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Page Count: Introduction 1. Control Elements and Connectors 2. Digital Effects Processor 5. Rear Panel Connectors 5. Installation 6. U ser Manual. Congratulat ions! With the ad dition of the lates t digital. Thank you Important Safet y Instructions Legal Disclaimer Limited warranty Int roduc tion Cont rol Elem ents and Conne ctors Rear P anel Connectors T erminals marked with this symbol carry. Use only high-quality professional speaker cables with.

This symbol, wher ever it appears,. Please read the manual. No user serviceable par ts inside. Refer servicing to. The appara tus shall not be exposed to dripping. Read these instructions. Keep these instructions. Heed all warnings. Follo w all instructions. Do not use this apparatus near wat er. Clean only with dry cloth. Do not block any ventila tion openings. Install in. Do not install near any heat sourc es such as. Do not defeat the safety purpose of the polarized.

A polariz ed plug has t w o blades. A grounding-type plug. The wide. Prot ect the power cor d from being walk ed on or. Use only with the. When a car t. Unplug this apparatus during lightning st orms or. Ser vicing is r equired when the apparatus has been. T rident Chambers, Wickhams C ay , P. Box ,. For the applicable w arranty terms and conditions. Limited Warr ant y , please see complete details online at. In troduc tion. Even with e xtr eme gain. Unlike conventional circui try an.

SMPS provide s an optimum suppl y current re gardless of the inpu t. This ingenio us circuitr y let s you immediately reco gnize and. LEDs in the f requenc y band fade rs of the grap hic EQ to indicate the cr itical. Thi s wa y , w hat once used to be a labor-intensive s earch for fee dback. V oi ce Canceller. Ther efore, this mixi ng console is ideally suite d for use as a. This featu re is also an optimal so lution for singer s who need. Always be c arefu l to set the.

Bec ause micro phone cap sules are ver y delicate in their. This higher ,. Inter ference. Signals fed into t he mixer using a DI-b o x Direc t Injec tion o r the output of a. Frequency response correc tion. Using the equali z ers f ound in each channel s trip, you can simpl y , quickl y and. Individua l signals adjusted at each c hannel str ip are laid out at the aux. Then, the signals are brou ght back. T he mix for the on -stage music ians is also created usin g the aux.

Similarly , f or example, signals fo r recording equ ipment,. All other mix ing console fu nctions f all under this vi tal categor y. C reating a. At the end of. In or der to help you. Additional info rmation and. Y our m ixing console wa s carefu lly packed in the fac tor y to guarantee saf e. Never theles s, w e recommen d that you caref ully examine the.

Be sure tha t there is enough space ar ound the unit fo r cooling purpo ses and to. The conso le is connec t ed to the. The con sole meet s the require d safet y standard s. For your own. During installation and operation, th e user must hav e. T o arr ange for warr anty ser vice, please cont act.

Cor responding cont act inf ormation is inclu ded in the. Infor mation. Should your count ry not be lis ted, please cont act the dis tributor. A list of dist ributor s can be foun d in the suppor t area of our website. Regis tering your purcha se and equipment w ith us helps us pro cess your repair.

Thank you for yo ur cooperatio n! Control Eleme n ts and Connectors. This chapter d escribe s the various cont rol element s of your mixing conso le. Otherw ise potentially damaging thumps will be sent to. Plea se also note the in struc tions i n chapter 5.

Y ou can als o connec t. T hey are sour ced pre-fade r , pre -EQ and pre-au x send. Detailed information on using insert points can be found in chapter 5. Use the GAIN control to adjus t the input gain. This cont rol should always be. If that unit has an out put signal level display , it should show 0 dB.

Fine-t uning of a signal being fe d in is done using the level me ter. T o r oute the. This way you have. Additionally, the mono channe ls of the mixing cons oles have a high-slope.


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