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A course which deals with financial and business practices as they relate to the engineering profession; a study of the two aspects of engineering; study and application of the engineering process, the principle of simple and compound interest and their application in the study of annuities, amortization, sinking funds, properties, discounts, capitalization and valuation; analysis of alternatives in capital investment; and principles of accounting as it applies to engineering economy.

Demonstrate proficiency in the theoretical foundation of engineering economy. Apply the concepts and principles of engineering economy in solving financial and business-related problems. Evaluate and identify the varied applications and significance of engineering economy. Apply the use of innovative techniques in dealing with more complex engineering problems. Develop critical thinking and logical reasoning.

Acquire desirable habits and attitudes in learning the course. Develop the values of accuracy, neatness and of being systematic. Imbibe the values of honesty, orderliness, patience and persistence in ones work in order to carry on such desirable traits in the practice of ones profession.

Users should verify latest revision. Orientation 1. Setting of house rules. Discussion of the College Mission, Vision and Objectives. Course Requirements 4. Grading System II. Introduction III. Interest and Money-Time Relationship 1. Ordinary and Exact Simple Interest 2. Accumulation and Discounting 3. Compound Interest Specific Objectives At the end of the session, the students should be able to: Assess and value their participation in creating the house rules.

Abide by the house rules set by the class. Identify and describe the course requirements and grading system. Define and state the importance of engineering economy. Discuss the basic concepts and principles of engineering economy. Differentiate ordinary and exact simple interests.

Define accumulation, discounting and Brainstorming Observation of class discipline and their compliance to the House Rules Strategies Evaluation Tools. Explain the relationship and significance of the rate of interest in the Compound Interest.

Use the appropriate mathematical operation in solving interest problems and money-time relationship. Annuities 1. Ordinary Annuity 2. Deferred Annuity 3. Annuity Due 4. Perpetuity Discuss the principles of the different annuities. Explain the formula in calculating ordinary and deferred annuities. Identify the steps in solving for the annuity due and perpetuity. Analyze and solve problems involving annuities. Explain the basic concepts and principles of depreciation.

Enumerate the importance and application of depreciation. Measure the worth of investments. Analyze and solve problems involving depreciation. Explain the significance of income taxes. Explain the mechanism or mathematical operations in performing comparison of alternatives. Identify the parameters in selecting the best solution. Analyze and compare alternatives. Discuss the cost concepts. Recognize the importance of making economic analysis or studies.

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Pearle Zia Parcon. Parinaz Bharucha. Popular in Science. Mohak Ruparel. Anonymous yfzW2cNL. Paula Pieprzyca. Muzammil Khan. Occupational Health and Safety: a personal approach. Amila Lasantha.


đź“šEngineering Economy by Matias Arreola



MELJUN CORTES Engr08 Engineering Economy Rev 01



Engineering economic analysis




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