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When that happens, you enter a mild hypnotic trance. A way to — literally — turn on any skill, talent, or attribute you want in just 10 minutes… like The Matrix! Crazy as it sounds, the guys over at Raikov. So, I had to check it out for myself and created my Raikov Effect Review. Vladamir Raikov. The results of Dr.

Here are few they list on their site: problem solving, motivation, creativity, deep thinking, confidence, power, success, public speaking, self-mastery, and a millionaire mindset. The Pitch. I headed over to the Raikov Effect website at Raikov. The site is actually really informative and includes a helpful and interesting video presentation that outlines the decades-old secrets behind Dr.

Getting Started. Signing up was easy, and when I got started with the program everything was self-explanatory and simple to understand. It can be anything you want — from turning on your millionaire mindset to becoming an artist or musician and everything in between.

Then, you just follow along with the program. It guides you each step of the way. I was giving a talk a couple of hours later, so I figured this would be a good way to help myself and test the program.

But when it came to giving my talk later that day, after following the minute Raikov Effect technique, my performance had genuinely improved. In my case, choosing a great speaker and downloading their talents.

And it really worked. My speech was absolutely effortless, and I felt totally connected, engaged and in sync with the audience. It may, of course, have been coincidence. When you read the full guide to understand how the technique works on a deep level, you start to realize that it is truly genius itself. And the real kicker is how fast it works… 10 quick minutes.

So, does it work? In my opinion, yes. Check it out yourself and get all the details here…. An Unbiased Research.


Raikov Effect Review – Does It Really Work? An Unbiased Research

Supposedly deep trance is used for 2 hours per day, and the subject "reincarnates" as Rembrandt or Mozart, etc. Evidently after a period of doing this, subjects bring back from the trance state abilities of the person with whom they identify. For example, someone who identified with Rembrandt will have enough artistic ability retained to actually make a career out of it. Raikov is was? A discussion of this technique certainly seems matched to the goals of many on this forum.



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