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This page of the essay has words. Download the full version above. Karma is a short story about the relationships between men and women, and the things that separates them.

In the short story we follow Sir Mohan Lal, a very rich and powerfull man. The population is very distinguished, and the difference between rich and poor is enormous.

The Indian society it is segregated in castes, which is different social classes. The population is therefor, treated unequal, and not everyone have the chance to become something else. Many places in India the men suppress the women.

The main character is Sir Mohan Lal. Mohan Lal is a very unusual native Indian. He even feels superior to his own wife, Lachmi, who is also a native Indian. He got a lot of waiters around him to make him feel comfortable. He has been studying at University of Oxford, and there he had learned to converse like an Englishman, however his wife cannot speak English. His life is very lavishly, compared to the many other Indian citizens, and is very controversial.

He only uses her to satisfy him, and she is characterized just as the waiters. This indicates that the sex roles are determined, and Lachmi is less worth than Sir Mohan himself.

Even though they are separated in the train, and they sleep in different bedrooms, they are still married. Lachmi is despite as a typical Indian woman, how impress the Indian culture and enjoys the food and she even dresses as an Indian women. A possible reason why his view of Lachmi and other Indians are so hateful and negative could be that they are in his way and he does not think he is one of them.

When sir Mohan meets the English soldiers, he is very polite. Sir Mohan has thought of ways to start a conversation with other Englishmen, but it would never occur to him to start a conversation with an Indian stranger.

It is clear that Mr. Mohan is disappointed about the situation. He feels powerless, and maybe a little humiliated. He loses his otherwise so great fascination for England.

The story takes place in India, but is referred constantly to English society as the target for the Indian community. The author has chosen to write a long piece of just about Sir Mohan Lal wife, Lachmi. In this story Lachmi represent Indian culture and create a contrast to Sir Mohan Lal so it shows clear how much different he is from other Indians. What happens on the train changes everything for Mohan, the soldiers treat him as being a worthless Indian, and he gets kicked out of the train..

He is treated as worthless and kicked out of the train by two British soldiers. Englishmen, whom he admired and looked like his straight men, had turned his back on him.

His world turns around and he refused. Not only the British but also of his wife, leaving the train. Sir Mohan Lal has rejected his Indian culture and instead tried to be something he was not. And when he is rejected, the Indian culture rejects him. Karma is a Buddhist term used to explain how actions will affect your life after you have been reborn. And when Sir Mohan Lal rejected by the two British soldiers, he wants to start his life over again.

But the new life will be influenced by his past actions in the way that he may never get to see his wife again, and Indians from the place where he lives, will reject his attempt to make things right again.

And it may end with Sir Mohan Lal has gone from a fine Englishman to a person, the lowest in society do not even want to pay the least attention to. This essay was submitted to us by a student in order to help you with your studies. If you use part of this page in your own work, you need to provide a citation, as follows:.

But his good behavior have no effect on the soldier, they treat him as being dirt. About this essay: This essay was submitted to us by a student in order to help you with your studies.


Essay: ‘Karma’ by Khushwant Singh

In Karma by Khushwant Singh we have the theme of self-importance, heritage, control, insecurity, shame, identity and acceptance. Narrated in the third person by an unnamed narrator the reader realises after reading the story that Singh may be exploring the theme of self-importance. Sir Mohan Lal considers himself to be better than others. Particularly other Indians.


Karma (short story)

It was originally published in in Singh's The Collected Stories. Karma is about an Indian " Gentleman " who tries to adopt upper class English culture and lifestyle such as speaking the " Queen's English ", and about his relation with his wife etc. It is the story of an arrogant person who feels bad about his country's culture, lifestyle etc. He is condescending to his wife because she is an ordinary woman unable to appreciate his aristocratic English culture. Others are: Imitation of foreign culture Unhappy married life Contrast of culture and life-style Aristocracy and patriotism.

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