.

Tel: 3 Queen Street P. Genocide is the systematic and deliberate destruction in whole or in part of an ethnic, religious or national group. This week there were at least two more murders that involved young men. GOB has in the last few years enacted several pieces of Draconian legislation that they claim specifically target gang-related activity. GOB has even gone so far as to establish special police forces to deal with gang violence and still it has not abated.

Last year has been one of the bloodiest years on record with murders. Total estimated expense for this program came up to 1 Million dollars. The benefits of the million-dollar idea…? The murder rate dipped slightly for the remaining four months in However, in , the murder rate totaled an unprecedented , only 2 more than in It has been suggested that the Gang Truce actually inspired Belize City gangs to become better organized and violent in order to benefit from the cash bonanza.

It was obvious that the influx of money would appease the gangs for a short while before they started to vie for a bigger slice of the pie which would mean even more violence. Was the PM duped by the gang bosses of Belize into thinking this would actually work? Maybe all the consequences were not contemplated? The truth is that our young men face mass extermination and there is a deliberate attack on the Belizean urban male. The weapons used against him are impediments to education, poverty, and unemployment.

The destruction is systematic when GOB fails to improve the conditions that keep Belizeans in less than dignified living conditions. It would seem almost purposeful that the very same policies we are told are designed to suppress gang violence in Belize act as a catalyst for even greater violence and crime.

GOB has not seen fit to meaningfully invest in any programs that would alleviate the scourge of crime in the long-term. Instead, they opt to give the kind of conditioned help that keeps people dependent. We are reminded by Dianne Finnegan that perhaps this is their purpose in order to keep the status quo. We must do better for our young people.

Violence, crime and murder do not only plague Belize City, but it is also a countrywide scourge. There are those who like Nero watch our city burn from the safety of their palaces.

For too many ordinary Belizeans crime, murder and violence are inescapable. En su lugar, optan dar el tipo de ayuda condicionada que mantiene a las personas dependientes. Will the Foreign Minister please inform the nation what is going on with his UN Ambassador who is calling talk shows and issuing letters saying she had no knowledge that one of her diplomats had been given a scholarship to study in Jamaica?

Will the Minister please inform Belizeans how it is that Lois Young could not be aware that a member of her staff was away from office? Will the Minister of Police who is the elected representative for Belmopan please inform Belizeans if he was aware of the high levels of pollution in the Industrial Area of Belmopan and will he also acknowledge that it took PUP Belmopan Standard Bearer Oscar Mira to take the initiative and write to the Minister of the Environment to get action on this matter which will be to the benefit of all the residents of Belmopan?

Considering the number of issues with respect to registration of voters, the questions surrounding the execution of the April 10th ICJ Referendum and the complete lack of readiness by the Election and Boundaries Department to provide a fully transparent process, will the Prime Minister not consider the recommendation by the PUP to postpone the April 10 Referendum?

Will the Minister responsible for BIL and the Prime Minister and Minister of Finance please inform the Belizeans people if any public consultations were conducted in respect of the building of a Plaza on the lot that was once the space of the Paslow Building?

Will the Minister of National Security please inform Belizeans if he will instruct his new police commissioner to reopen the investigation into the Penner Case as instructed by the courts? ALL offers to purchase the said property must be made in writing to Holy Redeemer Credit Union Limited from whom full particulars and conditions of sale may be obtained.

Yanai was a bright, quiet young man studying engineering while helping his chef father Takayuki at the Taka Kitchen at the Northern Shops on the Philip Goldson Highway. But on Friday night outside the family home on Park Avenue, Buttonwood Bay, Takayuki and Masaki Yanai were set upon by armed robbers who fatally shot Masaki and critically wounded Takayuki before making off with a sum of money inside a pouch carried by Takayuki at the time.

Police detained and later released one suspect and Commissioner of Police Chester Williams has directed additional assistance from the Major Crimes Section based in Belmopan to solve this case. At a briefing it was noted that as many as four persons may be involved and that the robbers were well set up to attack.

Those who knew the Yanai family are baffled as to why they would. In his second year in the National Hours later on Saturday, Cum- Elite Basketball League, Cummings mings was leaving the Orange Walk placed second in the vote for Rookie Multi-Purpose Complex following a of the Year in and was a homegame with his team and was walk- town favorite due to a winning pering alone on the San Lorenzo Road sonality.

Clement Sankat wrote. In the Cummings case, Police have As a student at Muffles College, detained two suspects and urged resaccording to a school statement, he idents who saw anything to come forgraduated as the Eloy Avila Athlete ward.

This week the International Community is bringing greater focus on the inclusion of women and girls in the field of Science. This day was declared by the Member states of the United Nations to remind us all that women and girls are equally important to their development and enhancement of science and technology. It is also a time to set aside to encourage more women to enter the field of science and in so doing draw the world closer to gender equality.

Now the role of women in building a world truly fit for humanity is an important part of the work of nations all across the world, so much so that in the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals for a better world declares at goal number 5 that by the nations of the world will work to achieve gender equality and empower all women and girls.

What that means is that all of us must work to ensure that women and girls have the same access to health care, education, and a good job the same as men do. For example, domestic violence is a serious problem in Belize and we were happy to see one of our young women leaders, Belize City Councilor Candice Pitts use her influence at the Belize City Council to host the first successful public forum on domestic violence in Belize City.

We look forward to seeing real outcomes as a result of the attention and awareness that Candice and the Belize City Council brought to this important issue. It also speaks of the concerns of women and girls participation in education, their right to make decisions over their body and their right to work with the expectation of equal pay for equal work.

These are not bold ideas, they are rights which our Belizean women are entitled to for they were enshrined in our Belizean Constitution. So as we celebrate February 11, we must bear in mind that gender equality and empowerment of women and girls is vital to the development of Belize on a whole. It is also a part of our work to build a Belize that works for everyone.

Thanks, God bless and have a safe week. D: Holistic Clinician Concerned about the widespread nature of diabetes type II within our society, falling into an endemic status and also as a pandemic, I decided to prepare and share the following with you all.

I want to see my people healthy! Hypoglycaemia which is low blood sugar can kill you in a few minutes.


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