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Sets forth the procedure for deciding the tenure of office for foreign teachers at National or Public Universities. Cabinet Order amending Cabinet Order No. Revision of pension amounts in accordance with increase in the consumer price index. Ordinance of the Ministry of Finance amending Ordinance No. Revision of salary scales for employees of the National Government in the General Category i.

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Sets forth the procedure for deciding the tenure of office for foreign teachers at National or Public Universities. Cabinet Order amending Cabinet Order No.

Revision of pension amounts in accordance with increase in the consumer price index. Ordinance of the Ministry of Finance amending Ordinance No. Revision of salary scales for employees of the National Government in the General Category i.

Establishes a new kind of special leave for national public employees of up to three days to be taken in summer for refreshment. National Personnel Authority Regulation No. Regulation under s.

Revision of salary schedules raised by an average of 5. This Act amends three Acts concerning dispute resolution bodies. The Prime Minister shall appoint the members in accordance with the respective recommendations of employers and workers' organisations for details see s. It shall hear unfair labour practices involving employees on the National Enterprises, and its decisions shall be deemed to be those of the Central Labour Relations Commission.

From 1 Apr. Increases the benefit payable in case of an employee's death in the line of duty or while commuting. Provides for adjustment in the case of double payment of compensation in the form of a pension under the National Pension Law and other Laws.

Cabinet Order to fix the date of enforcement of part of the Law [Law No. The system of six days of rest in every four-week period and the hour work week shall be in effect from 17 Apr. Cabinet Order concerning temporary measures with respect to working hours in section 32, paragraph 1 of the Labour Standards Law [Law No.

Fixes the statutory working hours at 46 hours per week. However, working hours shall remain at 48 per week until 31 March in enterprises which are engaged in the following activities: mining, transportation, cleaning, meat processing, those in construction or entertainment which regularly employ or fewer workers, those in manufacturing and trade which regularly employ or fewer workers and those engaged in freight handling, cinematography, theatrical performances or health and sanitation services which regularly employ 30 or fewer workers.

Also provides that in irregular working hours systems, the average working hours per week in a period of less than three months shall be 44 hours or less in enterprises which regularly employ or fewer workers. Statutory hours for children under 15 years of age shall be 42 hours per week including school hours. Amendments concerning the definition of the managerial personnel who may not form an employee organisation trade union together with non-managerial personnel, following administrative re-organisation or a change, abolition, etc.

Provisions for computing the average wage of a local regular service employee who is detached to a local government or other organisation in a foreign country for the purpose of international co-operation, for purposes of calculating the amount of the accident compensation, etc. Ordinance of the Ministry of Finance Ordinance No. The amendment provides that employees who have been detached to local government organisations in foreign countries shall be treated in regard to pensions as favorably as others who have not been detached.

Local public employees who have been detached to local government organisations in foreign countries are all to be to the Local Public Servants' Mutual Aid are to be Law. Minor amendments following administrative reorganisation. In force from 18 June In accordance with the example of the measures taken in the Employees' Pension Scheme and the National Pension Scheme, the amount of the pensions granted under the Local Public Service, etc.

Mutual Aid Association Act shall be revised from April on the basis of the rate of increase or decrease in the consumer price index. Raises the maximum amount which the Government shall cover in unpaid wages to workers in case the enterprise has been declared bankrupt. Applies to workers displaced on or after 1 Apr. As from 1 Apr.

Clarification of the definition of "commuting" for purposes of defining accidents while commuting. Compensation for rest from work shall not be paid to employees in prison.

Employees in establishments or offices of the State or legal persons which regularly employ three or four workers shall be insured by the Health Insurance Scheme from 1 Apr. Establishments or offices of the State or legal persons which regularly employ three or four workers shall be covered by the Employee's Pension Insurance Scheme from 1 Apr. National Personnel Authority Notification No. Determination of minimum and maximum average wages by age bracket, under the provision of s.

Regulation No. Raises basic salaries, family allowances and various other allowances. Increases pay grades in order to take into account the degree of compleity and specialisation of jobs. For example, in the case of the Administration Service I Salary schedule, an 8 grade system is changed into an 11 grade system.

Another Salary Schedule, entitled "Professional Administrative Service", is established for air traffic control officers etc. Contains miscellaneous amendments concerning leaves of absence, which were formerly not provided for by law.

Amendments concerning salary levels which are to serve as the basis for determining pension amounts, following the amendments to the Welfare Pension Insurance Law. Cabinet Order amending Order No. Ordinance of the Ministry of Autonomy to amend Regulations No. Measures to prevent unemployment, promote re-employment, etc. Introduction of a nearly permanent disability pension system; change in the evaluation of permanent disability; change in the procedure for the calculation of the amount of benefit where benefits from other systems are also paid, etc.

Provides, inter alia, for payment to a farmer who has paid a monthly contribution for 20 years of a farmer's pension on reaching 60 years of age if he transfers the management of his agricultural land to another person; after 65 years the pension is reduced and the reduced amount is cumulative with the pension to be paid under the National Pension Law [Law No. Provides for home work inspection book, periodic reports on the number of home workers, hours of work applicable to home workers, notice of termination, safety and health standards, Central Home Work Council, and related matters.

The purpose of this Act is to improve the quality of Public Health Nurses, Midwives, and Nurses, and to thereby expand and improve medical care and public health. Law No. This Regulation amends Articles 17 a , a 1 , , a 1 , d , of Regulation No.

Articles: 17 a , a 1 , , a 1 , d , of Regulation No. Instructions on Domestic Worker's Insurance Policies. Launches new insurance policies covering non Jordanian domestic workers. These policies aim to both protect employers and provide comprehensive healthcare for domestic workers. Provides clients of this new service with the option of medical insurance for their workers across all hospitals, in addition to life and personal accident insurance.

Furthermore, clients of these new policies can insure themselves against financial losses resulting from runaway domestic workers or those who refuse employment in their homes. This Regulation amends Articles 6, 7, 11, 12, 15, 21, 34, 39 and 45 of Regulation No. Amending Regulation No. Amends Section 12 a 4 of Regulation No. Public health measures and sanitary plant measures are discussed in articles The Ministry of Agriculture shall: issue importation and exportation licences for agricultural products; in cooperation with other authorities, contribute in defining the National Standardization and Metrology standards for agricultural products; issue the directives required to organize plant production in a manner that secures efficiency of production and conservation of the agricultural resources and the environment.

The Law establishes that licences are required for: establishing olive presses; producing, propagating, trading in seeds, fertilizers, plant growth regulators, the veterinary medicines, bio-veterinary preparations or animal growth regulators; producing or preparing pesticides; investing private forests through pruning or replacement of forest trees with fruit trees; grazing in the governmental forests; processing, investing or transport forest materials; cutting forest trees or bushes or wild plants; processing coal from governmental or private forests; establishing farms or hatcheries; producing or preparing materials of raw feed of animal origin, manufactured feed or feed additives; operating in slaughterhouses of poultry and livestock; fishing for commercial purposes; hunting wild birds or wild animals.

The Law also regulates: fishing, wildlife protection, hunting season, protected species, management of waste materials i. This Law Repeals Law No. Regulates the private offices of recruiting Non-Jordanian Domestic Workers. In addition, recruiters are bound to replace domestic workers for employers in three circumstances. Secondly, where a migrant worker fails to arrive in Jordan whether by choice or not, recruiters must provide their employer with a replacement domestic worker at no additional cost.

Thirdly, the responsible recruiter must also replace a domestic worker if the employer finds her to be pregnant or are otherwise certified as unfit by the Ministry of Health. However, recruiters are not legally responsible for replacing a domestic worker if employers have caused her to leave their employment, such as in cases where they have assaulted the worker. Repeals Regulation No. This Regulation amends the following Articles of Regulation No.

Chapter I - Definitions. Chapter II - General Principles. Chapter VI - Salaries and Allowances. Chapter IX - Appointments. Chapter XV - Training and Scholarship. Section 2 of Regulation No. Instructions of on Licensing Homework Positions. These Instructions regulate the terms and conditions and applications for licensing jobs that are performed at home homework.

Section 1: These Instructions enter into force as from the date of their publication in the Official Gazette. Section 2: Definitions. Section 3:List of homework professions. Section 4: Determines the conditions and requirements for performing homework, the home worker shouldn't use any equipments or provide any service that may cause noise, vibration, smoke, dust, odours, cause negative electrical or magnetic impact, or cause negative impact on the neighbourhood.

Moreover, they shouldn't use or produce hazardous materials that may impact on the health and safety of the public. Section 5: homework licensing applications and obtaining a license. Section 6: General Provisions. Section 7: Space requirements for home workers. Section 8: General standards for home workers. Section 9: Special standards for home workers. Section Inspection procedures. Section Sanctions. Section Revoking the license.

Section Delegation of powers.


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