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Quick Links. PC v3. The entire. Table of Contents. The entire manual should be carefully read. Page 5: Section 1: Introduction S ec tion 1: In tro d uc t i o n 1. As Control Panel: a minimum, the following checklist should be used to Terminals AUX - 1. If the zone is shorted or open, it will be violated. Page Programmable Output Wiring 2. The terminal can sink a 33 to devices on the loop Page Applying Power Ac And Battery If the lithium battery stops working, return the circuit keypad trouble light will turn on.

If programmed, the board to DSC Ltd. Batteries may cause a fire when in keypad will also beep. For more information regarding contact with metal. If you need to dispose of the circuit AC options, see Section The PC is programmed via a menu system. Page Programming Hexadecimal Data 3.

Page Confirming Modules 4. Do not program other AML Ref [] then scroll to desired module devices as fire zones.

Each option is described later in this manual in the specified sections. Refer zone. If a keyswitch zone has been tampered or to the wiring diagram or Section 2. To program these toggle A partition keypad is a keypad that is assigned to a parti- options, enter reference number []. Bell If enabled, the fire or burg bell outputs and PGM outputs Ref : [] programmed to sound fire or burglary alarms will acti- When the Keypad Blanking toggle option is enabled, all vate when the [F], [A] or [P] key is pressed.

Pressing this key will cause the panel to activate the Quick Exit feature. This feature must be enabled in order 6. Do not pro- gram codes that can be easily guessed.

If the panel is unsuccessful after the Ref : [] number of programmed attempts, a Failure to Communi- cate FTC trouble will be generated. Valid entries are from Enter the number of days between test transmissions. Page 34 TLM and Alarm 14 This output will activate when any zone tamper alarm The output will activate when a telephone line trouble is occurs on the selected partitions. It will remain active present and an alarm occurs on any of the selected parti- until the partition is disarmed alarm silenced or the bell tions.

Page Output Pulse Times S e c t i o n 1 1 : P r o g r a m m a b l e O u t p u t s Fire Strobe 53 a the PGMs are enabled for all the same partitions The output will turn on steadily upon an alarm from a Fire type zone with the Audible zone attribute enabled.

Page Section Communications Programming Section Communications Programming All options concerning communications can be programmed in the following sections, including telephone numbers, report- ing codes, account numbers, communicator toggle options and miscellaneous communicator options. By default, the Comm Enabled toggle option is on to enable communications.

To disable communications, enter reference number []. Page Dialer Direction panel will send the reporting code to the third num- 2225o.

Dialer options are programmed individually for ber. If the panel detects one or two rings Downloading Telephone Number on the first call and then is called again within a pro- Ref : [] Openings to automatically disarm any partition s selected by and closings can be suppressed during high traffic times, the arming and disarming schedule. Finally, toggle the Auto Arm or Auto Disarm toggle option, depending on which function the panel Ref : [] should perform. Squawk option is turned on, when the sys The If the SIA 1 Account option is selected, the panel will first digit in parentheses will automatically be sent by send the system account code along with its data trans- the control.

Reporting Code Code Sent When Page 51 UL Listed Commercial and Residential Installations Control of the Protected Premises In order to have a UL Certificated system the protected area is to be The installation requirements listed below must be met for the fol- under the responsibility of one ownership and management i. Print page 1 Print document 52 pages. Cancel Delete. Sign In OR. Don't have an account?

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DSC MAXSYS PC4020 Installation Manual



Technical Library



DSC PC4020 - V3.3 Manual




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