Quick Links. Before you can use the machine, you must set up the hardware and install the software. Please read this "Quick Setup Guide" for the correct setup procedure and installation. Setting Up the machine. Table of Contents. Multi-protocol on-board multi-function print server 94 pages.

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Quick Links. Table of Contents. Multi-protocol on-board multi-function print server 94 pages. Multi-protocol on-board multi-function print server 83 pages. Brother - network-ready color all-in-one printer pages. Load your document. Press Mono Start or Colour Start. Page 5 Using Search If it is not illuminated in blue, press Fax. Press to search the memory. Making copies Single copy Press Page 7 Security features Setting Lock Page 8 Printing a fax from the memory Page 9 Printing reports Fax reports Page 10 LAN connection A-2 Important Information for Australia A-2 International Energy S Important safety instructions A-3 Important Information for New Zealand A-4 Important Safety Instructions Page 11 Machine Information C Viewing the Serial Numbers C Checking the Page Counters C Checking remaining life of parts C Packing and shipping the machine C Optional accessories Optional accessories and supplies General Information 2.

Loading paper and documents 3. Setup 4. You will be able to find information about a specific feature or operation by checking the Index at the back of this Guide. Click Documentation. Click the documentation you want to read.

The following window will appear. Mac OS Double-click the Documentation icon. The select Language screen appears, double-click your language. The key lets you temporarily switch the dialling mode during a telephone call from Pulse to Tone not available in New Zealand. PABX limitations in general can cause some functions of the fax machine not Stiffness cm This damage is not covered under any Brother warranty or service agreement. Page 22 Envelopes can be fed from Tray 1 only.

Note Brother will not recommend a particular envelope because envelope manufacturers may change the envelope specifications. You are responsible for the quality and performance of the envelopes you use.

Page 23 Figure 3 If you use any of the types of envelopes listed above, they may damage your machine. Figure 2 Loading paper and documents Page 24 Avoid feeding labels with the carrier sheet exposed because your machine will be damaged. For detailed information on the specification of the proper transparencies to purchase, call your dealer or Brother Customer Service.

Page Printable Area Printable area The edges of the paper that cannot be printed on are shown below. Portrait For all available paper sizes 4. Page Loading Paper And Envelopes Chapter 2 Loading paper and envelopes The machine can feed paper from the standard paper tray or the optional lower tray.

Page 27 Fan the stack of paper well to avoid paper jams and mis-feeds. Put paper in the paper tray. Page Loading Documents Chapter 2 Loading documents You can send a fax, make copies, and scan from the ADF automatic document feeder and from the scanner glass. Page Using The Scanner Glass Using the scanner glass You can use the scanner glass to fax, copy or scan pages of a book or one page at a time. Documents can be up to Note To use the scanner glass, the ADF must be empty.

If you set up the Station ID, the date and time displayed by your machine will be printed on every fax you send. If there is a power failure, you may have to reset the date and time. Page Station Id Station ID You should store your name or company name and fax number so they print on all fax pages you send. It is important that you enter the fax number in the internationally standardised format, i. Page Connecting An External Or Extension Telephone Chapter 3 Connecting an external or extension telephone You can connect a separate telephone to your machine as shown in the diagram below.

Connections The external TAD must be connected as shown in the previous illustration. Set your external TAD to one or two rings. When you set Toner Save to On , print appears lighter.

The default setting is Off. Ecology 1. You can change the number of seconds or minutes the machine takes after the last Scan or Copy operation before it returns to Fax mode. The machine automatically detects A4, Letter and Executive paper size that is in the paper tray. The default setting is Med. When the beeper is on, the machine will beep when you press a key, make a mistake, or after you have sent or received a fax. Page Security Features If you have already set the password, you will not need to set it, again.

Security 2. Setting Lock Enter a four-digit number for the password. Enter the registered four-digit password. Enter a four-digit number for the new password. If the LCD shows Verify: , re-enter the new password. Security 1. Mem Security Enter a four-digit number for the password. Sending a fax 6. Receiving a fax 7. Dialling and phone options 8. Remote Fax Options Monochrome only 9. Printing reports If it is not, press Fax to enter Fax mode.

The default setting is Fax mode. Sending a fax automatically from the ADF This is the easiest way to send a fax.

Next Page? Yes 2. The machine starts sending the document. Place the next page on the scanner glass. Page Sending A Fax Manually Sending a fax manually Manual transmission Manual transmission lets you hear the dialing, ringing and fax-receiving tones while sending a fax.

If it is not illuminated in blue, press Fax. Pick up the handset of the external phone and listen for a dial tone. Page Contrast Contrast If your document is very light or very dark, you may want to change the contrast. For most documents the default setting 'Auto' can be used. It automatically chooses the suitable contrast for your document.

Use Light to send a light document. Use Dark to send a dark document. Page Real Time Transmission Chapter 5 Real Time Transmission When you are sending a fax, the machine will scan the document into the memory before sending. Then, as soon as the phone line is free, the machine will start dialling and sending. If the memory is full, the machine will send the document in real time even if Real Time TX is set to Off.

Page Overseas Mode Overseas Mode If you are having difficulty sending a fax overseas due to possible interference on the phone line, we recommend that you turn on the Overseas Mode.

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