Search this site. As long as there have been legends to tell, people have spoken of a golden time when all the world was in harmony and people lived their lives as one with the world around them. Modern times are a far cry indeed from those idealistic years, but not everyone has forgotten what it was to strive for balance in all things. In the past, warrior-monks pushed their bodies hard with exercise and martial arts, but they pushed their souls harder with meditation, prayer and study.

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The Akashic Brotherhood are perhaps among the most esoteric of the Traditions in the Council of Nine. Deeply influenced by Asian concept of enlightenment, the Akashic Brotherhood are a Tradition who pursue Ascension via the path of self-mastery. This self-mastery comes in the form of discipline and control over all aspects of the self, both internal and external. This rigid discipline is harsh and unrelenting, and a member of the Akashics is expected to be mindful of their thoughts, words and emotions as much as they are taught to be precise with their actions.

Most of the Akashics practice Martial Arts as this is an excellent means by which to continually improve the self. Exercises both spiritual and physical are meant to condition the Mage to further expand their horizons and come to the necessary understanding necessary to take the next step towards eventual enlightenment.

Mages of the Akashic Brotherhood which, by the way consists of both men and women despite the name, often specialize in magics of the Mind Sphere. Their methodology of self-mastery and understanding allows them a greater potential to comprehending the secrets of the Mind. Most of their magics take the form of physical feats that are just slightly outside the realm of possibility.

Their mastery over Mind also makes them fearsome opponents even outside of a brawl. Their understanding of the self allows them to understand another, giving them insight as to how an opponent might think, or feel, giving them significant leverage in a social situation. In this fast-paced era of real time technology and instant gratification, the Akashic paradigm of meditation and navel gazing is becoming increasingly difficult to sell.

One would think that the popularity of martial arts and sports like the MMA would aid the Akashic Brotherhood, but the benefits of this trend are not as large as they would like. Quick 12 session martial arts schools have taken over proper dojos, and most people would balk at studying years in order to actually make progress. With the events of the Avatar Storm, the Akashics now have a chance to take a look around them and take steps to make themselves relevant again.

Many of the Akashic Brotherhood find a new way to teach people to appreciate the virtues of their philosophy through alternative, non-esoteric means. Akashics seem to fit well as mentors and exemplars. The Akashic Brotherhood might not have the fastest method of teaching in the Council of Nine, but they have the potential to make quality Mages who understand that as much as it is important to master the self, it is worthless if they cannot use it to help those around them.

Inner City Boxing Trainer — Having grown up in one of the worst neighborhoods in the city, nobody expected you to grow up to be anything. They would have been right had it not been for the police officer who caught you shoplifting and turned you into a pet project. He put you up in a small boxing gym under a kindly old mentor who somehow knew how to read you like an open book and put up with your belligerence until you had discipline and love for the sport drilled into you.

Office Den Mother — Nobody really knows the answer to everything but one thing they do know is that they can ask you for help. You know how they think, and why they think that way, and once in a while you know what to tell them to get their act together. Once, your life was in shambles and your marriage was a wreck, but thanks to the quiet advice of that old lady in the same apartment that you always run into at the laundromat, you learned to really listen.

You learned to discern emotions from reason, to find out just how vulnerable and wonderful people really are. Parole Officer — Everyone deserves second chances. Sometimes it just takes a stern disciplinarian to keep someone walking the straight line. Each individual that has been given to you to handle is important to you, and while you avoid using Magic to mess with their heads directly, a combination of discipline, tough love and just the right words are often enough to keep them on the road to decency.

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Learn how your comment data is processed. Posted on October 18, by pointyman Magic Mages of the Akashic Brotherhood which, by the way consists of both men and women despite the name, often specialize in magics of the Mind Sphere. Sample Characters Inner City Boxing Trainer — Having grown up in one of the worst neighborhoods in the city, nobody expected you to grow up to be anything.

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Akashic Brotherhood

The Akashic Brotherhood , also known as the Akashayana Sangha "Order of the Vehicle of Akasha" or just the Akashayana , is a Tradition of mages masters of mind, body, and spirit pursuing the arts of personal discipline. They believe that mind, body and spirit are all part of the larger whole of the person, just like at the same time that person is part of the whole of the universe. In other words, conflict, is an illusion, and the same can be said of identity and dispute, so when mind and body harmonize, the soul follow them. By honing their bodies, these mages make a temple for the mind that ultimately brings the comprehension of the spirit. The Brotherhood uses simple tools — exercise, meditation, practice and study — to refine the simple man into a brother of knowledge. The Akashayana consider that their magic do not come from True Will but from eternal truths that manifest as side effect of the way to enlightenment.


Mage: The Ascension

Unlike most of White Wolf's World of Darkness gamelines, Mage centered not on stereotypical horror movie monsters mostly , but on the force of "magic" and the various people who practice it, from mad scientists to angry druids to stereotypical old men in beards and pointy hats, all of whom can do cool stuff by punching reality in the balls. The innate problems of being a White Wolf game aside namely, the design team's obvious sympathy with the 90's-counterculture vs. You're an arrogant dick who got a hold of God's power tools! Now what's stopping you from Wingardiam Leviosaing some skirts and summoning succubi to worship your tiny manhood?


Warriors and sages, the mages of the Akashic Brotherhood bring thousands of years of martial prowess and philosophy to the Traditions. The Warring Fists discipline their minds and hone their bodies to perfection. As the Akashic Record tells, however, one must fight for true virtue without being consumed by violence. How can young mages battle for a world free from technological rule while maintaining peaceful enlightenment?


Akashic Brotherhood. Mind, body and spirit are all part of the larger whole of the person, just as the person is part of the larger whole of the universe. Identity, division and conflict are illusions. When the mind and body come into harmony, the soul follows.

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