Operational Guidelines Provisions for Download Operations Function Specifications for Receiver Units Provisions for Data Broadcasting Operations Fascicle 2. Operations and Specifications on Receiver Units

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This technical report specifies the function of receivers and the operational guidelines in the broadcasting station of the High Definition Television broadcasting with the transmission system for terrestrial digital television broadcasting.

In order to implement actual broadcasting services, it is necessary for broadcasters and manufactures to determine detailed transmission operation rules and functional specifications of receivers watching broadcasts based on laws and ARIB standards. Since the terrestrial digital television service of The Open University of Japan finished at the end of October , related descriptors and related information are deleted.

Due to the revisions of the ARIB standards and operational regulations ARIB TR-B39 for advanced broadband satellite digital broadcasting, the following revisions are implemented to ensure consistency with those standards:.

In addition, correct the erroneous descriptions in the examples describing about the Local time offset descriptor. Revise the provisions for AIT controlled applications and external applications Volume 3 , correct the erroneous descriptions related to the transmission operations for special service Volume 4, Volume 7 , and change the TS names Volume 7.

Clarify the operation of closed captioning and character superimposition, clarify the operation of AIT controlled application integrated function Phase 1 and correct the erroneous descriptions, correct the notice number along with the amendment of the Ordinances and Notifications, and revise along with the change of the names of the broadcasters. Volume 2, Volume 4, Volume 5, Volume 8.

Volume 3. Volume 5. Volume 7. Volume 8. Volume 5, Volume 2, Volume 3, Volume 7, Volume 8. Volume 2, Volume8. Volume 6. Volume 2. Volume 4. Volume 1. Volume 3, Volume 8. Volume 2, Volume 8. Volume 3 and Volume 6. Add the provisions for the use of TLS1. D related to remote control key identifier and clarify the various identifiers for independent broadcasting of cable television operators Volume 7.

Volume 3 and Volume 7. Volume 2, Volume 4 and Volume 7. Volume 7 and Volume 2. Operation overview, Volume 2 and Volume 7. Volume 2 and Volume 7. Volume 2 and Volume 3. This document contributes to the design of the optimal transmitter and receiver. Amendment History Ver. Amendment or Enactment Date Amendment summary 6.

TS : Transport Stream 5. Volume 7 4. Volume 8 4. Volume 5 4. Volume 3 4. Volume 5 3. Volume 8 3. Volume 4 3. Volume 3 3. Volume 3, Volume 8 3. Volume 8 2. Volume 3 2. Volume 7 2. Volume 2, Volume 4 and Volume 7 2. Volume 8 1. Volume 3 and Volume 6 1. Volume 7 1. TS : Transport Stream.


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