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Passenger Agency Coonference resolutions Manual, 34th Passenger Agency Conference Resolutions Manual. This may include. Member, being a participant in one or other original general setting up costs of that BSP and to pay in. BSPs, may elect to stay out in respect of any area of the advance an annual participation fee plus surcharge set by. This may include amounts. Where a processing centre is operating under the set off at any time any debt or claim owing by an Airline to.

To: BSP. Box This Form of Concurrence is executed in two originals. ISS Manage-. The Joining Fee Airline also unconditionally undertakes that it will observe. Management in Geneva monthly in advance; Form of Concurrence shall enter into force with respect to. BSP Airline concerned as may be instructed by ii from the date of such filing, be entitled to retain.

This section applies to a STD which is not listed as Claims for reimbursement of losses through misuse of. Payment of amounts outstanding by Members shall be due on the Remittance Date of the 3. A Member 34TH EDITION, 1 JUNE Resolution not participating in the original geographic area of the BSP may elect to become a participant in either the original geographic area of the BSP or its extension, or in the entire extended BSP, by notifying ISS Management, in writing within 30 calendar days of the announcement of the extension; procedures, as well as those applicable to the suspension or removal of an Agent from the Agency List following review of violations and by the relevant attachments to this Resolution, as amended from time to time, as well as by such other Conference Resolutions as may from time to time be stipulated by the Conference, 6.

This may include amounts validation involve air transportation; due for BSP fees and charges applicable for its partici- pation in the BSP. Payment of amounts outstanding by 6. It shall take into account the extent of negative impact, on other BSP Airlines' costs, the terms of that BSP's con- tracts with suppliers and the likely effect of that particular carrier's withdrawal on other BSP Airlines' continuing participation in the BSP concerned. As a minimum, the BSP Airline shall be liable for their share of management and other established fees for the calendar year in which they serve notice of withdrawal; In the event of closure, ISS Management will normally give notice of at least IATA may also require the BSP Airline to provide a centrally held security deposit, or alternative security acceptable to IATA to be held centrally, and calculated so as to cover funds at risk for a minimum of one month.

The existence, but not the content, of such agreements will be advised to the BSP. When in accordance with paragraph All reporting and remittance conditions, including irregularity and default provisions, relevant to a market will apply to both the BSP Airlines and the Accredited Agents. Any financial securities in place with Accredited Agents shall, to the extent provided by the Passenger Sales Agency Rules, apply equally to the ticket sales issued on behalf of the Agents by the BSP Airline's web based application and reported to the BSP.

The Passenger Agency Conference may authorise a larger number, following a request from an area. LCAGP members and their designated alternates shall be elected biennially by all Participating Airlines in the market concerned, from nominations received from these Participating Airlines and sent to the local ISS Manager.

Ideally, LCAGP members should be suitably qualified representatives at a senior level, providing expertise in the different fields of the BSP activity. A quorum shall be a simple majority one half plus one of the membership. LCAGP will act in form of making recommendations. The level of support within the LCAGP for any recommendation, which requires at least a simple majority of the quorum, may be indicated.

Such liability may include, inter alia, shortfalls caused by under-remittance or non-remittance by Agents in cases where the Settlement Bank has credited the Airlines, in anticipation of full and timely remittance by the Agents.

In the event of a liability arising otherwise than by way of non-remittance or underremittance, the undersigned Airline undertakes to pay the amount of the obligation under this Agreement within 15 days of it being called upon to do so. Such cost of reimbursement shall be reapportioned as soon as it has been established for which Participating Airline s the respective remittance has been effected, in proportion to each of the undersigned Participating Airline's share in the respective remittance.

Box Geneva 15 Airport Switzerland 1. Name of Applicant BSP in which participation is sought Failing submission of the signed Form within three 3 months, the acceptance of the Application may be withdrawn with immediate effect.

In case of such withdrawal, the Airline agrees to pay and compensate the BSP, IATA or any of the BSP Participating Airlines for any expenses, damage, losses or any other prejudice incurred in connection with or arising from the Airline's application, temporary de facto participation or withdrawal of the Airline's acceptance in the BSP, or all of these.

For and on behalf of the Accepted for and on Airline behalf of International Air 1. The Airline has obtained all Signature Signature operating licenses or governmental authorisation required for such services or sales. Name Name 2. Title Title The Airline acknowledges that it has received copies of Date Date the following documents together with such explanation of their contents as it requires: Note: When submitting this Application the Airline is a Passenger Agency Conference Resolution Disrequested to attach a copy of its current timetable.

These extra Areas; charges take into account the fact that non- IATA carriers do not otherwise contribute to the overall 4. The Airline hereby undertakes and agrees to observe country may be amended from time to time upon and comply with the following terms and conditions: serving reasonable advance notice of such amend- a the Airline authorises ISS Management to enter into ment to the Airline. In the event deletions or amendments thereto, as though the ISS Management gives such notice, it shall at Airline were a Member of IATA and a party to the same time give three calendar months notice the Resolutions or the sections of Resolutions to the Data Processing Centre and the Bank of set out in those documents; withdrawal of the Airline from the Schedules of ii the Airline shall execute an Agreement with each those Agreements where applicable, IATA Accredited Agent subject to BSP country and appointed to act for the Airline, by virtue of provided that, in both cases, rights and liabilities incurred which Agreement such Agents shall agree inter before the date of termination shall survive termination.

ISS Manage- behalf; ment will mail one original to the Airline at the address c in consideration of the benefits of participation in BSP given above. By signing this Form of Concurrence, and thereby i the appropriate Joining Fee, being contribution undertaking to observe and comply with the terms and towards the setting-up and subsequent develop- conditions described in the foregoing paragraphs, the ment costs of BSP country.

The Joining Fee Airline also unconditionally undertakes that it will observe will be payable in its entirety upon the grant by and comply with these and other terms and conditions ISS Management of the Airline's Application; described in other documents, as they apply to other ii Central and Regional management fees set by BSPs that the Airline applies to participate in due course, ISS Management and billed and payable to ISS by submitting an application to ISS Management.

This Management in Geneva monthly in advance; Form of Concurrence shall enter into force with respect to iii Local management fees as a contribution such other BSPs on the dates that the Airline receives towards the management and other applicable written notification that ISS Management has granted the costs in BSP country calculated annually in Airline's application to participate in the respective BSPs.

Name Name Title Title 1. In all instances any sales incentives established by 3. This may, where appropriate, include the openordinary 4 b , 4 c and 4 d shall be remitted in the ing of a special account, for the collection of monies due fashion or as otherwise requested or agreed to the BSP Airline. All remaining balances will then be held at the disposition of the Administrator, Receiver, Liquidator, Monitor or Trustee, if any. The BSP Airline shall be given the opportunity to be heard. Such sales incentive shall be settled directly between the defaulting airline and the Travel Agents.

If part or full settlement of monies outstanding is obtained from the defaulting Agent, the monies received will be shared out among the issuing BSP Airlines concerned in proportion to their share of the outstanding amounts. Thereafter, if amounts are still outstanding, each such issuing BSP Airline will remain at liberty to initiate the usual debt recovery proceedings against the Agent. The following loss sharing formula is to be applied where losses are incurred through interline billing as the result of fraudulent use of a STD.

This section applies to a STD which is not listed as Claims for reimbursement of losses through misuse of described in Resolution , or which is listed as a STDs must be settled twice yearly. To Agent to use their ticketing authority. This loss-sharing formula is linked to Resolution , and is applicable only as described in this Section. Whereas the Passenger Agency Conference wishes to provide Agents with the operating rules and procedures relating to the BSP, and Whereas the Passenger Agency Conference wishes to provide updates to these in the most efficient manner, the Agency Administrator may, under the delegated authority of the Conference and in accordance with the following outline table of contents, update the contents of the BSP Manual for Agents with those changes adopted by the Passenger Agency Conference.

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airport handling manual 34th edition pdf

These standards cover the entire process chain of development, purchase, production and distribution of pharmaceutical materials. CEIV could also help also secure the position of the air transport sector as the transport mode of choice when transporting these commodities, since lately shippers have considered surface transport even for perishable and highly demanding cargoes. The professional experience and track record of these auditors is impeccable and so are their achievements. Who else has the resources, the expertise and the international standing to push initiatives and improvements ahead? ICAO - as well as other UN bodies such as the WHO - move in closed circles with most unable for one reason or another or extremely reluctant to interact with anyone but government representatives. National organizations are simply not able to roll out something the industry stakeholders within the air transport industry would be willing to adopt as a whole. Standards mean standardization, and standardization requires training, subsequent further standards for the exchange of data and construction of equipment and, maybe most important, seamless implementation and validation of what else, standards!


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