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We think you have liked this presentation. If you wish to download it, please recommend it to your friends in any social system. Share buttons are a little bit lower.

Thank you! Published by Modified over 5 years ago. Ethical Guidelines for Computer Professionals Scenarios. Many professions have a code of ethics that professionals are expected to abide by Medical doctors Lawyers and judges Accountants. There are special aspects to making ethical decisions in a professional context Honesty is one of the most fundamental ethical values; however, many ethical problems are more subtle than the choice of being honest or dishonest Some ethical issues are controversial.

Computer Ethics Special Responsibilities Facing Computer Professionals and Users Maintaining relationships with and responsibilities toward customers, clients, coworkers, employees, and employers. Making critical decisions that have significant consequences for many people. Determining how to manage, select, or use computers in a professional setting. Q: Describe an ethical scenario for one of the categories, above. Guidelines and Professional Responsibilities cont. Keeping promises.

Doing your job well. Not stealing. Rules should apply to everyone. Use logic or reason to determine what is good. Treat people as an ends not a means. Consider the consequences for all affected people.

Respect the fundamental rights of others, including life, liberty, and property. Q: Describe an ethical scenario about use of a computer system and tell what rights the people involved have. The computer professional must consider trade-offs. Ethical theories help to identify important principles or guidelines. Q: What trade-offs might a computer professional need to consider? Negative rights liberties : the right to act without coercive interference. Positive rights claim-rights : imposing an obligation on some people to provide certain things.

Causing harm: some acts may cause harm to others but are not necessarily unethical. Q: Describe an ethical scenario involving a computer professional that illustrates one of the items above. Personal preference vs. Law vs. Identify who gets each benefit In cases where there is no simple yes or no decision, but rather one has to choose some action, list possible actions.

Methodology: Analysis phase Identify responsibilities of the decision maker Identify rights of stakeholders Consider the impact of the options on the stakeholders consequences, risks, benefits, harms, costs Categorize each potential action as ethically obligatory, prohibited, or acceptable When there are multiple options, select one, considering the ethical merits of each, courtesy to others, practicality, self-interest, personal preferences, etc.

You are part of the team designing the system. What are your ethical responsibilities? Have the class analyze the scenario using the brainstorming and analysis methodology. You find that some demographic data are missing from some forms, particularly race and age. What should your program do? What should you do?

You think the system has a flaw that could endanger people. The project manager does not seem concerned and expects to announce completion of the project soon.

Do you have an ethical obligation to do something? Someone asks you to get a copy of records about a particular person. The CyberStuff company plans to buy software to run a new collaborative content-sharing Web site. CyberStuff wants to hire you to evaluate bids from vendors. Your spouse works for NetWorkx and did most of the work in writing the bid that NetWorkx plans to submit. You read the bid while your spouse was working on it and you think it is excellent.

Firefighters will be able to communicate with each other, with supervisors near the scene, and with other emergency personnel.

The programmers will test the system in a field near the company office. You can monitor the company network from home, and you frequently work from home. Your niece, a college student, is visiting for a week. She asks to use your computer to check her. Sure, you say.

You are being a gracious host. What is the ethical problem? IST Information Ethics. Contents Click the link below to go directly to the slides for that chapter. Ethics and Privacy. Utilitarian approach: an ethical action is the one that provides the most good or does the least harm. Rights approach: ethical action. Business, Accounting and Personal Ethics. All Rights Reserved. Similar presentations. Upload Log in. My presentations Profile Feedback Log out. Log in.

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