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Main article: Helena Petrovna Blavatsky. Great minds of the world are born at all times. They are destined to become the mediators of the evolutionary powers. Some of them go unnoticed, others become hubs of global change. Helena Petrovna Blavatsky is one of such great people. Her life and work help us broaden our consciousness, understand the world around us in new terms. She worked for the future of every man for the new age, the dawn of which illuminated the progressive minds of the 19 th century.

Helena Petrovna faced her birthday 60 times, including the day of birth itself. It was 96 days until the 61 st one. She took her first breath in August 12, July 31 according to the Julian calendar, which Russia used at that time , in Yekaterinoslav city now it is Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine. She took her last breath in May 8 th , in London. On the day when a person passes away, his or her mission on Earth has been completed.

All the seeds were sown and it is for future generations to see which seeds will produce, and which will not. The passing away of H. Blavatsky was not final: her activity and energy have ignited many spiritual organizations and movements throughout the world. We feel that she is still with us today. We remember a person because his or her ideas and deeds spark new generations. Blavatsky still inspires seekers for the truth: her numerous writings guide readers into the spiritual world.

Her devotion to the Masters, her efforts to bring their teachings to the world, her service for mankind have made great changes in our minds. She inspires our thoughts and lights up our hearts.

Death and birth are the points where worlds share their experience in an everlasting cycle. Every death is an impulse for birth. Every birth attracts our attention toward life and existence, to something obvious for us, to something we can feel and analyse, to something we accept as real.

These two important days of HPB's life turn our attention to the fact that her ideas and thoughts have spread widely through the world, that they are still alive.

Her works are under constant study on every continent, they have been translated into many languages, they are constantly reprinted in new editions, and this process, once started, never stops. There are other organizations which were inspired by H. Blavatsky on educational and enlightenment work, on exploring the hidden powers of nature and humanity, on strengthening the brotherly relationship between people and all living beings.

The entire 'New Age' movement is sometimes attributed to Madame Blavatsky. A short report below on some countries reflects HPB's influence on the modern world. It does not contain the final information. New data continues to develop.

In Argentina H. Her works are very popular - the most requested are:. Original teachings of Blavatsky and "The Mahatma Letters" are the main source of their spiritual activities. The Belgians read H. Blavatsky in English, Dutch and French. In Brussels, Belgium, there was a Lodge called "Branche Blavatsky" for one hundred years, but it did not continue after All these books are available to anyone who wants to buy them from the Brazilian Theosophical Publishing House.

Theosophists in Chile read H. Blavatsky books mostly in Spanish. Currently the following works are translated:. Blavatsky and her works are the cornerstones of Theosophical study in England.

The distinguishing factor in the Blavatsky Lodge was that Madame Blavatsky herself was present at the Lodge every Thursday. The Lodge still meets on Thursdays at HQ. Blavatsky spent a considerable amount of time in and around London and at the TS in England, and passed away there.

This, and the importance of her works, may account for why she is more celebrated there than the other two founders of the TS. All major works of H. Blavatsky have been translated into German even longer time ago.

This is especially:. All her books one can buy in German section of Amazon www. The German Section of the TS dates to In the first half of the 20th century, many German esoterics and occultists took over ideas from Blavatsky without mentioning her. The most popular of them was Rudolf Steiner, the founder of the so-called "Anthroposophie". After having been forbidden in the "Third Reich", the work of the TS started up immediately in and the following years.

There she worked on the first part of The Secret Doctrine. There are several works by H. Blavatsky which are translated into the Hellenic language. They are:. The most of H. There is the international headquarter of the Theosophical Society in Adyar, Chennai former Madras until of which H.

Blavatsky was the co-founder. The Theosophical Publishing House publishes H. Blavatsky works constantly. Italian theosophists are much obliged to H. Her biography is also present on the website. As for H. Blavatsky works in their native language. Books by H. Blvatsky vision of theosophical movement. Soon after revolution of the theosophy in Russia was forbidden as well as many other mystical and religious organizations.

One year prior to this event in May, the first officially opened action devoted to return of name and heritage of H. Blavatsky to Russia took place. Opening of an exhibition was shown on the central channel of television. In , the th anniversary of H. This fact made obvious that there was a great interest to the works of the world-known compatriot among the citizens, despite a ban. Since then different works by H.

Blavatsky are published every year to satisfy constant interest of readers. Nowadays all her books, most articles and majority of letters have been translated and published, most of them several times and in different translations. The major publications are:. There are more than dozen H. Blavatsky's biographies were translated into Russian and published. The biographies by V.

Zhelihovskaya and H. Pisareva were written in Russian originally, they published as well. The modern authors made their contribution also:. Except literature Elena Petrovna's name became constant to sound at various conferences not only theosophical.

There are also works devoted to H. Blavatsky in poetry and fine arts. There are several communities in every large Russian-speaking social network in Internet devoted to H. There are some resources:. Numerous groups of researchers continue work on studying H. Blavatsky's heritage. They make an effort to restore the interest to her works in Russia and show the meaning of HPB activity in true light. The following are some of them, which currently continue their activity in chronological order of their appearance :.

There are some H. All Ukrainian theosophists study H. Blavatsky's works. Being born on the south of modern Ukraine in Dnepropetrovsk city former Ekaterinoslav Helena Petrovna is deeply esteemed by the compatriots for her broad enlightenment work which she conducted worldwide.

The house where she has born is under government protection and has a status of museum.


La Voz del Silencio



Helena Petrovna Blavatsky



ISBN 13: 9789685566858



H.P.Blavatsky's heritage in the modern world


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