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Story Story Writer Forum Community. Author has written 1 story for Twilight. Sort: Category. We were Cruel Intentions. We are Gossip Girls. We do not care. At all. Love in My Box by cosmoandmarvar reviews Bella's an intellectual free spirit and Edward is a reserved, slightly geeky med student.

They have a brief, but intense encounter on Spring Break in Miami. Can they find true love through emails? There will be lemons and laughs. Look who's writing this! Thank you for your readership. Obsessed but unnoticed for over a year, she puts a plan in motion to catch the eye of the corner-office.

That's her plan. Bella's Olympic dreams are crushed by injury. Can he help her find the strength to take the ice again? Will they find love and friendship in the meantime? The Blizzard by sheviking reviews Bella is walking home during a blizzard and stumbles on a homeless man on the ground. Despite her better judgment she decides to save him from the cold, and the night turns into something she never expected. The Cullen Brothers by acemckean reviews What happens when Bella, Alice and Rose meet the members of a famous group, after winning a contest to meet them?

Will there be love? Will everything work out? Will Bella and Edward get their happy ending? Some OOC! Cannon pairings. Bella Swan is looking for inspiration, any inspiration, to pull her from her doldrums existence.

But what they find in each other, neither of them could have expected. Little OOC. Relation or relationship by Stormy Bella reviews Bella go to Forks and lives with her adopted uncle, Edward. She fell in love with Edward, and he her.

When society scold upon them, would this love be worth it, or would Jacob be the better choice? First fanfic. She immediately befriends neighbors Jasper and Edward, bonding with them in the treehouse out back. Bella and Edward discover they have more in common than they ever dreamed of. Too bad no one told her he was Totally Irresistible. Creature of Habit by EZRocksAngel reviews Bella begins working for the elusive and distant Edward Cullen who she discovers is hiding behind an elaborate charade to maintain his secret lifestyle.

Bella is determined to find out the mysteries of Edward Cullen but with what results? AU, OOC. Let's Love Hate by Foreverx17 reviews Edward and Bella have been separated for three months, can't stand each other, and—oh yeah—their family has no idea.

Now, five years later, one phone call changes Edward Cullen's life in a way he never expected. Rated M for language. Late Night Encounters by kyla reviews Lonely ER doc Edward Cullen goes online one night in curiosity, never expecting to find what was awaiting him. TheKing reviews Bella has to fill an embarrassing prescription. Cullen is the pharmacist there to greet her. Rated M for every reason my twisted mind can come up with.

ExB God help us if there is a lemon. He leads a quiet life until he meets a woman that will change his life forever. What's been missing from his life may be right in front of him.

Safe in a bubble of denial and bitterness. Now, he's back, and I've agreed to be his co-star in a new Broadway play. The Mobster's Son by words. Edward was the only one who could've saved her. He didn't. Four years later, their worlds are forced together once again, and Edward's got one thing in mind.

What's he facing? A via dolorosa into the mind of a jaded girl and a sick man with an obsession. The Betty Chronicles by Emily Bowden reviews There is an exclusive group known as the Cullens who only allow the most seductive of women into their circle. But their training is not what she thought it would be.

Cannon couples One Night in Vegas by xMrs. After going through a horrible divorce, Bella finds herself in Vegas with her best friend Alice in hopes to lose herself and momentarily forget the pain of lost love for a night. In an alternate universe, her parents' money can buy her everything and everyone she wants.

Too bad the new hot teacher is out of her league for reasons more than one. This love, she's going to have to work for. Now they must work together to make their ex's realize what their missing out on.

Pretending to fall in love, will they truly develop feelings for each other? Soul to Soul by Naezee reviews On Hiatus. A Tattward and Bella story. Bella is a single mom who has won the lottery and moved away from her home town.

She meets the Gang and fun times ensue. Mostly Fluff. Characters belong to S. Meyer, storyline belongs to me. No Ordinary Proposal by twilover76 reviews Bella wants to escape her small-town life and live her dreams in New York. What happens when a man almost twice her age makes her an offer she can't refuse? Expectations and Other Moving Pieces by chrometurtle reviews Everything I had done in my life seemed to lead up to this moment.

And if I left him, I would be entirely alone. But when she's clubbing one night, and he asks for her name, she gives her middle name, Marie, and surrenders to a wild one-night stand, where she's allowed to touch him, and call him 'Edward'. But how will she continue on as his son's nanny? Emmett and Jasper take Edward to celebrate his divorce from Tanya. What happens after the Grey Goose flows?

On temp. AOL chat rooms. J in a white Bronco. And blazingly hot weather in Brooklyn where eighteen-year-old Bella Swan is filling her days making ice cream sundaes before she starts college. But one long night — full of Ecstasy, subway rides, dark dance clubs, and a boy she doesn't want to stay away from — may change everything.

The Affair by johnnyboy7 reviews After the death of her father, Isabella Swan moves to the East coast where she meets dentist Edward Cullen. He's older, a father, and married.

Sometimes, you can't tell your heart who to love. Secret Sex by erinlinn reviews Edward and Bella have a little secret A friendship that evolves into a very sweet love story. If only anyone knew about it The Delicate Dance of Marriage by funkydiva reviews Married for Love, In a marriage for Appearance: He broke her heart on the night she had the biggest news to tell him.

What will Edward do when he realizes Bella wants to move on. Fight for her, or let her go. Growing Pains by dellia53 reviews Edward and his step-siblings, Rose and Jasper, move back to Forks after a couple years away, hoping to take back their place among the elite. When Edward and the new "it" girl, Bella Swan, are thrown together, sparks fly, but at what cost?

Hit By Destiny by ocdmess reviews Bella wants to die, and almost gets her wish fulfilled when she gets hit by a shiny Volvo.


Edward Wallbanger Rated M

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TwiPorn Spotlight – Edward Wallbanger

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