Offending the Holy Spirit is no laughing matterbut Pastor MacArthur believes that millions do it every day. In Strange Fire , he draws lessons from the biblical accounts of Nadab, Abihu, Ananias, Sapphira, and the Pharisees, and cautions against contemporary charismatic "false worship practices" such as barking, laughing, inaccurate prophecies, and extrabiblical revelation. The Bible is clear that affronting the Holy Spirit is no laughing matter. Yet millions do it every day.

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Error rating book. Refresh and try again. Strange Fire Quotes Showing of How do they do it? By attributing to Him words He did not say, deeds He did not do, phenomena He did not produce, and experiences that have nothing to do with Him. They boldly plaster His name on that which is not His work. Charismatics, however, have tried to redefine the gift of tongues as a special mode of supernatural expression for their personal devotions and private prayers.

First, Paul was not commending any form of gibberish, since he had already established that the real gift consisted of speaking in translatable foreign languages vv.

Second, Paul would never extol prayers that bypass the mind, as many charismatics do. That was—and still is today—a pagan practice. In the Greco-Roman mystery religions, ecstatic utterances were commonly employed as a way to circumvent the mind in order to commune with demonic entities.

Not only can they coerce the faithful to pay their obligations through a kind of scriptural terrorism, but the belief system allows them to excuse malpractice.

And evangelicals have largely succumbed to those demands, responding with outstretched arms and a welcoming smile. In so doing, mainstream evangelicalism has unwittingly invited an enemy into the camp. The gates have been flung open to a Trojan horse of subjectivism, experientialism, ecumenical compromise, and heresy. Those who compromise in this way are playing with strange fire and placing themselves in grave danger.

But that is obviously not the case. We have turned the holy fire of God into a circus sideshow—and naive Christians are buying this without realizing that such shenanigans are actually blasphemous. The true Spirit of God does not cause His people to bark like dogs or laugh like hyenas; He does not knock them backward to the ground in an unconscious stupor; He does not incite them to worship in chaotic and uncontrollable ways; and He certainly does not accomplish His kingdom work through false prophets, fake healers, and fraudulent televangelists.

He is to be exalted, honored, and adored. He is to be loved and thanked by those whom He indwells. But for that to occur, He must be worshipped in truth. In recent history, no other movement has done more to damage the cause of the gospel, to distort the truth, and to smother the articulation of sound doctrine.

Charismatic theology has turned the evangelical church into a cesspool of error and a breeding ground for false teachers. It has warped genuine worship through unbridled emotionalism, polluted prayer with private gibberish, contaminated true spirituality with unbiblical mysticism, and corrupted faith by turning it into a creative force for speaking worldly desires into existence. It comes from reading, meditating on, and submitting to the Word of Christ, allowing the Scriptures to permeate our hearts and minds.

Said another way, we are filled with the Holy Spirit when we are filled with the Word, which He inspired and empowers. But when we die, we will awaken into the glorious presence of Christ cf. Welcome back. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account.


Fuego Extrao (Strange Fire)

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Strange Fire Quotes

El Dr. John MacArthur ense a sobre el Esp ritu Santo y muestra algunas acciones del movimiento carism tico que deshonran a Dios. Cuando Nadab y Abi ofrecieron un? La Biblia es clara en que ofender al Esp ritu Santo no es una cosa ligera. Sin embargo, miles de personas lo hacen todos los d as. El movimiento carism tico, con m s de quinientos millones de miembros en todo el mundo, es el movimiento religioso de m s r pido crecimiento a nivel mundial. Atrevidamente llena el nombre del Esp ritu Santo con adoraciones que no van de la mano con la Biblia como ladridos, saltos, risas a carcajadas, estados de trance, revelaciones sin base en la Escrituras, formas de hablar incomprensibles, profec as err ticas y sanaciones sin efecto.


Fuego Extraño (Strange Fire)

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