I have a friend who is engaged in the repair of automotive iron. He somehow brought me a microcontroller soldered from an autonomous heater control unit. He said that his programmer does not take it, and he would like to be able to transfer firmware back and forth, because there are many blocks, in iron they are often the same, but the units they control are different. And it seems that there is a block instead of a faulty one, but the software is different and you just cannot replace it. Since the task was interesting, I decided to rummage around. If the topic is interesting to you, please, under the cat

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Pages: [1]. RyJ94 Guest. Hi everyone, My apologies in advance if I've posted this question in the wrong place. I'm currently working on a project which involves the construction of an electronic compass. I'm using a Honeywell HMCL magnetometer bought in breakout board form, from SparkFun , which should be easy enough to implement as plethoras of code exist across the internet.

However, my problem lies with the fact that I must use a Renesas M16C 62P variant to interface between the host computer and the magnetometer. My question is, how easy would it be to connect the Arduino to the M16C, to act as an interface between the magnetometer and the host computer?

Hopefully that was coherent enough! I really can't make heads or tails of the datasheets Renesas provide, as clearly, they've written it for the programmer who is more than competent with the logistics of I2C - which in case you haven't noticed, isn't me! Thanks a bunch! It means you need to know how to program two microcontroller architectures instead of one and also know how to get data between the PC to the M16C, which is easy enough with the Arduino serial , but now you need to know how to do it with the M16C instead.

In short, you are introducing a new microcontroller to your circuit, you need to know how to program it. I don't think anyone here is going to figure that out for you, probably no one will even answer specific questions if you get to that point because very few people here work with Renesas controllers. I'm sure you have your reasons, but there is a Rube Goldbergesque nature to what you are proposing here.

You are using two microcontrollers where one is all that should be necessary and you have additionally chosen a microcontroller that has almost no hobbyist interest. I will never ask you to do anything that I wouldn't do myself. Quote from: JoeN on Apr 03, , am.

Quote from: RyJ94 on Apr 03, , pm. Quote from: mart on Apr 03, , pm. Given the choice between "learn how to use I2C and the HMCL on the M16" and "design and implement an inter-processor communications link between M16 and Arduino", I would think that the first would be easier. On the plus side, even if the arduino code can't be used directly, it's probably a reasonable example of how to talk to the HMC. Quote from: JoeN on Apr 04, , am.

Quote from: westfw on Apr 04, , am. Quote from: RyJ94 on Apr 04, , pm. Quote from: JoeN on Apr 04, , pm. I really hate Renesas datasheets. I've picked up several free renesas development boards, always on the basis that they sound really nice, and I get stuck in the documentation.

Not to mention that the architecture seems sorta ugly. Z80 with add-ons. The mp on arduino has some more modern bits more memory, "picopower" , but the I2C peripheral is the same Quote from: westfw on Apr 05, , am.


We take out the software from the password-protected microcontroller Renesas M16C

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32-bit microcontroller extending Renesas' M16C Platform






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