E-H make some kick-ass pedals - most of which are analogue and owe much to their powers of distortion. This one, however, is as clean as a whistle and has a pile of digitalia within, all bent to the task of creating a dedicated looping machine. Not a delay machine that also loops, you'll notice - just a looper. A looper with so much memory Flash Card permitting that you could record a whole song's worth of multi-track on it in CD quality stereo sound. In creating this beast, a significant evolution from the recently re-released 16 Second Delay originally from , E-H have solved a lot of the inherent niggles that looping delays always had, and also created a groovy sound mangler, from which some very strange and wonderful sounds can be extruded.

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All of your files can also be easily transported to your computer as a. WAV file. Plenty of memory, loads of opportunity to play around with your recordings, and also a great song-writing companion.

The Electro-Harmonix is the older version of the Electro-Harmonix There is also another fader used to set or alter the tempo of the recordings. You can choose between recording in mono or stereo, the difference being that entering stereo mode will halve the amount of separate tracks you can record. The plus side with this is that you can split your recording and adjust the individual levels and fades to personalize the stereo sound. The uses a Compact Flash Card for memory, and it comes with a 1GB card, which is good for 31 minutes of recording time.

The unit can take up to a 2GB card, which will give you 62 minutes. This is a feature which first off, gives you a 4-beat count in, then when it comes to the end of recording, stops you in correct time. So if you record something with it set at normal tempo, you can amp it up to super fast by pushing the slider up, and slow it way down by going the other way. This also changes the pitch in semitone increments up to one octave.

Also, you can mess around with it during recording to produce some wild effects, or gradually slow down or speed up the loop. The simply gives you a lot of tools to experiment with to create whatever type of music you want. The falls down when it comes to live use.

Without the pedal, the could be disastrous live. There are just a few gripes with the This seems simply irrational, because it is a limitation on the memory of the card for no good reason.

It could also do with a mute function for each loop, allowing you to bring in a new part more efficiently. Overall though, the does a great job. The main area it could fall down is with live use, but I think looping is like an iceberg, in that the majority of it is unseen. And if you happen to be one of those who pokes their head out of the water, you just have to buy the additional foot controller.

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The plus side with this is that you can split your recording and adjust the individual levels and fades to personalise the stereo sound. Optional Foot Controller. Check Amazon Price. Enter to win! Related Posts. Leave a Comment:. Best, A Did you find this review helpful? Feedback: 3 positive. Did you find this review helpful?


Electro-Harmonix 2880 Super Multi-Track Looper Review



Electro-Harmonix 2880 Looper



Electro-Harmonix 2880 Super Multi-Track Looper review




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