The Lancet ; I: Olanow CW, et al. Mov Disord ; 19 9 : Nat Clin Pract Neurol ; 2 7 : Obeso JA, et al. Neurology ; SS

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It is strategically located between the old center of the city, which is easily accessible, and the business area. Maastricht is one of the oldest cities in the Netherlands with well-preserved cultural heritage, and Maastricht University, being the most international University of the Netherlands, has a tradition in Clinical and Experimental Functional and Stereotactic Neurosurgery.

We are motivated to put together a scientifically appealing program and hope to create an active platform to exchange and discuss the latest research results and concepts in the fields of movement disorders, psychiatric disorders, pain, epilepsy, radiosurgery, neuronavigation and intraoperative monitoring.

The most recent developments in different surgical technologies varying from closed-loop deep brain stimulation to gene- and cell-based therapies and relevant diagnostic methods will be highlighted.

Particular emphasis will be put on the translational nature of the scientific program which will be combined by authoritative lectures from clinician- and basic-scientists. We look forward hosting you in Maastricht. Yasin Temel Chair, organizing committee. Solicite una consulta online Dudas sobre la consulta online Coste de la consulta online.

Sobre el Dr. Chairs: J. Krauss, Y. Bosch, Y. Neuroscience and the ethics of promising. Abdelhamid Benazzouz, Bordeaux Chairs: A. Benazzouz, H. Ciska Heida, Enschede. Chairs: F. Alesch, J. J Asha, H. Krovvidi, J. Kausar, C. Shirley, H. Pall, R.

D Mitchell Birmingham, UnitedKingdom. Chairs: K. Regis Oral presentations 26 Radiosurgery for large arteriovenous malformations. Highlight from a case series of 86 patients. Bloch, L. Bot, MD, L. Bour, PhD, R. Lehtimaki, A. Savas Oral presentations Delta oscillations in the bed nucleus of the stria terminalis correlate with compulsion in a rat model of obsessive-compulsive disorder. Sokal, I. Valalik Oral presentations 46 Deep brain stimulation of the centromedian thalamic nucleus: a single blind trial.

Cheserem, I. Schuurman, A. Regis, B. Jean Regis, Marseille Chairs: Y. Temel, C. Bas Bloem, Nijmegen Onno Teernstra, Maastricht. Chairs: S. Blond, O. Teernstra Oral presentations Tibial neurotomy for lower limb spasticity in cerebral palsy.

Nobuhiko Takeda , Takaomi Taira Tokyo, Japan Efficacy, safety and complication profile of the Prometra programable pump in providing intrathecal baclofen therapy for intractable spasticity. Aristotelis V. Sakas Athens, Greece Infectious complications and treatment options in intrathecal baclofen delivery systems. Kalyvas, Damianos E. Chairs: L. Ackermans, V. Bot, MD, R.

Treatment without removal. Ciurea, O. Juan A. Alessandro Dario, Jacopo Poli, Angelo Rusconi, Lidia Bifone Varese, Italy Flash Oral presentations Seizure and neuropsychological outcome after stereotactic amygdalohippocampectomy for mesial temporal lobe epilepsy. Krauss, P. Veerle Visser-Vandewalle, Cologne. Chairs: I. Panourias, G.

Beute Oral presentations 94 Cerebellar peduncle stimulation reduces symptoms of dystonia in patients with cerebral palsy treated due to spasticity. Susumu Sasada Okayama, Japan A functional assessment of essential tremor treated with bilateral or unilateral surgery. Vincent Odekerken, P. Franzini, B. Meyerson Oral presentations 31 Impact of deep brain stimulation on visceral pain in a model of rat.

Philippe De Vloo, Kris van Kuyck, Johannes van Loon, Bart Nuttin Leuven, Belgium Topography of pain and somatic sensations in the insula: a study of responses to direct electrical stimulation on children population.

Technical note. Vladimir Shabalov, Emil Isagulyan, Ekaterina Salova, Alexei Tomskiy Moscow, Russia Drug-enhanced spinal cord stimulation in neuropathic pain: long term follow up of a translational based pilot study.

Chairs: R. Liscak, A. Tharakeswari Selvakumar, Travis Tierney Boston, United States Flash Oral presentations Endothelial barrier dysfunction in temporal lobe epilepsy: preliminary results.

Marios Themistocleous, Christos Anagnostopoulos, Damianos Sakas Athens, Greece Nucleus accumbens deep brain stimulation as treatment option for binge eating disorder? Sakas, T. Goncalves-Ferreira, V.

Rick Schuurman, Amsterdam. Chairs: D. Sakas, J. Jay Shils, New York. Schuurman, V. Eljamel, J. Bergfeld, M. Mantione, P. Schuurman, D. Interpreting outcome data for the stereotactic subcaudate tractotomy SST. Mahesparan, M.

Galanda Oral presentations Successful pallidotomy using remote microelectrode mapping. Are we stimulating a unique structure? Krauss Mannheim — Stuttgart — Hannover, Germany Krauss, T. Marwan Hariz, London Experience in three years using 3 mm length active tip lead and high frequency constant current stimulation. Fusako Yokochi, Makoto Taniguchi, Ryouichi Okiyama, Takashi Kawasaki, Kouichi Hamada Tokyo, Japan 69 Cerebrospinal fluid content of neurostimulator pocket — complication of deep brain stimulation in movement disorders — a case report.

Mondani,Christian Lettieri, S. Rinaldo, G. Devigili, M. Skrap, R. Takaomi Taira, Shiro Horisawa Tokyo, Japan Fingertapping 5 year postoperatively is performed in similar speed with DBS on without antiparkinsonian medication as before surgery in the L-dopa challenge test.

Daniela Falk, Jose W.


XXI Congreso de la Sociedad Europea de Cirugía Funcional y Estereotáxica – 2014



2006, Número 6



La aplicación de radiocirugía en casos de Parkinson conlleva una mejora en el 80% de los pacientes




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