Albedo Anthropomorphics , or Albedo for short, was a furry comic book anthology series which was credited with starting the furry comic book subgenre that featured sophisticated stories with funny animals primarily intended for an adult audience. The focus of the series is Erma Felna, a young feline officer who eventually plays a central role in the complex political conflicts that consume her universe. Gallacci was a technical illustrator for the United States Air Force and one feature of Albedo is well thought-out and illustrated vehicles. His experience also shows in the realistic treatment of military life and operations. The series was used as inspiration for the Albedo role-playing game , which has had three editions and multiple supplements.

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To create a series or add a work to it, go to a "work" page. The "Common Knowledge" section now includes a "Series" field. Enter the name of the series to add the book to it. Works can belong to more than one series. In some cases, as with Chronicles of Narnia , disagreements about order necessitate the creation of more than one series. Tip: If the series has an order, add a number or other descriptor in parenthesis after the series title eg.

By default, it sorts by the number, or alphabetically if there is no number. If you want to force a particular order, use the character to divide the number and the descriptor. So, " 0 prequel " sorts by 0 under the label "prequel. Series was designed to cover groups of books generally understood as such see Wikipedia: Book series. Like many concepts in the book world, "series" is a somewhat fluid and contested notion.

A good rule of thumb is that series have a conventional name and are intentional creations , on the part of the author or publisher. For now, avoid forcing the issue with mere "lists" of works possessing an arbitrary shared characteristic, such as relating to a particular place. Avoid series that cross authors, unless the authors were or became aware of the series identification eg. Also avoid publisher series, unless the publisher has a true monopoly over the "works" in question.

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Series: Albedo RPG

The landmark series of anthropomorphic science-fiction, ALBEDO combines a universe of gritty military action with the exotic mystery of geneticall-engineered life forms. What could have been the promise of infinite diversity in infinite combinations becomes a drama of intrigue, conspiracy, tragedy, and war that will span several generations. Players take on the roles of military captains and attaches, responsible not just for themselves but for the safety of their underlings. You won't be able to solve your problems all alone Featuring a unique system where you must push your character to extremes of physical exhaustion, social pressure, and personal resolve, ALBEDO brings all the drama of military fiction to your table. These PDF files are digitally watermarked to signify that you are the owner. A small message is added to the bottom of each page of the PDF containing your name and the order number of your purchase.


Albedo RPG

Albedo is a science fiction role-playing game revolving around a conflict between a multi-racial socialist confederation of worlds and a separatist race of militaristic, expansionist, capitalist bunnies. Yeah, bunnies. Did I mention it was furry? Yeah, totally furry. Except there is no yiff. Just political arguments and shooting each other.


Several years ago, shortly after the first edition of Albedo: the Role-Playing Game came out, I got my hands on a copy of it at a get- together of some of my friends and was immediately fascinated by its portrayal of a future society at risk not from without but from within. It was in fact that role-playing game that got me into the furry fandom; I bought my own copy shortly thereafter, managed to collect most of the comics published thus far, and was immediately hooked on Gallacci's art and story. However, the system as it stood had some serious flaws from my point of view, among them its lack of organization and its reliance on die-rolling to create characters. The work was slow and fraught with delays. It wasn't until the summer of , as I slaved away at college and found myself thoroughly bored with only minimal access to the Internet, that I decided to haul out my old notes on character statistics, riffle through the dog-eared game manuals, run many a number-crunch to determine the best way to convert the statistics, and actually finish my pipe dream. Even then, it took six months to write and repeatedly revise the text, with schoolwork taking up most of my time; part of that time was spent securing the necessary copyright permissions, from not one but three sources, and part of it was spent ensuring the project wouldn't be obsolete before it was finished by making it ready for the second edition before there was a second edition.


The hunt for out-of-print games worthy of a second look. Albedo 1st Edition Average Rating: 6. RPG Item Rank: Animal Anthropomorphic. Science Fiction.

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