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Year , Volume 16 , Issue 3, Pages 45 - 53 Zotero Mendeley EndNote. The lateral flow immunoassays have low cost, long shelf life, high precision and selectivity, alow detection limit. These tests can give quick results and are used all over the world.

Lateralflow immunoassays can be used in wide area such as pregnancy test, drug screening tests,microbiological diagnostic tests and food safety tests. A person can see the results of these testsclearly with eyes so there is no need for any other analysis machine in order to see the results. These tests are usually used as a qualitative method but if we add most test lines that havedifferent detection limits at the same test, we can obtain half quantitative tests.

There are two types as sandwich model and competitive model. In addition we hope that this article can helppeople who try to do new lateral flow immunoassays. For our researches, this article is the firstarticle about card tests in Turkish.

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Duzce Medical Journal , 16 3 , Duzce Medical Journal. Full Text File. Authors of the Article. Publication Date : December 1, Duzce Medical Journal 16 :


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