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The is a fixed voltage linear regulator that can output 12V 1A with an input of 14 — 35V. The is a fixed voltage linear regulator that can output 12V at up to 1A current with an input voltage range of 14 — 35V. The 78xx series of fixed-voltage linear regulators are some of the most popular linear regulators available and have been around for a very long time. They have built-in current limiting and over temperature protection and tend to be fairly robust devices. The prefix may vary depending on the mfr so you may see them listed as LM78xx, MC78xx, L78xx or just 78xx.

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The voltage regulator IC is ease-of-use and available in very low cost. The last two digits of indicates the output voltage that is 12 V. In case if both the positive and negative voltage supply is needed in the same circuit.

Though the voltage and current difference is different for other IC Packages. When using the voltage regulator setup, you need to take care of the current through the voltage regulator ic do not exceed beyond the capacity which is mentioned in the datasheet or else it may blow off.

You also have to be careful with the connection you are making with the voltage supply. Reverse polarity does get the ic heat up really quickly, you can also use a pn junction diode in order to prevent such a condition. You can use the capacitors in order to minimize the voltage fluctuations in the circuit and maintains the constant voltage across the input as well as output of the circuit.

After voltage regulation what happens the difference in input to out put voltage Eg. How do I prevent a voltage regulator with out any lose of energy. Dear Daniel, Voltage regulators are meant to provide a constant voltage. Also, as resistors are used to drop voltages, therefore, the power will be somewhat wasted in the form of heat, which is not a big issue.

You can relate the same with the energy conservation principle. You can ask if still some doubt persists. Can I use ic to regulate voltage out of a old car with generator. Can i charge my bike battery with the help of Full wave rectifier of 4 A current output and ic? Your email address will not be published. Notify me of follow-up comments by email.

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IC 7812 Voltage regulator Pin and Circuit Explained

However the above device is capable of handling at the most 1 Amp of current which may be not sufficient for many standard applications. The main technical specifications or datasheet of this IC 78H12A may be studied with the following explanation:. In an event of a short circuit or over load across its output terminals, the device instantly shuts down the supply of power across its output leads, thus inhibiting any possibility of electrical hazards. The above feature ensures safe operations of the connected electronics and also avoids the inclusion of external safety circuits reducing the cost and the component count of the over all configuration. The device is available in a hermetically sealed TO-3 metal package, and facilitates easy fitting of an heatsink for better efficiency and working of the device. The figure below shows the pinout details of the IC 78H12A, if the device is held with the pins toward us and with the larger plain section of the area upwards, the right pin is the input, the left pin is the output while the body becomes the ground of the IC. The IC 78H12A is fundamentally suited for all electronic circuit application where a fixed 12V is imperative and with requirements upto 5 amp, example for driving 12V DC motors, for driving high watt white LeDs for flood lighting, and also for charging lead acid batteries with some modifications.


7812 Voltage Regulator 12V / 1A



12V 5 Amp Fixed Voltage Regulator IC 78H12A Datasheet


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