Manual zz. Your Bizfon will transform how your business communicates, making you more available, informative and responsive to your customers. About this Manual This manual provides information for setting up and using your Bizfon. You should keep this manual for future reference.

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Quick Links. Overview 1. Introduction 1. Installing Your System 2. Bizfon Customer Care 2. Voice Vault Card Option 2. Arranging for Telephone Company Services 3. Overview of Initial Bizfon Settings 4. Bizfon Extension Numbers 7. Emergency Use Setting up your System Introduction Incoming Call Handling Profiles Automated Attendant Greetings Call Routing Directly to a Specific Extension Changing the List of After Hours Extensions Operator Extension Group Ring Informational Messages Changing the Phone Type Music-on-Hold Table of Contents.

Telephone Bizfon Reference Manual Bizfon reference guide 1 page. You should keep this manual for future refer- ence. At some point in the future you may want to change settings or connect other office equipment to your Bizfon. Page 6: Installing Your System the telephone industry refers to these as series telephones.

You can also connect one or more fax machines to the yellow Telephone jacks labeled 1 through 8 on the Bizfon These features include adding extra voice mail capacity to your Bizfon, the use of Virtual Extensions, and the use of addi- tional Informational Messages. Each of these is described in detail in this booklet. Call to order a Voice Vault card. Page 8: Overview Of Initial Bizfon Settings If all lines in the hunt group are busy, the caller will hear a busy signal.

You must arrange for Caller ID service through your local telephone company. Page 9 Setting the System Clock. Other changes we'll make for you; just dial to reach a Customer Care agent. We'll consult with you to set up your Bizfon to meet your company's unique needs. Setting Up and Changing the System Password Page System Greetings 15 to control how the automated atten- dant works. You may want to change this to reflect your time zone or changes in Daylight Savings Time.

Page Bizfon Extension Numbers 4. Follow the prompts to select the General Setting you want to change. These exten- sions are used to connect physical telephones Section 1 Overview Page 12 Bizfon to a PA system. Page 13 The Voice Vault card allows you to set up voice mail accounts for extensions Without the card, these extensions are not accessible to the Bizfon To order a Voice Vault card, dial Feel free to call to request information or assistance.

Page Dialing Emergency Numbers Section 1 Overview Dialing Emergency Numbers Dial to get an outside line, then dial or the emergency number you are trying to reach.

Page 16 Section 1 Overview Bizfon, Inc. Incoming call handling refers to how calls are handled as they come in to the Bizfon This section provides information on The default After Hours mode is essentially the same, except that the After Hours greeting is played, then all extensions ring, then the call goes into the Operator mailbox. Please call to request special incoming call handling. The Bizfon automated attendant provides an immediate, automated greeting for callers to your business.

If using a non-BizTouch telephone, press to enter Settings. Dial extension , then enter the system password if one has been configured to access General Settings. Bizfon, Inc. After Hours Mode The Bizfon After Hours mode enables you to set up your system for operation after normal business hours.

Page 22 To change the After Hours greeting, do the following: 1. Dial extension to access General Settings. Press to change Automated Attendant greetings. Press to change the After Hours greet- ing. The current greeting is played and you are prompted to accept the greeting or change it.

If it is in After Hours mode, these steps will turn off the After Hours mode automated attendant. Press to select the Personal Settings for the Operator, and enter the Operator password followed by 4. Press to change forwarding settings. Page Group Ring 2. Enter the extension number, password. Follow the prompts. The Bizfon allows you to configure a group of extensions to ring, when a caller selects an extension.

For example, you may wish extensions through to all ring at once as a group, when a caller presses the Operator. Instead of forwarding to a single extension when prompted, forward to multiple exten- sions. Page Informational Messages 4. For a list of extensions, press 1. Callers can hear them by pressing Auto Attendant greeting. Each message pro- vides 30 seconds of recording time. Dial extension and enter the system password, if configured, to access Gen- eral Settings.

Press to select Auto Attendant Greet- ings. Use the same instructions to create them as you would for above.

When you set up a Bizfon extension initially, the extension is programmed differently for BizTouch series feature phones than it is for non-BizTouch telephones. For example, to Page 32 Settings. Press for Security Options. Press for Bizfon Customer Care per- missions. Your Bizfon provides you with Univer- sal Extensions. A Universal Extension is a three-digit number, starting at , that enables your clients and customers to reach When you set up a virtual extension, e.

Page 36 3. Enter the system password, if required, then press 4. Press to manage extensions. Press to set up a Virtual Extension. Virtual Extensions require the presence of an optional Voice Vault card.

To order one, dial Getting an Outside Line To dial an outside telephone number, dial first, followed by the number. If you have new messages, it lights up. When you pick up an extension, the Bizfon announces how many new messages you have in your mailbox. Pager Notification You can configure the Bizfon to page you when you have received a voice mail.

Page Personal Greetings For a two-second pause, press. When finished, please wait. This provides each per- son with an extension to offer callers a per- sonal greeting and suggestions on leaving


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