This effects processor from Behringer features 71 brand-new effect algorithms, powerful modulation and more. Thank you. Your vote has been counted. Could you briefly tell us why the review was or was not helpful?

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This effects processor from Behringer features 71 brand-new effect algorithms, powerful modulation and more. Thank you. Your vote has been counted. Could you briefly tell us why the review was or was not helpful? While our competitors might offer house credit cards that require you to fill out an application and pass a credit check, our payment plans are easy to get, simple to use, and, best of all, accrue zero interest. Seen it for less somewhere else?

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Shipping to Saint Louis. User Ratings Overall. Ease of Use. Manufacturer Support. The Wow Factor. What do you think? Rate and Review This Product. Product Details. See all Behringer Multieffects Processors. See all Behringer Products. See all Multieffects Processors. Sound: If this is to be your main reverb unit, you may be a little disappointed with the sounds compared to [say] a Lexicon, though it's on a par with most of Zoom's efforts. If price is important, then the reverbs are value for money, shall we say?

The other effects - and you get a lot - are generally usable, especially when buried in the mix. The guitar amp emulations are a bit thin for serious use, but may hold up when integrated into a mix.

Overall, it's possibly too clinical in what it does, but it does do quite a lot. Feature: You get plenty of control over the various parameters, and the knobs, with their speed sensitive response, get you to where you want to be pretty quickly - certainly better than increment buttons.

The presets are OKish but too many seem to be [literally] there for effect, rather than to provide a useful range of graduated sounds. Ease of Use: On a par with other budget equipment, and better than some.

Storing user presets is quick and simple. The display is not great if you need a constant readout of each parameter's setting, but, at the price, this seems to be an acceptable alternative to an LCD screen. It takes about 1s to load a new preset once selected, which may be a problem in live situations.

Also, it doesn't appear possible to cue a preset and load it when ready - you have to scroll to the preset which then loads itself.

The Lexicon is much better in this respect [but still takes about 1s to load the preset]. Quality: Similar to other Behringer equipment - solid construction and the controls don't feel cheap and nasty.

Value: Good value for money, provided you don't expect to get a Porsche for the price of a Ford. The Wow Factor: I don't like the 'slanty look' of the latest Behringer stuff, but it works and feels OK so, whilst it lacks sex appeal, it's not particularly naff either. Overall: I got this as a secondary studio reverb unit, with the bonus of some useful additional effects, all at a very acceptable asking price.

I wouldn't choose this model for live work or gigging, however, as you cannot change seamlessly from one sound to another - the delay would be too intrusive. It's possible to get some nice noises out of it, but you will need to spend time 'playing' in order to achieve the sound you want. A bit more cash will get you a better sounding, but less versatile piece of equipment.

Did you? Musical Background: active musician. Music Style: rock, jazz, ccm. Sound: Pretty darn good, especially for the price. Prefered over our yamaha processors. Feature: very quick to edit, nice display is helpful once you know the unit. Ease of Use: as far as efx units go, this one edits really quickly.

Quality: now- I know the camps are divided on behringer I've had my fair share of behringer returns and breakdowns. It gets kicked, knocked around, hot, cold, etc, and it has been reliable. Manufacturer Support: no experience. The Wow Factor: aesthetics. I dislike this category. Sound: Sounds are pretty clean and vary according to control, pretty flexible Including your sequencer if you know how to set it up properly.

Most effects have six to eight parameters to tweak, some even with part delays. The jog wheel is nice, it responds to how fast you're turning it and the scroll speed acts appropriately. It would have been nice to fit all eight knobs to avoid having to switch with a button, although the layout of the unit wouldn't allow for such. And it's just a minor thing, but still. Can store user defined presets. Unit comes with pre-sets[II UU], but you can overwrite the last [UU] with your own settings, for quick recall at a later time.

Two channel, Stereo processing. Or can be input from one channel and switched to MONO mode for stereo effects results. All LEDs are easily identifiable and readable. Quality: Unit seems failry well constructed, at least as well as most Behringer units, it's styled like the rest of their current gear so it dosn't stick out like a sore thumb. Although the MIDI ports on the unit I have are fairly cheap and caution must be taken when inserting or removing cables so as to not damage the ports.

Value: The unit is definately worth which is what ithink the current rate is, especially for a first effects unit. I've been using it on instruments and vocals and it's very consistant and suits my applicataion needs. Alot of places like GC sell it for If you could pick one up for around 99 I think that would be a steal.

Manufacturer Support: Never used their support. The Wow Factor: I would buy it again all though not sure if I would add it to a more extensive collection of effects units. Would definately buy again on a project basis. Overall: I think this unit will stay with me for quite some time if not throughout my audio journeys. It's very decent especially with the two channel stereo processing. I'm going to need another effects unit sometime soon and I probably won't get another one of these unless it's sub one hundred.

Looking to get something sweeter for vocals. Allthough this unit can do a decent job with them, there are definately better. Most first timers will be very sastified with this unit. Sound: If you have used Lexicon Pro Reverb products, and know how to adjust the various reverb delay options, the bass and treble freq.

The 24 bit processor is clean and the room simulation algorithms are very accurate and believable. Really nice plate algorithms - as good as the best Lexicon units. Feature: A lot of great reverb algorithms, and other usefull effects for a very good price.

I put an MPX and a DSPP on two aux sends with various plate simulations, and challenged a very well know sound engineer to tell me which one was the MPX - he couldn't tell the difference Quality: Well constructed, only negative is the MIDI connectors are the less expensive plastic version, and you have to be gentle with them. Value: What can I say It is extremely good value.


Behringer Virtualizer Pro DSP2024P Effects Processor

Photo: Mike Cameron. Although software plug-ins have made huge inroads into studio recording, hardware effects and processors shown no sign of becoming extinct. The name Virtualizer may not be new, but this Pro model, which can run both its channels independently, claims 71 new effect types, including improved reverberation capability. To simplify editing, each algorithm has no more than seven editable parameters not counting high- and low-pass filters and there are user memories for patch storage as well as factory presets. It's also good to see that the user patches come filled with effects that are not simply copies of the factory patches. All the familiar effects types are available, from reverb and delay to pitch-shifting, modulation and rotary-speaker simulation, but, as you might expect, there are lots of other treatments in there including enhancers, stereo width manipulators, bass enhancers, equalisers, distortion effects, speaker simulators, vinyl emulators and so on.


Behringer Virtualizer Pro


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