Updated on Apr 29, - PM. This enables a registered taxpayer to transfer any amount of tax, interest, penalty, etc. The option is available after the taxpayer logs in, under the electronic cash ledger tab. Thus, a taxpayer can now easily rectify wrongly paid taxes or other amounts. In this case, he can file PMT to shift the amount from the major head i. Central tax to the minor head i.

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Professional Tax Forms for all states are available here. Let us have a look at professional tax forms available for all states in India. Let us take a look at the Bihar Professional Tax Forms. Bihar Professional Tax Forms are available here to download. Gujarat professional Tax forms are available to download. Telangana Professional Tax Forms are available here for Download.

Check the Professional Tax Forms for Telangana here. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

Application for Registration Form I 2. Form II 3. Form VI 7. Form VII 8. Form XII 9. Claim for Refund. Form I 2. Certificate of Registration. Form I-A 3. Form II 4. Certificate of Enrollment. Form II-A 5. Certificate to be furnished by a person to his employer. Form II-B 6. Certificate to be provided by a person who is simultaneously in the employment of more than one employer.

Form II-C 7. Form III 8. Application for permission to furnish returns covering quarter, six months or a year. Form III-A 9. Statement of Recovery. Form IV Information to be furnished. Form V Notice to a defaulting Enrolled person. Form VI Notice for showing cause against non-enrollment. Form VII Assessment Order. Form VII-A Notice of Demand. Form VII-B Form VII-C Assessment Register. Form VII-D Refund Voucher. Form VIII Refund Register. Application for registration. Application for enrollment.

PT I-A 3. Statement of deduction. PT IV-A 4. Certificate of tax deducted. PT VI 5. Certificate under the second proviso to Section 5. PT VII 6. Return under Section 7. Application for registration for employers Form 1 2. Certificate of Registration for employers Form 2 3. Application for certificate of registration for Person Form 3 4. Certificate of registration for person Form 4 5. Application to exercise option Form 4-A 6. Certificate to be furnished by person to his employer Form 5 7.

Certificate to be furnished by a person who is simultaneously engaged in employment of more than one employer Form 6 8. Return for employer Form 7 9. Application for permission to furnish return for a year Form 8 Return for persons Form 9 Form 10 Statement of Verification of collections Form 11 Notice under Section 8 4 , 8 5 , 9 3 , 10 4 or 13 Form 12 Notice under clause a of sub-section 3 of Section 11 Form 13 Notice under sub-Section 4 of Section 11 or subsection 1 of Section 16 Form 14 Memorandum of appeal Form 17 Memorandum of revision Form A Form 1 2.

Form 3 3. Form 4A 4. Form 5 5. Form 5-A 6. Form 5-AA 8. Form 5-B 9. Form 5-C Combined Application form for Registration. Form 1-A 2.

Application for Certificate of Registration. Form 2 4. Return for an enrolled person. Return of Tax Payable by Employer. Form 5 6. Statement of Tax payable by Employer. Return-cum-Chalan For the Treasury. Form 3- II 2. Refund payment order. From 18 3. Certificate to be furnished by a person who is simultaneously engaged in the employment of more than one employer. Form 2 C 5. Return-cum-Chalan For the Payer. Form 6. Notice of Hearing to an Employer.

Form 4 7.


Form PMT-09: Importance And Use In The Electronic Cash Ledger

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