Speaking of India Revised ed. And so long as East continues to partner with West, then cultural differences will continue to affect—and continue to undermine—smooth interpersonal relations and workplace productivity. In this revised and expanded edition of Speaking of India, Craig Storti distils the lessons of 25 years working with US companies Deloitte, FedEx, Microsoft and their Indian partners TATA, Infosys, Cognizant , describing common cultural flashpoints and offering practical suggestions for bridging the cultural gaps, minimizing misunderstanding, and maximizing the many benefits of East-West partnerships. Sometimes it feels like Craig Storti installed a hidden camera and microphone in the office of his clients and recorded their conference calls; the examples will seem like they happened to you yesterday, and his suggestions will make complete sense.

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Speaking of India remains one of the better guides out there for people in the business world interacting with India. Craig Storti has given us some great paradigms and concepts to help cultures work together better.

This book is quick to read and should be on your shelf if you regularly interact with India. I owe a lot of my understanding to his ability to clearly talk about the issues at place and some strategies for solving them. In general, most books that came out about this time did not grasp the complete nature of Indian business relationships and some of his thoughts can come off as patronizing.

Additionally, it assumes the only Indians in the business world are those who are working for you. Who would like it: Anyone who will be working with Indians, especially if you are new to India and Asia. If you are a seasoned Asian manager, you might find some of the concepts a bit elementary, but they can still be a good refresher.

While he does include some advice for Indians working with Westerners, I think his other books, such as Americans at Work, are a better read. Buy Speaking of India on Amazon. Email address:. Leave this field empty if you're human:. IndiasNotIndia He stresses the impact of the extended family and group orientation in how Indians work. He cites examples like learning your place in the pecking order and learning how to get along with others. Management Many Indian bosses will delegate responsibility, but not authority.

Storti has a good list of how your leadership style might frustrate Indians you lead. He gives some very practical tips on how to encourage initiative. His advice on virtual teams is also good, particularly how you can build trust. Related posts: Book Review: Culture Shock! Comments Craig also conducts fabulous seminars!

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Speaking of India: Bridging the Communication Gap Between India and the West

Westerners and Indians are working more closely together and in greater numbers than ever before. The opportunities are vast, and so is the cultural divide. Misunderstanding, misinterpretation, missed deadlines and frustration due to cultural differences raise havoc on success. Any Westerner conducting business with Indians, and any Indian trying to figure out the West, will recognize the challenge.


Book Review: Speaking of India

Westerners and Indians are working more closely together and in greater numbers than ever before. The opportunities are vast, but so is the cultural divide. Misunderstandings and frustration due to cultural differences wreak havoc on success. In this revised edition of Speaking of India , author and intercultural communications expert Craig Storti attempts to ease the frustration, and bring cultural understanding in business and life. With a new foreword by Ranjini Manian, author of Doing Business in India for Dummies , the book also features new content on managing remotely, and the results of a five-year cultural survey.

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