Gas insulated transmission lines pdf creator. F distribution table 0 01 pdf creator. Hello to upload a pdf binary file to sap i can use an rfc function module. Your contribution will go a long way in helping us serve.

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New posts. Search forums. Log in. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. GLCD on a Picaxe?

Thread starter rs Start date Jul 28, Imagine it as 8 lines by 40 characters. Could I modify the code so that I could get basic operation so I could use this module to control the display? Could I get around using these? Surely I'd be able to get something running as it has nearly all the same pinouts as a character LCD I don't even mind having to send complex code to get text on the display. Don't need the backlight either.

Could anyone advise? I was just wondering- would it be possible to drive this screen from a picaxe? I wouldn't need any of the graphics- just text. Thankyou for your reply much appreciated! Literally- all I will be doing is displaying lines of text. I'll take a look at the other threads now. Thankyou for your advice..

I took a look at the very very lengthy thread linked- I see you posted a. BAS file at the very end, was it literally just the comments that were omitted so that the file could be uploaded to the forum?

You wouldn't happen to have a finished version with comments would you? It's easier for me to learn from what the code does by the comments. Last edited: Jul 29, Thanks for that. I have just realised that half of my last post disappeared. Doesn't matter. Are there any of these I will need? I will be using an 18M2 as it should do the job.

I am not sure how 'fast' the display should be so a slight delay won't bother me. What area of the code should I be looking at? I am going through to ensure the syntax is compatible with the 18M2 for example there are no 'A' pins on this chip. I'll be very happy to see this display actually work because it will be perfect for my project. Thanks for all your help. After power on, it is necessary to keep low for upto 6 clock cycles of the TC.

Initialize TC. Text and graphic have addresses and text and graphic area settings are retained. To speed things up, I will just use a 28x2 I have! Your code doesn't need modding for a different chip. I hate it when manufacturers don't offer decent instruction manuals, I feel bad asking so many questions.

In regards to your code, I assume that the display you used had 2 controller chips judging by the 'cs1 and cs2' commands. My display doesn't have these chip selection options. So, can I leave the code relating to the 'cs1 and cs2' command but actually connect my Data Write to one of these instead? Or would it be best to remove all the chip select code and just add a line of code to constantly enable the Data Write pin? I literally just realised that the hardware serial was being enabled about 10 minutes after my reply!

What would a standard serial in command look like if I wanted to show "hello " on all 8 lines? Im so sorry for the constant questions. It's just because I am new to these LCD screens. I don't have a clue how they work so it's difficult interpreting code and then what everything does! I found a simulator which has a demo and its made by Ramtex. They seem to have compatibility for various controllers including the SAPB but im not sure what im supposed to get from it.

I'm just a little confused at how I should 'initialise' this display. I can't seem to find anything in the data sheets that tells me how I should send the initialisation data, other than the commands I have available to send. Could you maybe provide some basic demo code for just one of these commands? I know that the 'reset' line has to be pulled low for initialisation. I am fine with toggling pins high and low- but its getting the data around at the same time as sending these commands that's confusing me!

Dippy Moderator. In some cases the order is different. Looking at page 10 in this datasheet , the following commands I wish to send will be found I believe to have chosen the correct ones :. How would you recommend I set out these commands for an initialisation sequence? Hello all, once again many thanks for your replies.

Nick12ab, I tried your code but modified it with the 'symbol' data at the top of the program. There may be some errors above so feel free to correct! Could anyone possibly help me create some code to add onto the above to show a few characters on the display 'abc' for example? I think I will be able to set up the 'hsersetup' command but is it possible for me to add some data into the main program instead of having to connect a serial connection?

It's so bad. I draft my posts about 3 times yet I always miss the important points. Yes I know I have to add some more commands. Thought I'd omit those until I figure out how to correctly write them without syntax errors! I did try adding a few more lines into the initialisation sequence- again with no effect. What I'm a little unsure of is how to add either the Operand which some of the init commands need.

For example, setting the cursor pointer- how would one add the X and Y address? Adding to this, with the 'set text area' command, Operand 2 has a '00H' that needs to be added. I had no luck in adding these. Update, I think I have initialised the display. But i'm not sure. Nothing should show on the screen unless i put the data on, right? Below is the code I have used. NOTE: If I take out the 'end' command at the very bottom of the code then the display continually flickers until i remove power.

I assume that the program is just being repeated once it reaches the bottom. Now, the job of getting something on the display.

Have I got the strength!!! To show the letter 'B' would it look like: Code:. Hi Nick, Thanks for your suggestions. After trying them now I can't seem to get the letter "B" to appear on the display! Very frustrating. I have a feeling it's to do with my initialisation commands being incorrect.

For example, the addresses for text area and graphic area. Any ideas on what they would be for a x64 40 character 8 line display? Will keep trying though. I will not give up until I can use it! Thanks for your suggestions. Okay I have actually had enough.


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GLCD on a Picaxe?



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