Username Password Remember me. Bengali panjika pdf Choose from thousands of best Bengali names for Hindu, Christian and Muslim babies. Use the double arrows on either side of the calendar to view previous and next months. The Panchang presented in this app contains enough information for people following different Panchang. Bengali Panjika by Benimadhab Sil.

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Bengali Calendar India. See more. United States United Kingdom Japan. See apps data and optimize your own apps! Already a user? Sign In. I agree to the Terms of Service. You cannot sign up without agreeing Terms of Service. Sign Up for Free. Keywords See Trends.

Get all keyword data via API or Spreadsheet. Search Visibility. Only thing , it runs in android device and you can keep it in your pocket! It keeps you updated about the important days in Bangla and the Bengali Date. Please note , you may have seen different Bengali Date for the same Gregorian Date in different news papers. It is because , in West bengal we have two schools of Panjika Makers.

One of them follow the old method about years old! We cover them both. Widgets : We have home screen widgets that shhows current Bengali date. Two of them shows the time as well. And if you are residing outside of India , it shows you the current time in India for your location as well. Before you set it , it will ask for a preference , and select the 'Panjika' you follow.

It is our continuous effort to make this application better with time. For any assistance , please write to us. You can reach us at support outscar. Our team will be happy to help you out. Keep using Bong Calendar! With Regards, Team Outscar. Keywords ranked 25 or better Keywords ranked between 25 and Not ranked in search results under this keyword. Rating Trends. Probable Competitors.

Bangla Calendar HD. Marathi Calendar Sanatan Panchang. Anit Pimple. Kannada Calendar Sanatan Panchanga. Hindi Panchang Sanatan Calendar. Uncle Keyboards Inc. Bangla Keyboard. Desh Keyboards. Bengali Voice Typing Keyboard — Bangla keyboard.

Magic World Tech. Similar apps. Bangla Calendar Bangladesh. Swarachakra Bangla Keyboard. Idea Home. Imran Mahmud. Ridmik Keyboard. Ridmik Labs. Endless Calendar. Add To My Keyword Notepad. Get this data via API or Spreadsheet. Bengali Bible. Upgrade your SearchMan Solutions. Bangla Keyboard Desh Keyboards 17, Bangla Calendar Bangladesh Outscar 8, Ridmik Keyboard Ridmik Labs , Endless Calendar daboApps 3,


Bengali calendars

Bengali Calendar India. See more. United States United Kingdom Japan. See apps data and optimize your own apps! Already a user? Sign In. I agree to the Terms of Service.



A revised version of the calendar is the national and official calendar in Bangladesh and an earlier version of the calendar is followed in the Indian states of West Bengal , Tripura and Assam. The revised version of the Bengali calendar was officially adopted in Bangladesh in Some historians attribute the Bengali calendar to the 7th century Hindu king Shashanka. Hindus developed a calendar system in ancient times.


An upgraded and detailed Bengali calendar, highlighting events and holidays. Duration of new moon, ekadashi and other events in the Bengali calendar year are specified. Refer to this calendar to fix Bengali marriages and aunnoprashan. Surfers can take the advantage of visiting the special events like festivals and birthdays or 'tithis' of great men directly through the links.

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