Du kanske gillar. Spara som favorit. Skickas inom vardagar. Any chess enthusiast knows how important tactics is in the "royal game" and how crucial it is to make a.

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Please turn on javascript in your browser to play chess. Log In. Only Chess Forum. Public Forums Search Recommended. Fat Lady Only Chess 13 Nov '08 Fat Lady. Software has its place, but generally I prefer books. When I'm reading a chess book I've found that I can often find the games in question on chessgames. Originally posted by Fat Lady When I'm reading a chess book I've found that I can often find the games in question on chessgames.

I have the chess digest edition. It is rather small but pages thick. Labate says that he made the text larger. It is a pretty advanced text. There are pages and pages of complicated to move diagrams. Naturally, many of the positions are taken from actual games.

He starts with basic elements, and then the positions tend to get more and more complicated. Here is a random example The main theme is the Double Attack. The secondary theme is The Exchange Using the exchange to force a double attack. White To Play "The uncovered Black bishops prompted White to work up a double attack on them by means of an exchange. Rxd4 2. Rxd1 3. Qg5 "Black wants to protect one of the bishops with the queen. Bad was 3. Qxe4 because of the "fork" 4. Qf6 5. Qg6 6.

Qd7 Bxg2 7. Kxg2 Bxh4 8. Qxd3 9. Bxd3 "and White wins. The next chapter is devoted to the sacrifice as a means of forcing the double attack. There are many many more. I hope you enjoy it. Thanks for going to the trouble of entering the position and text. Here is the game from chessgames. Does the text in the book talk you through it? I have it - I have two copies. What you offering? Originally posted by greenpawn34 I have it - I have two copies. How about a drawing of a spider? Originally posted by Fat Lady How about a drawing of a spider?

A Chess book. Originally posted by Fat Lady Software has its place, but generally I prefer books. I just can't figure out all those little green squares or red ones, and then when I mess up a little small game appears for me to solve. It is supposed to relate to the problem I had in the full screen CT Art. But it just not help me at this point. I just don't get it. Can anyone point me to a manual or explanation of the way this works? Originally posted by grit I have CT Art and find it hard to figure out the way it tries to give you hints or help.

Try to create or threaten something similar in the original puzzle. I think it's nice. There, you pretty much have a similar standard of problem collection, and I think it's even better in terms of variety. CT-Art has way too much sacrifices -mainly of the queen- or captures. I have discovered I have developed after working more than a year with CT- Art a blindness to simple attacking moves without checks or captures, or quiet moves threatening something etc.

The complexity of the puzzles in chesstempo's problem set also seem more realistic to me, there are more open and complicated positions that you have to find your way through a lot of different options like in a real game, where in CT-Art, you usually find yourself just finding out the first move "it has to be a knight sac on h3", and try to make it work from there. I'm not saying it's easier or harder in either, but the puzzles definately feel "wider" in chesstempo.

Originally posted by greenpawn34 Tempting, but no. A couple of dozen copies were printed in anticipation of Nigel's victory over Kasparov!!!! I don't think we actually sold any so goodness knows where the rest are! Anyway, you can have that one. Reset password New user. Sign up or Connect to Play Chess.


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Chess Tactics for Advanced Players

JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. Author Yuri Averbakh. Chess Tactics for Advanced Players. Attributes Out of Production.


"Attack and Defence" Vs "Chess Tactics for Advanced Players"

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