Introduction page 20 page 21 - Layout Diagram page 22 page 23 - Chapter 2. Install Intel Chipset Softwa Install Intel Application Ac Install Audio Driver page 74 page 75 - Appendix D. Install USB 2. Hardware Monitoring The Win

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Introduction page 18 page 19 - Layout Diagram page 20 page 21 - Chapter 2. Install Intel Chipset Softwa Install Intel Application Ac Install Audio Driver page 74 page 75 - Appendix D. Install USB 2. Hardware Monitoring The Win Installation Guide for Suspe Troubleshooting Need Assist Quick Links.

Download this manual. Table of Contents. Motherboard socket intel core 2 duo, pentium extreme editon, pentium d, pentium 4 pages. Motherboard socket intel core 2 duo intel pentium d intel pentium 4 intel celeron d intel celeron 40 pages. Is7 series intel pentium 4 system board socket pages. Page 2 No part of this manual may be reproduced, transmitted or transcribed without the expressed written permission of the manufacturer and authors of this manual.

If you do not properly set the motherboard settings, causing the motherboard to malfunction or fail, we cannot guarantee any responsibility. Page 4 Appendix G. G-1 Appendix H. H-1 Appendix I.

I-1 Appendix J. Troubleshooting Need Assistance? J-1 Appendix K. How to Get Technical Support K-1 IC7-G Page Chapter 1. Introduction Introduction Chapter 1. Introduction Specifications and information contained herein are subject to change without notice. Page Layout Diagram Introduction Page Chapter 2. Hardware Setup Hardware Setup Chapter 2.

Failing to do so may cause the motherboard components or add-on cards to malfunction or damaged. Page 24 DIMM module. Before starting these procedures, ensure that you are discharged of static electricity by touching a grounded metal object briefly. Connectors, Headers and Switches Here we will show you all of the connectors, headers and switches, and how to connect them.

Please read the entire section for necessary information before attempting to finish all the hardware installation inside the computer chassis. DO NOT place jumper caps on these connectors. Pin shorted: Enable wake-up function support at USB1 port. Watch the power LED pin position and orientation. This motherboard supports standard IR transfer rates.

Page System Management Bus Headers [Smb1] If more than one master simultaneously tries to control the bus, an arbitration procedure decides which master gets priority. Install the other end s of ribbon cable into the disk drive connector s. The colored edge of the ribbon cable should be also aligned with pin-1 of disk drive connector.

The endmost connector should be attached to the drive designated as Drive A. Each cable has pin conductor and three connectors, providing two hard drives connection with motherboard. Page Chapter 3. Page Softmenu Setup Chapter 3 Clock] and [Multiplier Factor]. The parameters will be shown on the screen automatically. Page 46 K for system with K or more memory size installed on the motherboard.

Extended Memory: This item displays the amount of extended memory detected during system boot-up. Total Memory: This item displays the total memory available in the system. If there is any attempt of writing to the boot sector or partition table of the hard disk drive, the BIOS will halt the system and an error message will appear.

Page 48 1. Leave this item to its default setting. A larger value will give more delay time to the device for which to initialize and to prepare for activation. The larger the range of the Cache RAM, the faster the video performance will be. This makes the memory from 15MB and up unavailable to the system.

Delay Prior to Thermal: This item selects the delay time before thermal activation. Do not use the wrong setting or you will have drive errors. If problem arises in using Ultra DMA devices, try disabling this item. USB 2. When set to [Enabled], the transmission will be slower.

This is recommended when transmission problem arise. Full-duplex mode permits simultaneous two-direction transmission.

Half-duplex mode permits transmission in one direction only at a time. If the specs of your keyboard are too old, it may fail to power on. Page Pc Health Status This item sets the temperature that would shutdown the system automatically in order to prevent system overheats. Page Appendix A. The installation procedures and screen shots in this section are based on Windows XP operating system.

Page Appendix B. For those of other OS, please follow its on-screen instruction. Page 70 Appendix B Click [Finish] to complete setup. It can read and write data in parallel to increase performance by two identical hard disks. The entire partition configuration will be deleted too. Page Appendix C. Install Audio Driver The installation procedures and screen shots in this section are based on Windows XP operating system.

Page Appendix D. Page Appendix E. Page 78 7. Choose [Yes, I want to restart my computer For more information on how to operate, please now. Check [Device Manager]. The correct metadata, including correct drive connection information, will then be written to the replacement disk. Page Appendix F. Install Usb 2. Page Appendix G. First, find out the model name and version number of this motherboard.

You can find a bar-code sticker typed with model name and version number on motherboard PCB. This allows you to flash your BIOS again without the need for technical support from the dealer. Page Appendix H. Page 86 Winbond hardware doctor on-line help. It should give you enough information to answer your questions.

This screen appears. If any reading is IC7-G Page Appendix I. The ACPI specification defines the S3 sleep state, in which all system context is lost except system memory. CPU, cache, and chip set context are lost in this state. Page 88 2. Click [Stand by].


Abit IC7-G Motherboard

Introduction page 18 page 19 - Layout Diagram page 20 page 21 - Chapter 2. Install Intel Chipset Softwa Install Intel Application Ac Install Audio Driver page 74 page 75 - Appendix D.


865PE/875P Motherboard Roundup June 2003 - Part 1: 20-way Shootout

Thus far, Abit has shied away from opulent bundles. Will gamers, enthusiasts, and workstation users find value in the IC7-G beyond its relatively barren bundle? The layout For a moment, Abit had a great thing going with the orange color scheme of its BH7 motherboard. The reddish-orange board color was bold, attractive, and surprisingly unique among a landscape of multicolored motherboards. Unfortunately, Abit has abandoned the reddish-orange dye for the IC7-G and gone with a rather hideous shade of brown. Dressing up a high-end Canterwood board in brown and turquoise is about as wrong as applying the same color scheme to a Porsche.


Abit IC7-G User Manual

Introduction Intel's fastest and greatest Canterwood chipset or better known as the P has become one of the less popular commodity, simply because its performance could easily be replicated by its cheaper sibling, the Intel PE. Although a lot of motherboard vendors could introduce a couple of cheats at the motherboard level to trick the PE to behave like the P, most of the time, these cheats do not yield exact PAT-like performance. In addition, not all PE boards have that kind of cheats in place as well, so let's not be taken in by any of their marketing claims. So, if you're looking for that ultimate board with the best in performance and speed, the P is truly the one you should be looking for. The PAT Performance Acceleration Technology feature built into the chipset helps reduce memory latencies which subsequently helps boost the speed of the system by a significant margin.


Abit’s IC7-G motherboard


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