Seul le spectre de puissance acoustique et la valeur Lw, sont contractuels. Tous les prix sont des prix publics Commercial and industrial unit coolers, condensers, fluid coolers, condensing units, split systems, compressor racks, encased outdoor units To help with all your choices and calculations, we propose our Heatcraft products software.

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For friendly service and advice visit your local Heatcraft Branch or call 13 23 50 www. Contact Heatcraft for further information. Refer to product support documentation. All hermetic compressors are offered as service packs and include feet mounting kit,electrical components and rotalock service valve where nominated.

Note - Rating Conditions: 50 oC Condensing, To establish capacities at design conditions, the following factors may be used:. Refer to following table for part numbers. Refrigeration Scroll Compr. Model s ZR49, 61, 72, 81K3E. Please refer catalogue for detailed performance charts. Refer detailed drawings for dimensions.

Models for single compressor applictions only. For manifold applications please contact Danfoss. Use M. TraxOil Control. For other rating conditions and for information on how this product can be configured on a parallel system please contact your Heatcraft Technical Specialist. Capacity Control Kit inc v coil and gasket Replacement v solenoid coil Replacement solenoid valve.

Start Unload Kits and Head Cooling Fan Kits Are Available On Request For other rating conditions, applications and for information on how this product can be configured on a parallel system please contact your local Heatcraft representative.

For friendly service and www. Values for comparison purposes only. TraxOil control. For other rating conditions, applications and for information on how this product can be configured on a parallel system please contact your local Heatcraft representative.

The RC2 model has a wide operating envelope, designed to cover low, medium and high temperature applications using Ra and other refrigerants. With very few moving parts, the Hanbell Screw Compressor offers excellent reliability and is quieter than other alternatives. A highly efficient motor allows optimum output, no matter what running capacity the compressor is set at. This results in a high displacement of refrigerant, energy efficiency and lower running costs.

Hanbell uses long life bearings for higher levels of reliability. Heatcraft can configure a locally manufactured Screw Set to your requirements complete with switchboard, control and pre-wiring.

VI Volume Ratio standard variations available are 2. All RC2 screws can be inverter driven to 65 Hz and special models are available. The compressor is fitted with a sight glass. The discharge service valve is fitted to the cylinder head improving low temperature R22 performance. The use of scroll and Digital modulation technologies in these hybrid systems helps customers and end users to offset the additional capital costs related to Ra and R compared to standard HFCs.

Features and Benefits. For other rating conditions and for information on how the Copeland range of R CO2 Subcritical and Transcritical Compressors can be configured on a parallel system. Please contact your local Heatcraft representative. Dorin offers on the market R CO2 compressors ideal for subcritical cascade applications combined with high efficiency Dorin Ra compressors.

CDS-B Series compressors offer high levels of resistance to static loads, providing extreme resilience to the system and overcomming any presence of refrigerant charge during prolonged stand still periods and short load cycles. CDS-B models are designed to capture greater compactness, efficiency and optimization of the compressors. For other rating conditions and for information on how the Dorin range of R CO2 Subcritical and Transcritical Compressors can be configured on a parallel system.

With improved performance due to the inclusion of large condensers, the Kirby Nullarbor range delivers high output and efficiency. Not available on other models. Depth Width Height Ideal for coolrooms and food service, the Commander Blue builds on the reputable Aussie Blue Unit that served these industries for over 20 years. Standard fitment on other models. Ideal for coolrooms and food service, the Commander Blue builds on the reputable Aussie Blue unit that served these industries for over 20 years.

External rotor fan motors and Dorin compressors set the standard for smooth quiet operation across a wide application range. Ultimate reliability comes standard when you combine Kirby and Dorin - trusted to handle the extremes of our climate.

For other refrigerants please contact your Heatcraft Representative. For comparison purposes only. Extended capacity envelope for low temperature applications. Suction accumulator to be installed externally of unit. The Dixell XC Controller is included for ultimate controllability. The Polar Pack is no exception. Pre-wired for convenient installation, the Titan thrives in harsh ambient conditions and under heavy loads. RF available on select models.

Please contact you Heatcraft representative for capacity information for these refrigerants. The VSD option ensures excellent load matching to the conditions and stable storage temperatures with less start and stop cycles of the compressor. It offers the benefits of quick installation turnaround and energy efficiencies are gained from advanced technologies within the compressor and air cooled condenser.

Designed as a smart solution for convenience stores, liquor stores, cold storage applications, control environment preparation rooms and also for the non-food industry, the Kirby Centurion showcases Heatcraft local know how in providing efficient, environmentally friendly and reliable cooling solutions for the Australasian market place.

All Kirby Drop-In units include a Dixell control installed as standard on all models, plus the medium temperature application units come with an extended cable for remote mounting of the digital thermostat.

Electronic controls on all units - Larger models have additional cable to mount the control at the door. The compact design is ideal for installations where space may be a problem.

They are supplied fully featured and offer contractors and end users great value through high performance, low maintenance and ease of installation. Refrigerant options range from R CO2 to HFC variants with leading innovation to support new generation refrigerants. Manitowoc hascombined intuition and innovation for the perfect ice machine.

State-of-the-art diagnostics provide constant and reliable monitoring of refrigeration systems. In turn, that information is used to improve energy management, set proper ice production levels, streamline cleaning processes, ease food safety concerns, maintain ice quality, and quickly display up-to-date service information.

The Little Guys Suited to on-the-spot installations at coffee shops, stadium boxes, refreshment break areas, or wherever limited ice needs require equipment with a small footprint. Our Regular Machines Ideal for restaurants, hotels, motels, and a wide variety of commercial applications.

The most popular size for mounting on storage bins, or floor-standing dispensers. The Big Guys It forms completely around the contact item and cools quickly. Ice Bins Internal scoop holder stays above ice line, promoting easy access and better sanitation.

Bin door holds open while in use via a patented hinge pin design. BIN A Approximate ice-making capacity based on air cooled condensing unit. The requirements and features of each market are the principles on which Brema have developed their range of products. By studying the ice properties Brema developed different forms to satisfy the demands and needs of each sector. The machines are used in the retail, transport, food preservation, fish, bakery, dairy, chemical, pharmaceutical, medical, sports, wellness, industrial and construction sectors.

With low noise levels, the Kirby Cabinet Coolers are efficient as well as inconspicuous. CAPACITY — Performance calculations are intended as a guide only and actual capacity is subject to specific application conditions and the operating environment.

Sturdy casing made of sheet metal, with a low depth enabling optimum use of space in the cold room. Unit coolers specifically designed for performance in display cool-rooms for maximum retail space. The casing is fitted with hinges offering easy access to all elements of the ceiling unit cooler coil, fan, defrost heater, connections.

The electric heating elements are fitted in slots under the coil offering unimpeded front access which considerably simplifies maintenance. This low frost innovation uses a unique fin pattern to minimise latent load and maximise sensible load. Enhanced fin configuration means less moisture removal and vastly improved run times before ice formation. By increasing the ratio of fin surface to tube surface, the Kirby Series Evaporator maintains airflow as ice builds up and the coil is able to hold ice for longer.

The result is stable room conditions, longer time between defrosts and greater energy efficiency. When simulated over a 24 hour operation period this equals an approximated;. Optimal fin design and spacing has been incorporated to minimise frost build up. Performance of these evaporators exceeds traditional designs. Speed Cap. Watt 6KTD.

Designed specifically for commercial and semi-industrial applications the Kirby Glycol range delivers ease of installation, quality and ultimate reliability. Each evaporator coil has been designed to take full advantage of the benefits of CO2 and oil circulation within the system has been improved.


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