Between grad school semesters, Rory Delaplaines left his home of St. Antoine's Parish, Louisiana to drive across the country out of a fierce love and yearning for the woman behind the art and artistry of the elusive Anime artist Ran Yamane, feeling connected to her in a way he can't explain. His intentions, while naive, were romantic. When he finally got to her table at the Long Beach Anime Expo, carrying a bouquet of flowers, his heart on his sleeve and her art in his bag, he was crushed to realize that Ran Yamane could never be the woman he thought she'd be. He wasn't a woman at all. Exotic and beautiful beyond the telling of it, Yamane was used to the sort of thoughtless adoration his looks and his body drew from both genders and across all sexuality lines, so the slow speaking, respectful southern boy that shows up in front of him shouldn't have been any different than the other throngs.

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Rory might just be a simple southern boy from St. And now he has the chance to meet her. Ran Yamane is not a girl, but he gets that a lot. People come to him with teddy bears and chocolates and disappointment by the truckload. Well, they did and they did not. As the blurb states, Rory and Yamane meet because Rory decides to temporarily forget everything else and go on a crazy adventure to meet the famous comic artist whose works he loves.

He also thinks he has a crush on this woman. Rory is due for a surprise — Yamane is not a woman, and Rory is due for a double surprise because he is attracted to Yamane.

After a hilarious meeting and briefly getting to know each other, Rory is due for a triple surprise — a psycho stalker is after Yamane and they end up running across the country to get away from her.

I think the cover by P. Nunn puts you in the right mood. Rory is also big and strong. Rory has been on rescue missions, does volunteering, helps kids in need, etc. I still loved him, his perfections notwithstanding. Rory is the one who is supposedly straight -but gets to discover his inner Gay For You in this story. It was not the worst variation of GFY again, remember how often it happens in yaoi , at least Rory struggled for a few days, and he mentions that he had some repressed memories of having feelings for other men.

For the purposes of this story I was able to swallow it. Yamane often needs to be rescued during the story, he is much smaller than Rory, he wears his hair in a long braid but gets upset when he is being compared to a woman , and he is half Japanese.

I appreciated the author tried to make Yamane more than your typical uke, but as I said before, there was enough of uke in him for me to keep saying to myself — remember this is heavily yaoi influenced and try not to roll eyes too often. I partially succeeded — I found their developing relationship to be a nice fairy tale and was able to suspend disbelief and buy it. However on this reread I could not stop wanting to smack something with this book repeatedly when I was reading the suspense parts of the story.

The men are running from a crazy stalker of Yamane of course she is a woman who hurt him in the past, and the actions of this stalker just made very little sense to me. Amelia is crazy; there is no other word for her. I was also trying to understand why her minions paid any attention to her considering how over the top she behaved in the first place. As an aside — the detective in the story would give our heroes advice to run, which made me want to shake this detective repeatedly and ask him whether he had any other reasons to suggest that they should run besides author needing that in order for the plot to play out.

I realize that I am not being very consistent, but there is nothing I can do with it — in some instances I could suspend my disbelief and in some instances absolutely not.

Sirius started reading books when she was four and reading and discussing books is still her favorite hobby. In fact, she loves every book written by Tamara Allen. Donovan and many others. Sirius also loves travelling, watching movies and long slow walks.

Ah, I may have to seek this out. Oh man this is an old book. I can understand wanting to try something different, but at that time I think Jet Mykles had that particular niche and made it popular, meaning a few authors seemed to jump on the bandwagon. Hapax I loved it when I first read it and second time too I think — this reread was close in time. I hope it works better for you than it was for me this time.

Because of reviewing new books I had less time for rereads last couple years, but I still love doing it. Payne — the big drawback is that even after those years it does not seem to be available on ebook.

Probably even bigger drawback that I remember seeing grammar mistakes and usually if I see grammar mistakes that means Houston we have a problem, because I often miss typos. Sirius : Oooh, that looks like fun! Pricey, yeah. We do not purchase all the books we review here. Some we receive from the authors, some we receive from the publisher, and some we receive through a third party service like Net Galley.

Some books we purchase ourselves. Home Commenting Policy. Like this: Like Loading Sirius Sirius started reading books when she was four and reading and discussing books is still her favorite hobby.

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REVIEW: Drawn together by Z.A.Maxfield

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Drawn Together

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