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Quick Links. Table of Contents. User's Guide. Before Using Your Machine. Sending Faxes. Receiving Faxes. Settings and Activity Reports. Routine Maintenance. For further information about extending your Canon service and support, call , or visit our Web site at www.

Disclaimer Canon U. All statements, technical information and recommendations in this manual and in any guides or related documents are believed reliable, but the accuracy and completeness thereof are not guaranteed or warranted, and they are not intended to be, nor should they be understood to be, representation or warranties concerning the products described. Page 5 In addition, this guide uses brackets to identify the buttons you press when performing different functions: [Stop].

Note This guide contains information for four Canon models. Please note that the illustrations of the fax in this guide may differ from your model. Instructions for specific models are labelled with the fax names. Page 6: Safety Precautions Safety Precautions Please read the safety warnings and cautions provided in this manual to ensure that you use the machine safely. Do not attempt to use the machine in any way not described in this manual.

Warning This product emits low level magnetic flux. If you use a cardiac pacemaker and feel abnormalities, please move away from this product and consult your doctor. Page 7: Legal Limitations Choosing a location Do not install the machine in a location that is unstable or subject to excessive vibration.

Do not install the machine in locations that are very humid or dusty, in direct sunlight, outdoors, or close to a heating source. Note If preparatory operations are not yet finished, follow the Easy Setup Instructions to complete them. Page 11 Guidelines for Entering Numbers, Letters, and Symbols When you come to a step that requires you to enter a name or number, see the table below to determine which numeric button to press for the letter you want. In uppercase or lowercase mode, use [[] or []] to move the cursor under the incorrect letter.

Then press [Space]. To delete an entire entry: Press [Clear]. Continue entering other letters or numbers using the numeric buttons.

Thus, whenever you send a fax from this machine, the recipient receiving the fax knows who sent it, and when it was sent. Registration ends and the fax returns to standby mode. Setting Daylight Saving Time Summer Time Some countries adopt the daylight saving time summer time system that shifts the clock time forward or back at certain periods of the year.

TIME Use the numeric buttons to enter the time at which the summer time will take effect, Problem Documents To prevent document jams in the Document Tray, do not attempt to load the following types of documents into the fax Page Paper Requirements Paper Requirements Your fax supports A4-, letter-, and legal-size paper in portrait orientation.

You can use regular copier paper, cotton bond paper, or typical letterhead. Your fax does not require special ink jet paper. Always use paper without curls, folds, staples, or damaged edges. Look at the label on the package to see if the paper has a preferred side for printing.

Page 19 Squeeze, then slide the Paper Guide to the left. Insert the stack face up into the Multi- Purpose Tray 1 , and align the right edge of the stack with the right side of the Multi- Purpose Tray.

Then slide the Paper Guide 2 snugly against the left edge of the stack. Page Copying Copying Making Copies One of the convenient features of the fax is its ability to make high quality copies. You can make up to 99 copies of one document at a time. You cannot add pages while the fax is sending. Page Canceling Sending If a person answers, converse normally, then ask them to press the start button on their fax.

Note If you pressed [Hook] in step 2, you need to pick up the Handset when a person answers the phone. Page Automatic Dialing You can set the scanning resolution and the contrast see page Press the one-touch speed dialing button under which the number you wish to fax is registered.

Press a numeric button to enter the first letter of the name of the party you are searching for. This starts redialing regardless of whether automatic redialing is enabled. Automatic Redialing What is Automatic Redialing?

Sending Other Documents While the Fax is Set for Delayed Sending You can send, receive, and copy other documents even when the fax is set for sending at a preset time. To send or copy other documents after setting the fax for delayed sending, simply send or copy using any other sending procedure in this guide. You can send to a total of 70 locations as follows: One-touch speed dialing Coded speed dialing Regular dialing Numeric buttons dialing You can enter the one-touch speed dialing and coded speed dialing locations in any order.

Page Receiving Faxes Receiving Faxes Different ways to receive a document Your fax provides you with several modes for receiving documents.

To determine which mode best suits your requirements, see the table below. Page 32 Start your conversation. If the caller wants to send a document after talking to you, ask them to press the start button on their fax machine.

Press [Stop]. The sending party only needs to make sure the document is on a fax machine and ready to be sent. Thus, when your fax polls the other fax machine, the document is sent automatically.

Note To use this feature, you will need to subscribe for a Caller ID service. Press [ ] to delete all printed documents. If you want to keep the documents in memory, press [ ]. Each menu contains settings that control different functions of your fax.

Press [Menu]. Activity Reports Your fax keeps track of most of its sending and receiving operations. These operations can be printed out in the form of activity reports that can help you check the dates and times of fax transmissions and whether or not each transaction was successful. Page 44 You can set the fax to print an activity report only when an error occurs during transmitting. RX Reception Report Normally the fax does not print an activity report for receiving, but you can set the fax to print an activity report every time you receive a document.

Setting Automatic Printing When the ink is low, you can set the receiving fax either automatic printing or storing in memory. If you need to unplug the fax, wait until it returns to standby mode time and receive mode displayed on the LCD. Page 48 Releasing the function for detecting the remaining ink level is memorized.

Please be advised that Canon shall not be liable for any malfunction or trouble which may be caused by continuation of printing under the ink out condition. The fax prints the nozzle check pattern. Note Cleaning the print head consumes a small amount of ink. Note After cleaning, print the nozzle check pattern to check if cleaning corrected the problem see page Aligning the FINE Cartridge If ruled lines are printed misaligned or print results are otherwise unsatisfactory, adjust the print head position.

Note If it is difficult to pick the best pattern, pick the setting that produces the least noticeable vertical white streaks. A Less noticeable white streaks B More noticeable white streaks 3 When you have finished inputting all pattern numbers, the fax returns to standby mode.

Page Cleaning The Scanner Components Use a clean, soft, dry, lint-free cloth to remove any ink or paper debris from the interior of the fax, especially around the four pinch rollers A.

Dirt and dust particles that collect on the underside of the Printer Cover affect the quality of the documents you copy or send. Cleaning the paper feed roller will wear the roller, so perform this only when necessary. Inspect the discharged paper. If dust or dirt can be seen on the paper, repeat the cleaning process. Cleaning The Protrusions Inside The Machine If protrusions inside the machine are stained, wipe ink off the protrusions using a swab or something similar.

Note You do not need to unplug the fax when clearing document jams. Gently remove the jammed paper inside the fax. The fax returns to standby mode.

If the Power Disconnects Unexpectedly The date and time setting on your device will be kept. All documents stored in memory will be deleted. Page Faxing Problems You may have dialed or have been provided with an incorrect number.

Page Receiving Problems Action Check the fax by making a copy see page If the copy is clear, the problem may be in the receiving fax machine. If the copy is spotted or dirty, clean the scanner components see page Remove the document, stack it if necessary, and load it into the Document Tray correctly see page Some fax machines cannot send the CNG signal that tells your fax the incoming call is from a fax machine.

In such cases, you will have to receive the document manually see page The sending fax machine usually determines the quality of the document.

Call the sender and have them make sure their fax machine is functioning properly.


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Canon fax-jx200 User Manual


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