Moreover, the finding of fever and lymphadenitis with intense local signs of inflammation and phlegmon is rarely seen as the initial manifestation of Kawasaki disease. We report the case of a 7-year-old boy who had cervical lymphadenitis with adjacent cellulitis and phlegmon mimicking bacterial adenitis as the first presentation of Kawasaki disease. The patient had fever, cervical lymphadenitis with adjacent cellulitis, and severe headache. Cefadroxil was prescribed based on the clinical diagnosis of bacterial adenitis. Because he remained febrile and phlogistic signs worsened, after 1 day of hospitalization, antibiotics were administrated intravenously ceftriaxone and oxacillin.

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The challenge of controlling foodborne diseases: bacteriophages as a new biotechnological tool. Correspondencia a :. Foodborne diseases are an increasing public health issue, in which bacterial pathogens have a transcendental role. Key words: Foodborne diseases, biocontrol, bacteriophages, public health. Figura 1. Figura 2. Por otra parte, dentro de las principales preocupaciones y desventajas del uso de fagos se describen:.

OmniLytics Inc. Tabla 1. Factores propios del alimento. En este contexto, Anany y cols. De esta manera, Guenther y cols. En un estudio posterior realizado por estos mismos autores para controlar L. Sharma y cols. Recientemente, Bigot y cols. En un estudio realizado por Modi y cols. Kim y cols. Goode y cols. Posteriormente, Higgins y cols. Pese a lo anterior, Whichard y cols. Guenther y cols. Leverentz y cols. Otra herramienta complementaria es el uso de cultivos protectores.

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Antistreptolysin O titer profile in acute rheumatic fever diagnosis. METHODS: we investigated 78 patients with ARF at onset and follow-up, 22 with isolated chorea at onset, 45 with recurrent oropharyngeal tonsillitis, and 23 with recent flare of juvenile idiopathic arthritis. Baseline levels were observed afterwards in patients under regular penicillin prophylaxis. Keywords: arthritis, rheumatic fever, antistreptolysin, chorea. Rev Bras Reumatol Supl ; S Rev Ass Med Brasil ; Kiss MHB.







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