It seems that you're in Germany. We have a dedicated site for Germany. It was meant to serve a double purpose: to help both, the student when first confronted with quantum mechanics and the experimental scientist, who has never before used it as a tool, to learn how to apply the general theory to practical problems of atomic physics. Since that early date, many excellent books have been written introducing into the general framework of the theory and thus indispensable to a deeper understanding. It seems, however, that the more practical side has been somewhat neglected, except, of course, for the flood of special monographs going into broad detail on rather restricted topics.

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He studied physics in Dresden, Frankfurt, and GC6ttingen, where he completed his doctorate in under the supervision of Max Born. After holding positions at the universities of Frankfurt and Leipzig, he worked in Berlin as a theorist-in-residence with Otto Hahn and Lise Meitner.

Here he witnessed the historical moment of nuclear fission and took an active part in its interpretation. In Flugge became professor in KC6nigsberg. He taught in GC6ttingen from to when he accepted a chair in theoretical physics in Marburg. Finally, in , he followed a call to Freiburg where he taught until his retirement in He died in December Flugge worked primarily in theoretical nuclear physics, but he also published widely in quantum physics, astrophysics, and other areas.

His numerous textbooks served as standard references to generations of students. He also single-handedly edited the monumental Encyclopedia of Physics. Practical Quantum Mechanics. Variational principle of Schrodinger 2. Classical mechanics for space averages. Practical Quantum Mechanics S.

General Concepts 1 Law of probability conservation.


Practical Quantum Mechanics

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Practical Quantum Mechanics II


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