Look Who's Back German : Er ist wieder da , lit. The novel was adapted into a German movie of the same name , which was released in In , Adolf Hitler wakes up in a vacant lot in Berlin which appears to be the location of the garden outside the bunker where he was burned, with no knowledge of anything that happened following his death in Although everyone recognizes him, nobody believes that he is Hitler; instead, they think he is either a comedian or a method actor. He appears on a variety television show called Whoa, dude! Videos of his angry rants become hugely successful on YouTube , and he achieves modern celebrity status as a performer.

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Berlin, Summer Adolf Hitler wakes up on a patch of open ground, alive and well. Things have changed - no Eva Braun, no Nazi party, no war. Hitler barely recognises his beloved Fatherland, filled with immigrants and run by a woman. People certainly recognise him, albeit as a flawless impersonator who refuses to break character. The unthinkable, the inevitable happens, and the ranting Hitler goes viral, becomes a YouTube star, gets his own T. Look Who's Back stunned and then thrilled 1.

Naive yet insightful, repellent yet strangely sympathetic, the revived Hitler unquestionably has a spring in his step. And Europe has closed its borders. The refugees have no future, no hope, and no money to pay the vast sums now demanded by people smugglers. The only thing they have is time. When model and star presenter Nadeche Hackenbusch comes to film at the largest of the camps, one young refugee sees a unique opportunity: to organise a march to Europe, in full view of the media.

Viewers are gripped as the vast convoy moves closer, but the far right in Germany is regrouping and the government is at a loss. Which country will halt the refugees in their tracks? A devastating, close-to-the-knuckle satire about the haves and have-nots in our divided world by one of Europe's finest and most perceptive writers.

As pessoas, claro, o reconhecem — como um imitador talentoso que se recusa a sair do personagem. Account Options Sign in. Timur Vermes Timur Vermes is a German writer. Previously a ghostwriter, his first novel Er ist wieder da, which has sold over a million copies in Germany, is a satire about Adolf Hitler and 21st century Germany. See more. Look Who's Back.

Timur Vermes. Translated from German by Jamie Bulloch. Translated from the German by Jamie Bulloch. Er ist wieder da: Der Roman. Sommer Dieser Hitler ist keine Witzfigur, sondern erschreckend real.

Eine Persiflage? Eine Satire? Ha vuelto. Es el verano de Reyes Monforte. Und desto dringlicher stellen sich ihm und den Deutschen zwei Fragen: Was kann man tun? Timur Vermes' neuer Roman ist eine Gesellschaftssatire, aktuell, radikal, beklemmend und komisch zugleich. Berlim, Adolf Hitler acorda num terreno baldio. O uniforme tresanda a querosene.

Em vez disso, descobre ruas limpas e organizadas, povoadas de turcos, milhares de turcos. E gente com aparelhos estranhos colados ao ouvido. Hitler ganha nova vida. Die Hungrigen und die Satten: Roman. Los hambrientos y los saciados.


Timur Vermes




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